RX-78-2 strikes again! iKBC Z98 Gundam Keyboard Experience

When technological products collide with animation, exciting new products are often produced. In recent years, more and more anime fans and gamers have begun to pay attention to anime-style electronic products, including keyboards. Therefore, major keyboard brands have also launched animation-themed keyboard products. As a brand that focuses on creating high-quality mechanical keyboards, ikbc is also actively following this trend and has launched a number of co-branded keyboard products with the theme of the Gundam series, including Gundam 1.0, Gundam 2.0, and Banshee Banshee. Fans are addicted.

This year, ikbc has launched a new and upgraded 98 series Gundam co-branded keyboard. The keyboard uses the classic RX-78-2 Gundam series design elements, combined with the premium quality and technology of ikbc mechanical keyboards. The 98-key arrangement of this keyboard not only meets the needs of gamers and programmers, but also achieves an excellent presentation of the classic elements of Gundam in terms of visual effects, and is the first 98-arrangement keyboard of the ikbc brand. The starting price has also been pushed into the 300 yuan mark, and it also has a sufficiently outstanding cost performance under the 98 configuration.

The packaging is still in the consistent ikbc family style, with the brand logo printed on the simple and atmospheric background color, which is simple and atmospheric.

The LOGO in the upper left and lower right corners reveals the joint identity of this keyboard. From Mobile Suit Gundam.

Some basic information is printed on the four sides of the keyboard, which is concise and direct.

Open the package, it is still ikbc standard anti-static bag packaging, to protect the keyboard from accidental scratches during transportation.

The keyboard comes with a key puller and simple user guide.

The Lushan true face of the keyboard. The blue, white and red color scheme of RX-78-2 is used as a whole, and the appearance is light and elegant. The most obvious feature is the 98 configuration. The 98-arrangement keyboard is an intermediate model between the 104-arrangement and the 87-arrangement. It not only has compact size and portability, but also has complete key positions and efficient working experience. The keyboard uses a wired connection to ensure the stability of high-intensity use.

Like the last Banshee joint design, this RX-78-2 joint design also belongs to the style that wins in details.

First of all, the theme color of RX-78-2 is adopted as a whole. The iconic color scheme of the Gundam RX-78-2 is white as the main color, with details in red, blue, yellow and other colors. White is mainly distributed on the head, chest and limbs of the body, red is mainly used on the eyes, chest and shoulders of the body, blue is used to decorate the waist, legs and arms of the body, and yellow is usually used to identify important parts of the body , such as the emblem of the Federal Army, the number of RX-78-2, etc. And the design of this keyboard also cleverly uses a similar idea - the main key area is white as the main color, which fits the chest and limbs of the body, the red color of the top functional area and carriage return is equivalent to the eyes of the body, and the lower function keys and letters The blue color reflects the arm, while the yellow color is used for individual important function keys.


The space is the blue Gundam LOGO and EFSF logo. The function keys show the head of the body.

The enter key in the number area is the Q version of the body, which is very interesting.

The buttons in the functional area are designed with embellished colors, reflecting the theme of color matching.

ESC is the Q version of RX-78-2, and the printing is equally delicate.

Thanks to the 98-column design, the size of the keyboard is very compact. Although the Z98 focuses on cost-effectiveness and has a plastic shell as a whole, the workmanship is very fine, and there is no looseness in the details.

The back adopts a multi-angle outlet design, which can be adjusted to a convenient direction arbitrarily.

The two-stage foot support design provides a multi-stage input experience, which can be adjusted to your own comfortable angle.

The non-slip foot pad is wide, and it also provides a certain anti-noise function, preventing the keyboard shell from resonating with the desktop, and it is very stable during use.

The data cable is thick and reliable, and the pure white color is also integrated with the back panel.

Come to the input section. The overall keycap adopts OEM step-height PBT sublimation keycaps, and the input experience is good.

The keycap is thickened, and the tapping experience is very mellow. The protruding thickness can be clearly seen on the side.

The sublimation keycaps do not have the slightest burrs. Although the main cost-effective, the quality has not shrunk.

This time, the Z98 uses a domestic shaft body, and the design of the dust-proof wall improves the smoothness and stability, and the tapping experience is very silky and light. The satellite switch is still the ikbc classic steel satellite switch, the quality is reliable, the large key position is stable, and there is almost no noise.

The 98-arrangement keyboard is an intermediate model between the 104-arrangement and the 87-arrangement. It not only has compact size and portability, but also has complete key positions and efficient working experience. ikbc's Gundam RX-78-2 co-branded keyboard fully utilizes the advantages of the 98-arranged keyboard, and has a Gundam co-branded appearance, providing Gundam fans with a more comfortable and natural keyboard experience.

The classic color scheme, stable hardware experience, and IKBC’s consistent and generous price make the new Z98 quite cost-effective, and I highly recommend it!

Thank you for reading, and look forward to communicating with you next time!

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