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Say no to office noise! Peripheral equipment for a middle-aged pseudo-technical male MacBook Pro

Writing this article may be a bit scolding. I don’t know how many people hate those who "chisel" mechanical keyboards in public areas, and how many people use "chisel keyboards" to type.

I started to use computers in 1998. At that time, the keyboards of desktop computers felt terrible, but they were not as versatile as they are now. As long as they are not sticky or stuck, it doesn’t matter so much to reset them normally. But I said a few scenes, I don’t know if the value friends have experienced it:

At night, I want to take advantage of the silence of the night to think about my life and do some unfinished work during the day. Before I turn on the computer and type for a while, my family will always rush over and shout: "Why don't you go to bed and play on the computer!" All the culprits It's the sound of the keyboard.

When working during the day, I don’t know if you have ever experienced such an experience. When you are quietly calling in the office to communicate about work, or thinking about something, or attending an online meeting with headphones, etc., there are always people around you. The chiseled keyboard? Yes, chiseling. It seems that the keyboard has a deep hatred with him.

If your company has the habit of taking a nap, especially in the nap environment where the lights are turned off on the entire floor, and someone is chiseling the keyboard, can you fall asleep next to it?

As I grow older, I become more and more tired of the bang bang bang bang and da da da sound of the keyboard and mouse. This is why I am looking for an easy-to-use, convenient, and silent office peripheral. Finally, I found this set from Apple, which almost 100% met my needs.

Apple's keyboard is actually nothing new, but it has been developed for several generations. From appearance to feel, I personally think the second-generation Magic Keyboard is the best. Apple's wireless Bluetooth keyboard does not require the receiver to be plugged into the computer, and the battery life can almost make you forget that it needs to be charged. At least my most exaggerated is working continuously during the day and using it for nearly 3 months without charging.

And this thing also has a lot of second-hand on the small yellow croaker. Whether the price is beautiful or not depends on the quality, and you can double it.

I bought it very early, and after I bought it, I went into battle directly. There is no picture, so I will upload a picture of the effect after I put the film on a few years ago.

Front star keyboard

The original picture of the starry sky on the back

Then I replaced the Apple Mouse with the Apple Magic Trackpad to resist the noise. My colleagues and I joked that it is a large computer touchpad, but, however, the Magic Control Class is really larger and smoother than the touchpad on the computer. , and it is more convenient when using an external keyboard. The hands are separated left and right, not up and down. I personally find it to be in line with my habits.

This thing can also be found second-hand on the small yellow croaker, but it must be noted that the panel of this touchpad is made of glass. If it is cracked and broken, don’t make trouble for yourself even if it is cheap. strenuous.

stickers on the front

The height is basically the same as that of the keyboard, and it is very convenient to use it together

The picture shows the space comparison between the second-generation magic control panel and the MBP touch panel of A1502

These two products have followed me almost since 2018/2019. The mute effect is very good, and it is not like the touch screen-like keyboard that has no feedback. In order to look good, I also bought a set of stickers and pasted them on the keyboard and touchpad. The effect... I can only say that the effect of the effect is greater than the effect of improving the experience.

1. It's really resistant, and the battery life can be ignored. When you think about it, you can plug in the electric charger after get off work and unplug it when you come back in the morning. You don't need to pay attention to the power.

2. To save space, it is still necessary to put a handy productivity tool on a small desk.

3. Mute, really quiet, several colleagues around can barely hear me typing on the keyboard, the same goes for the touchpad. The trackpad has a powerful feedback effect but is much less annoying than the annoying rattling sound of a mouse.

The disadvantage may be that it is a bit expensive, but it is more valuable than those mechanical keyboards that are hundreds of dollars bigger and fired.

In addition, the first generation of Apple keyboards and mice are very cheap on the small yellow croaker, but it is not recommended to buy them. The time interval between electronic products is too long, and problems will inevitably occur.

It may be a bit scolding to write this article, but I really don't understand where is the joy of chiseling a mechanical keyboard? Chiseling the keyboard is not playing the piano, isn't the sound annoying? ? Welcome friends to make bricks~~

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