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ROCCAT Ice Leopard Vulcan II Max optical axis mechanical keyboard review: this RGB, it's super cool

In the past two years, ROCCAT has made continuous efforts in peripheral products, and all kinds of new products have also catered to the preferences of current players. It also has a good performance in appearance design and hardware matching, which has really earned itself a good reputation. Its Vulcan series of mechanical keyboards, as the keyboard series of ROCCAT Ice Leopard, has attracted much attention. Its outstanding appearance, gorgeous lighting effects and self-developed Titan switch product solutions not only bring better lighting atmosphere to players’ desktops, but also , It also makes the user experience to a higher level. Recently, ROCCAT launched the Vulcan II Max optical axis mechanical keyboard, and then follow the author to see how the new Vulcan series performs.


ROCCAT Ice Leopard Vulcan II Max optical axis mechanical keyboard adopts Ice Leopard's current family packaging style. The pure black background and gorgeous keyboard light effect display picture also make the overall packaging look very eye-catching and highly recognizable. On the packaging, the features of the keyboard and the shaft are introduced with illustrations and text, which is more convenient for players to quickly understand the features of this keyboard. In terms of accessories, a product manual and a translucent soft silicone hand rest are provided. The hand rest is fixed to the keyboard through the top spacer structure, and the vertical pattern structure at the bottom can also achieve better light guiding effects and further improve lighting performance. The texture of the hand rest is soft and comfortable, with a slightly cool touch, and has a good support performance, which is very helpful for relieving wrist pressure.


The ROCCAT Ice Leopard Vulcan II Max optical axis mechanical keyboard provides two different color schemes of black and white, and the author got the white version. The fuselage adopts a standard 104-key layout scheme, and the upper right corner provides multimedia buttons and knobs. At the same time, this keyboard also continues the design language of the Vulcan series keyboards. It adopts a suspended shaft body with a silver-gray anodized aluminum panel, and the color The collocation and texture performance processing are very in place, the simplicity has a futuristic technology style, and the look and feel is very good. The body size of 463mm×236mm×33.5mm is also relatively moderate for the space occupation. Players can easily adjust and match according to their personal desktop layout. The two different color styles of black and white also make the desktop collocation more comfortable. The CNC chamfering process is adopted on the edges on both sides of the metal cover, which can further enhance the visual perception while avoiding cutting hands.

The multimedia area in the upper right corner provides track control, playback pause, volume adjustment, and one-key mute functions, which are highly practical and convenient. The handle of the knob is clear and clear, and the feel of the three buttons is also good, which can bring a good experience for daily use. This keyboard also provides a wealth of combined key functions, players can easily implement rich operations such as configuration file switching, lighting adjustment, and changing system status, and the functions are still very complete. This keyboard also uses a wider keycap interval, which can further enhance the overall lighting atmosphere, but you still have to get used to it when you first get started.

The design of the bottom of the keyboard is relatively flat, providing two through-type non-slip feet and two two-stage support feet. The two through-type non-slip foot pads adopt the scheme of narrow top and wide bottom, which can make the keyboard more stable on the desktop, and there will be no sliding or displacement in response to intense game operations. The two two-stage support feet also allow players to adjust the height and inclination of the keyboard according to their personal habits to obtain a more comfortable use angle. After the support feet are opened, there are also non-slip foot pads, which further ensure the overall stability of the keyboard. The experience is still improved a lot. The keyboard wire adopts light gray braided mesh wire, and the dual USB interface scheme can further improve the stability of data transmission and lighting performance, which is very thoughtful.


In terms of switch configuration, ROCCAT Vulcan II Max optical switch mechanical keyboard has chosen TITAN II optical switch, and provides two different switches, red switch and brown switch, for users to choose. The TITAN II optical red switch adopts a linear feel design, has a 1.4mm trigger key stroke, a 3.6mm total key stroke, and a click life of about 100 million times. The shaft body is equipped with a fully transparent shaft cover scheme, which has good light transmission performance, and the cross shaft scheme is also easily compatible with other types of keycaps. In terms of hand feeling performance, it is light and smooth to press, and the bottoming rebound feedback is relatively stable and quick, and the hand feel feedback is still relatively good. The large key position adopts the improved satellite axis scheme, and the feel performance is relatively crisp and neat. However, the noise of the space bar is slightly louder, and there is still room for improvement in the overall adjustment.

The keycaps are ABS-coated light-transmitting keycaps, and the overall design is flat. Compared with traditional keycaps, it looks thinner and thinner, and can also reduce the obstruction to the keyboard lighting. The surface of the keycap is concaved, which is deeper than the traditional keycap, which can provide a better wrapping feeling for the fingertips and bring players a better tapping experience. The surface coating of the keycap is dry and comfortable to the touch, and its good wear resistance also brings it a longer service life. The overall performance is still relatively good.

Driver settings:

Through the SWARM driver software, players can also set and adjust the key functions, lighting and other options. The three major pages are simple and intuitive in design, and players can easily find the options and pages they want to adjust. In the button assignment interface, the user can customize the keyboard buttons or edit the macro. The user can directly drag the relevant function to the specified button in the list on the left, or view the current button through the list view on the right. set up. In the button lighting interface, the driver provides a variety of different modes for users to choose, and supports the lighting effect preview function. The lighting adjustment part supports various options such as lighting effect, color, and brightness, which further enriches the overall lighting gameplay.

RGB backlight:

ROCCAT Ice Leopard Vulcan II Max optical axis mechanical keyboard has excellent RGB lighting performance. Both the keyboard area and the palm rest area provide 16.8 million color lighting color adjustments. With a variety of lighting effect modes, it can bring players visual enjoyment and a more immersive lighting experience. The suspended shaft and flat keycap scheme also maximize the lighting effect of the keyboard. With the newly added translucent silicone hand rest, the overall lighting range of the keyboard is further expanded. The colors are gorgeous and the look and feel is very good. The brightness of the light is high, the visual effect is soft, and the transition of the dynamic effect is smooth and natural. With the linkage of the AIMO intelligent lighting system and the lighting effects of compatible devices, there are more lighting playing methods and visual experience.

Use test:

ROCCAT Ice Leopard Vulcan II Max optical axis mechanical keyboard not only has a charming lighting performance, but also has complete basic functions as a gaming keyboard. In addition to the standard full-key no-dash function, it also provides Easy-Shift [+] function and 24 keys Multi-functional Smart Key, the former can provide additional second-level key functions for the keyboard, and with the driver software settings, it can provide more abundant key function performance. The 24 multifunctional Smart Keys can set the color and brightness in the driver according to the player's needs, and display them in real time through the corresponding button's lower light position, such as mouse/headphone power, CPU, GPU occupancy, etc., to further facilitate the player's use and operation. Taking into account practicality and convenience, it has greatly improved the user experience.

The overall feel of the brand new TITAN II optical shaft is also relatively good, with a linear feel scheme, the pressing performance is light and smooth, and the feel feedback is as stable as the hand. At the same time, thanks to the optical characteristics, the trigger response of the shaft body should be faster. With the design of full key and no impact, it can respond to the player's instructions sensitively and accurately in the game, so that the player can get a better operating feel and game experience during the game. experience. The aluminum metal panel also improves the overall strength of the keyboard, and the matte surface with high-gloss chamfers also presents a more outstanding visual texture, and the RGB lighting also makes the look and feel more outstanding. Rich key functions and dual RGB LED lamp bead reminder functions are also very practical in daily use. With the quick operation of the multimedia area, it can also bring players a better experience.


ROCCAT Ice Leopard Vulcan II Max optical axis mechanical keyboard is equipped with a new TITAN II optical axis body, and upgraded the RGB lighting effect scheme of the fuselage, which can bring players a better feel and more brilliant lighting effect performance. Coupled with the powerful functions of the SWARM driver software, it can also better take into account daily and game scenarios, and it is also very good in the material workmanship and design innovation of the fuselage, which can bring better use to players. experience. This mechanical keyboard will be officially released in the near future. Players who like RGB lighting effects and have certain requirements for hand feel may wish to pay more attention.

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