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RGB ecstasy, quiet and transparent, more durable, TTC ice quiet axis V2 experience sharing

At the beginning of the year, TTC launched an upgraded version of the gold powder switch on the occasion of the second anniversary of the gold powder switch. After three months, the TTC ice static axis also ushered in an upgrade. This article will briefly share with you the TTC Ice Static Switch V2 by comparing the differences between the two versions.

The packaging of the TTC Ice Static Axis V2 has been replaced by a double-layer packaging method, the outer layer is a cardboard box, and the inner layer is a plastic box, both of which adopt the opening and closing method of the sky and earth cover.

The overall appearance of the TTC ice static axis V2 is not much different from the V1 version, and it is still crystal clear. The V2 version is mainly upgraded in three aspects: the addition of the condenser lens module, the silver-plating process on the surface of the metal terminals, and the upgrade of the shaft to a new type of transparent material that is more wear-resistant and has a lower coefficient of dynamic friction.

The bottom shell of the TTC Ice Quiet V2 is slightly milky white, and the shaft cover and shaft center are made of transparent materials.

Looking down on the two shafts from the top of the shaft, they both have the same dust-proof wall shaft. The shaft material of the V2 version is replaced with a new and more wear-resistant transparent material, but it is difficult to find the difference between the two with the naked eye. The main difference is in the aspect of hand feeling optimization.

Ice Static Axis V2 upgrades the light guide module to a condenser structure, which has a better performance on lighting effects.

Through the upper cover, you can see that the color of the internal metal terminals has changed. The ice static axis V2 uses the same "wearing gold and silver" process as the love axis, and uses an anti-oxidation coating and silver plating process on the surface of the metal terminals to improve The durability of the shaft body, and the combination of silver and transparent shaft body is not as obtrusive as brass.

The difference on the bottom shell is still the difference between the metal shaft foot and the light guide module.

From this point of view, the two versions of the ice static axis can be judged directly by the color of the metal terminal.

Turning on the light effect, it is obvious that the Ice Static Axis V2 with the condenser module wins.

Open the axis and continue to look at the details.

TTC Ice Static Axis V2 is an upgrade of the shaft body without changing the parameters. The parameters are still roughly as follows: trigger pressure 39g, trigger stroke 2mm, total stroke 3.5mm, and 50 million pressing life.

It can be clearly seen that the contacts of the metal terminals are gold-plated.

There are also obvious traces of grease on the silver springs.

The part where the shaft center contacts the metal terminal is also lubricated.

The middle part of the shaft is still a sound-absorbing ring, which is used to eliminate the collision sound of the shaft cover when the shaft rebounds. The bottom of the axis is optimized from the plane of the V1 version to a spherical surface, which has a softer feel and less bottoming noise. The double noise reduction design makes this shaft very quiet.

TTC Ice Static Axis V2 is actually more suitable for winter melon white or transparent keyboard (kit), and it will be better if it is paired with a white positioning board or a semi-transparent PC positioning board. Compared with Bingjing Axis V1, the trial experience is as follows: the stability of the axis is as good as ever, the noise and noise are very well controlled, the pressing and rebounding process of the axis is smoother, and the hand feeling is very consistent.

The almost completely transparent upper cover and axis, together with the addition of the condenser to the lighting effect, make the TTC Ice Static Axis V2 look like small ice sculptures, which are crystal clear and beautiful under the light.

On the whole, the TTC Ice Static Switch V2 mainly optimizes the shortcomings of the previous version of the Ice Static Switch, making it significantly improved in terms of overall appearance, durability, and lighting performance. As for switching to a more wear-resistant and lower dynamic friction coefficient shaft material, the difference should be more obvious after a longer use time (more durable). On the contrary, the improvement of the spherical surface at the bottom of the axle makes the bottoming softer, and the bottoming noise is much less. In general, this shaft is especially suitable for use with the popular transparent kits with RGB lighting effects.

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