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Save 999! Use GK75 to form a photographer's professional grading keyboard that supports LR grading

Recently, I saw the floor price of the domestic customized keyboard brand Xiaodailong, and I couldn't help but assemble a keyboard that meets my individual needs.

Enjoy the fun of DIY, improve the daily work efficiency and game experience, and the price is not too expensive, here to share the idea and process of building.

First look at the needs.

I am a freelance photographer, a freelance writer and a digital enthusiast. My daily life in front of the computer is to edit pictures and code words. I am also a game/hardware/DIY/overclocking player, so my needs are more complicated.

I love all kinds of Shenguang gaming keyboards, because the light effects are cool, and playing e-sports games also requires extreme feel and response time, so a gaming keyboard with a 108 layout is just needed.

As for the retouching and color correction needs of LR/PS/PR, I also added a dedicated retouching efficiency artifact TourBOX, which can better increase the efficiency.

After this set...my desktop has become such a combination of game screen + design screen.

This set is quite satisfactory, but at present there is a rather difficult problem that the keyboard tray is too small, and the three peripherals of the Tourbox + 108 layout keyboard + mouse cannot be accommodated at all, especially the position of the mouse is very limited, and you have to change it every time Very troublesome.

I have also been planting professional photography keyboards such as loupedeck+, and I suffer from the fact that there is no room left on the desktop.

From the perspective of experience, the main advantage of a professional keyboard is that there is a knob with a very strong sense of paragraph, which can control parameters more finely, and you can stare at the picture in full screen and watch the details to adjust parameters. This is the biggest advantage.

In the later stage of photography, my main demand is actually this scroll wheel. After using other function keys well, I can directly press the combination keys on the keyboard, which is also convenient to use.

Recently, a friend told me that I can add knobs to the keyboard and customize functions, which really fascinated me.

After I finished my homework, I conceived for a few days, and finally chose the GK75 chassis and powder switch + chocolate keycap kit to assemble a tool suitable for the needs of photographers in post-grading.

Goofy is a sub-brand of Geek Customization in the field of customized keyboards. There are many customized keyboards to choose from, and the content is very rich. GK75 is the killer of Goofy. The higher configuration of 8-core system motherboard and Nordic three-mode chipset ranks high in professional tests.

The chassis is GK75 three-mode black transparent + gold positioning plate, with SKYLOONG's patented Lite gasket flick structure.

The Gasket structure was previously proposed by a foreign customization team. It is fixed through a soft connection with a gasket, which makes the feel and pressing performance soft and elastic, and can effectively reduce cavity noise. SKYLOONG made self-optimized design of this universal structure, and launched a flick version of GASKET with flat integral molding.

From the structure diagram above, you can see that the flick version of GASKET adopts flexible connection, the plane is fixed as a whole, the keyboard is fully supported around and in the middle, and the overall structure is more stable, which is suitable for players to DIY.

From the empty bottom plate, you can see the structure of the silicone shockproof interlayer and sound-absorbing cotton. While taking into account the hand feel, it eliminates cavity sound and noise, and the experience is further improved.

For the switch body and keycap, I chose the chocolate V2 rose switch body and OEM height PBT material industrial gray keycap set.

The characteristics of the chocolate V2 rose axis are straight up and down in advance, and the trigger force is slightly stronger, which can take into account other purposes such as games and code words.

In addition to ordinary shafts, Xiaodailong's GK75 set also supports knob shafts, so the set also comes with two dedicated knob shafts.

The contacts of the knob shaft body are different from the ordinary shaft body. It adopts the design of four contacts. The special position of the knob shaft body is also provided on the GK75 keyboard.

The knob shaft supports rotating and pressing trigger operations. In the drive, the shaft can be used as a custom function and shortcut key. The "customization" function is very complete, which is also the main purpose of my starting.

In software such as PS/LR/PR that require a large number of shortcut key operations and need to slide to adjust parameters such as exposure color temperature, the knob can be bound to shortcut keys such as +/-, and the operation of dragging the mouse can be transformed into a fine operation of the knob.

Don't underestimate such detailed operations. The knob allows me to stare at the screen in full-screen mode for fine parameter adjustment. The knob has a stronger sense of paragraph, and the value will not jump as much as the mouse adjustment, which is more in line with the daily sense.

In terms of the configuration of the knobs, two knobs are enough for daily use and photo editing.

When it is not enough, you can also add macro commands in the driver to complete a series of common operations with one click, which is applicable to both games and software.

In addition, this GK75 chassis also provides a replaceable three-stage space bar, which can add special personalized button functions.

The assembly part is the most interesting part. Although it is time-consuming, the experience is actually a manual feeling, as if you are carefully crafting a piece of work, which is full of fun. This is also the charm of customized keyboards.

For a craftsman like me who likes DIY, it is also very interesting to find a weekend of leisure time to toss a customized keyboard.

Finally, looking at the finished "color-color keyboard" customized for myself is also full of satisfaction. Later, some switches and keycaps can be replaced for more in-depth personalized adaptation.

The recent discounts are not bad. The total cost of this set is 288 yuan. After the GK75 customized keyboard plus two knobs, it can meet my professional-level needs for color grading as a photographer. At the above price, the price of some gaming keyboards from major manufacturers with convenient operation is also at the price of 1,000.

The design and experience of wireless three-mode, chocolate V2 rose shaft and rotating shaft body are also good. The percussion texture of the whole set of Lite GASKET flick structure is not inferior to that of first-tier manufacturers. More professional and personalized customized keyboard solutions.

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