Science and Technology Digital Show Chapter 395: Three-mode connection, full key without punching, never tired of Dujia K620W, the appearance in the 87 series is responsible

Personally, I have been using Duga K610W, one of which is a custom-made red switch, and the other is a custom-made mute red switch in my hometown. I have to say that the 104 full-key is very suitable for home office or for digital areas. People who just need it, and Dujia's hand feeling has always been YYDS, and he is really good at playing. I am used to the 104 series, and I will inevitably feel YY when I see others holding a small and portable 87-key series, so I can’t help but chop up my hands. This time, I joined Dujia’s K620W series. Since all the switches used before are red switches, this The second time I wanted to try another switch body, so I finally chose K620W Echo Fog Blue + customized silver switch.

First of all, look at the appearance. Except for the removal of the small keyboard area, it is basically the same as the K610W, but the position of the status light will inevitably change.

The method of use is still the familiar taste and formula. Fn+Q and W are Bluetooth 1 and Bluetooth 2 respectively, Fn+E is 2.4G wireless, and Fn+R is wired connection.

The keycaps are as warm as ever, and the original factory height PBT two-color closed keycaps. I have used my K610W for two years, and the keycaps are still as bright as new without oiling. The K620W is naturally of the same quality, and the keycaps are actually the same. .

This time I bought a custom-made silver switch. After a simple test, the feel is slightly different from the red switch. However, both the red switch and the silver switch are straight up and down, and the trigger stroke is very short. But the silver switch is better than the red switch. The trigger of the switch should be shorter and more sensitive. My personal recommendation is: if you usually have a lot of code words, the red switch is quite comfortable. If you usually play games in addition to code words, it is recommended to decisively use the silver switch.

Its shaft body is a full-key hot-swappable PCB design. Later, you can replace the shaft body by yourself for customized DIY, and the full key has no impact. If you need to change some shortcut keys, you can also use Duga’s official DZE Zeus driver software to It is very convenient to change some shortcut keys.

Durga K620W can easily adapt to both Win and Mac OS, including IOS and Android. In terms of battery life, the 2.4G wireless mode has a battery life of about 200 days (calculated as 8 hours per day), and the Bluetooth mode is even better. Awesome, it can last for 360 days without charging for a year.

In addition, the internal structure of the Duga K620W mechanical keyboard is also layered. From PBT keycaps, shafts, upper covers, metal positioning plates, silicone pads, PCB boards, sound-absorbing cotton, and bottom shells, the workmanship is exquisite and the quality is very good. Whether it is K610W or K620W, my three Duga mechanical keyboards have no flaws, and they are extremely comfortable to use.

With this Durga K620W, it satisfies all my desires for 87-key arrangement, exquisite three-color appearance, comfortable feel and rebound, super long one-year Bluetooth battery life, with my K610W, 104 arrangement at home, mobile Or use the 87 series for business trips, never get tired of it, it is responsible for my appearance, stable!

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