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RGB light pollution equipment has been launched, and Rapoo peripherals are equipped with family barrels to share experience

The Rapoo RGB headphone stand has been launched not long ago, and I was fortunate enough to experience the new Rapoo headphone stand. It seems that all the Rapoo peripherals in my hand can make up a set of Rapoo RGB family buckets: keyboard, earphone, headphone stand ,mouse pad. Let’s not talk nonsense and share it with you directly out of the box.

The packaging style of Rapoo’s family barrels is designed in the Rapoo family style, and the unified style of painting is highly recognizable to the brand. Unpacked this time: Rapoo VH10RGB headphone stand, Rapoo VH650 RGB headphones, Rapoo V700-8A keyboard and KC-8A nautical diary theme keycap

The Rapoo V700-8A replaced with this set of keycaps is its own upgraded version of MT510PRO. Except for the logo engraved on the side of the frame and some differences in the backlight, the difference between the two keyboards of V700-8A and MT510PRO can hardly be seen from the appearance. .

The packaging of the nautical diary-themed keycaps is very solid, and the acrylic plastic fixing plate seems a bit cumbersome to remove. The keycap board has a total of 84 keycaps. It seems that it is only for keyboards with 84 and below, and it is not very friendly to large-sized keyboards.

The color matching of the nautical diary-themed keycaps is mainly composed of three colors, from the sides to the center of dark blue, gray white, and milky white. The keycaps are made of PBT material, which is OEM height. The keycaps are made of sublimation technology. All kinds of sea fish, sea birds, ships and other patterns, the nautical theme is just as its name suggests.

The use and workmanship of the keycaps are quite good. The surface has a rough matte texture. There are burrs on the back, and the nozzle residues are very small. It is not as smooth as the mass-produced solid-color keycaps. After all, the quality of the keycaps is still there. Guaranteed.

Let’s take a look at the new RGB headphone stand. The colorful RGB lighting effects are full. Not only does it have RGB ambient lights, but this headphone stand also supports 10 kinds of rhythms and 17 kinds of RGB lighting effects on the base. The rhythm of the music also changes with the music based on the principle of sound vibration. As long as your surrounding environment has a sense of vibration, the synchronization of sound and light will be very exciting.

The Rapoo VH10RGB headphone stand interface is also very thoughtful. The three interfaces of type-C, USB, and 3.5mm jack can be connected to various peripherals on the market for data transmission and audio transmission.

The base is pillar-shaped, and the surface is made of plastic, but after treatment, it looks like a brushed metal texture, which is much more advanced. Moreover, both the lamp post and the bracket can be disassembled, and the storage is also convenient. There are two buttons on the bottom to control the lighting effect of the lamp post and the base respectively, and four non-slip rubber pieces on the back.

There is also Rapoo’s V10RGB mouse pad, with a size and thickness of 352×255×6mm, and an overall weight of about 542g.

The mouse pad is made of PC fine sand hard surface, designed with smart indicator light and RGB backlight system, and the upper right corner also has wireless charging function, supports QC2.0, QC3.0 fast charging protocol mobile devices and charging heads, and is compatible with Qi protocol The device supports up to 10W wireless charging.

The mouse pad uses a type-C connection, and there are lighting mode and brightness adjustment buttons at the interface, as well as a charging indicator. The brightness of the light can be adjusted in 4 levels, and there are also four light mode systems.

The back is a large area of ​​dense honeycomb-shaped non-slip rubber. The mouse pad is very stable when laid flat and will not shift. The surface of the V10RGB mouse pad is smooth. The common problem with hard mouse pads is that there will be noise when the mouse moves. This is not as good as soft pads, but the experience of RGB lighting effects around the V10 mouse pad is still very good.

Now there are a lot of RGB peripherals, and there are not a few manufacturers who have a complete set of RGB family barrels. On the one hand, because of the lack of brand influence, few players will consider buying a whole set of peripherals of the same brand. Even in terms of spending power, it is not allowed to spend a few hundred to get a big set. Compared with the RGB family buckets of light factories and shipyards, the RGB set of Rapoo is quite cheap. It not only has RGB lights, but also can be charged wirelessly. But in comparison, we can also see the gap between domestic products. For example, the RGB family barrel of the shipyard not only includes peripheral equipment, but also chassis, heat dissipation, memory jumpers, power supplies, etc., as well as supporting driver software to link the entire desktop lighting. It is not only the hardware, but also the software that can keep up. There is still room for improvement in this regard. But now at least the basic RGB peripherals are complete. Will those computer peripheral hardware and drivers be far behind?

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