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Rolling out to a new height, get started with the Heijue AK992 Bluetooth three-mode mechanical keyboard, and the 100-yuan machine can also be customized

I believe that while many friends have their computers well equipped, it is also difficult to choose a keyboard. They all say that you can’t have both. You want to have a computer that can be used for daily work, entertainment, and games, and the appearance and configuration are both good. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account the affordable price. This is undoubtedly whimsical in the past, but now, with all kinds of internal scrolling, you can really find such a keyboard.

For example, the author recently has such a cost-effective mechanical keyboard - Heijue AK992 Bluetooth three-mode mechanical keyboard. Not only is the configuration good, but the price is also very reasonable. It can be called the best in the same price range. Nonsense Not much, the author here is simply to share an experience for everyone.

Everyone is familiar with Heijue products. Whether it is cost-effective or practical, there are many loyal fans. The AK992 wireless three-mode mechanical keyboard launched by Heijue this time is also very suitable for the author's appetite. The keyboard has 4 colors, namely Chunri Ode, Green Field, Brown Sugar, and Lanqin. Each color has a different shaft version. The keyboard I started with is the Green Field color white light red shaft version, and the value is still very high. of.

The packaging of the Heijue AK992 three-mode mechanical keyboard is still in a simple style. The front is drawn with a keyboard line drawing, brand, series model, and the back shows the basic parameters of this keyboard. It is not difficult to see from the outer packaging that the Black Jue peripheral brand is the League of Legends professional youth training base, that is, the partner of Youth Entertainment E-sports. Products that can cooperate with the e-sports profession, I believe that there must be certain advantages in entertainment performance, and it will not be too bad.

Open the packing box, in addition to the Heijue AK992 Bluetooth three-mode mechanical keyboard, there are 4 spare tea switches, charging cables, key pullers, shaft pullers, product manuals and warranty cards. With the addition of eight light yellow keycaps, it is estimated that I am afraid that aesthetic fatigue will appear after a long time. At this time, I can change to a new keycap, which is quite considerate.

Heijue AK992 Bluetooth three-mode mechanical keyboard measures 391mm in length, 142mm in width, 40mm in height, and weighs about 800g. The body shell is made of ABS injection molding material, which is characterized by high hardness and is not easy to corrode. The keycaps are made of wear-resistant and non-oily PBT material, so you don’t have to worry about the letters on the keycaps fading. The slightly frosted percussion texture is really comfortable to use.

The keyboard layout of Heijue AK992 adopts the layout of 99 keys + 1 volume knob. In terms of volume, you can directly rotate it left and right to control the volume. Press it to pause or play. Among them, it includes 70 keys for daily use and retains the numeric keypad. The OEM height setting of high and low keys makes typing and office work more natural and comfortable. The Bluetooth mode also supports Windows, Android, Mac and other systems.

The details on the back are also full of sincerity. Three wire slot outlets are set up. No matter where the host is placed, it can be quickly stored and connected. There are 5 rubber feet and two-stage folding angle supports at the bottom. Not only While increasing the contact surface, it is also silent and non-slip.

In terms of battery life, Heijue AK992 is equipped with a 4000mAh lithium battery. In the dark state, the battery life is about 80 hours. If the light is always on, the battery consumption will be accelerated. Normally, it is calculated according to the working hours. It can be used for about 10 days without any problem, and the battery life is still very long-lasting.

In terms of pairing, the Heijue AK992 keyboard supports wired/wireless/Bluetooth three-mode connection. There is a switch key on the side of the keyboard, which can switch modes more quickly. It is a wired connection mode, the design is very user-friendly, and it is very convenient to use.

It is said that details determine success or failure. This time, the Heijue AK992 three-mode keyboard has also worked hard on the keys. It adopts the current popular gasket structure, and adds several layers of sound-absorbing structures to the built-in (the RGB version is eva sandwich Cotton/bottom cotton + ixpe shaft pad), it is not difficult to see from the official announcement of Heijue AK992 that this structure will be softer and more elastic in the hand, with better hand consistency, which greatly reduces the vibration caused by the collision when typing on the keyboard. Noise, making the percussion softer and purer without noise.

Since the author started with the red shaft shaft version, I have a deeper feeling for the softer feel. For a "brick-moving family" who needs to code at a desk for a long time, with the Heijue AK992, the coding speed is faster. , office efficiency has also been improved. In addition, this keyboard also supports full-key hot-swappable function, and the switch body can be replaced freely. It is compatible with three-legged and five-legged switches, and is very suitable for DIY creators who want to experience the feel of other different switches.

The backlight effect of Heijue AK992 is quite rich. There are 20 sets of built-in white backlight effects, which can be realized through the combination keys of "FN+|," and the brightness and speed of the light, as well as the direction of the dynamic light can be switched freely. In addition, you can also use the three sets of combination keys of FN+1/FN+2/FN+3 to customize three sets of game lighting effects. I feel that the backlight alone is enough for users to play for a while. This keyboard has a total of three versions of RGB, white light, and matte to choose from.

After a period of playing, the Heijue AK992 Bluetooth three-mode mechanical keyboard not only has a highly recognizable appearance, but also has three rich connection and pairing methods, which greatly expands the limitations of environmental use. It feels more comfortable and easy to use, even if you work with others at the same time, it will not affect others because of the knocking sound.

I have to say that this cool and fun backlight effect is really appealing to young people. Among the three-mode gasket keyboards at the same price, the Heijue AK992 is really cost-effective. If there are friends who want to change the keyboard recently You might as well take a look at Heijue AK992, maybe it is your dish.

The author declares that there is interest in this article, please respect the author and the content shared, communicate friendly, and make rational decisions~

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