Science and Technology Digital Show Chapter 408: Resident Evil is a sense of vision, e-sports plague radiation wind, KEYSME ghost ship mechanical keyboard first evaluation

It’s been a long time since I reviewed a product that “explodes right out of the box”. 2023 is finally here. This mechanical keyboard can be said to be the keyboard that I love and cherish the most in the history of hundreds of mechanical keyboards I’ve reviewed. Yes, it will give you an amazing feeling the moment you open the box. It is the KEYSME LUNAR 01 Ghost Ship mechanical keyboard.

The main feature of this product is a literary style, oh no, it is a plague style. The various sci-fi symbols on the keyboard and the splash-like "blood stains" on the keyboard will not make people feel scary, but they will give you A very exciting feeling. It is said that the idea of ​​this keyboard comes from an imagination of the designer. One day, you are driving your own LUNAR01 aircraft, and during the journey of performing missions in space, you accidentally found a strange and unmanned ship that has been floating for a long time. The spaceship accidentally discovered this mysterious keyboard in its cockpit, so the designer named it the "ghost ship" keyboard to commemorate your wonderful adventure in space.

Needless to say, this idea is really amazing, especially the moment I turn on the switch and light up, I knew it would become my 100% main keyboard in the future. You know, I fell in love with it before I even started to experience its shaft, key travel, and keycap feel. , I love to watch this kind of thriller and suspense movies, this keyboard is born for us sci-fi fans.

The overall lighting effect of the keyboard is also the same as the "ANTIVIRUS-A" style on the space bar. Green, red and changing colors will make you feel immersed. You may be in an environment surrounded by plague and js , and what you need to do is to hit the keyboard violently to resist these plagues and viruses.

Especially the battery and bluetooth lights on the right, like the security doors of every room, with a strong look and feel to immerse you in it. There is also a pickup on the top, which can recognize the surrounding ambient volume and display the volume of the ambient sound in real time, giving people a dual style of radiation plague + cyberpunk technology.

And the pickup on the top is actually detachable. When you take out the pickup, the groove on the top can be transformed into a mobile phone holder or an iPad tablet holder, isn't it fun?

The keyboard adopts an 87-key layout. What I am most satisfied with is that its functional area design is very complete and rich, especially when paired with a MacBook notebook. F1F2 for brightening and darkening the screen, F7-F9 for music control, and F10-F12 for volume and mute adjustment are just in line with the Mac system. Correspondingly, coupled with a separate volume knob, it is so comfortable to adjust the volume.

The ghost ship mechanical keyboard adopts a three-mode five-connection design, that is, wired, 2.4g wireless and three-channel Bluetooth connections, which can be easily switched back and forth between five devices.

Its shaft is Jiadalong Gpro3.0. There are two official shafts, silver shaft type shaft and wallaby shaft segment shaft, and it supports PCB hot swap, and the shaft body can be freely replaced for customized DIY assembly.

Its body structure is upper and lower Gasket, and 10 silicone Gasket pads are included in the accessories to adjust the softness and hardness of the area. The keycap of the ghost ship mechanical keyboard is KDA height five-sided sublimation PBT, which does not oil or paint, and has a very high durability.

In terms of battery life, the ghost ship mechanical keyboard has two built-in 2000mAh batteries. The total power of 4000mAh can guarantee two months without charging, and the battery life is very good.

In the package I received, the Ghost Ship mechanical keyboard also comes with 2 rocket fidget spinners, because I think it is quite interesting, so I will share it with you.

Of the 4 rocket fidget spinners, two of them can light up and have built-in button batteries, while the other two do not. It is said that the export of button batteries is restricted in some areas of international logistics, so the standard configuration should not be limited. Domestic users can Purchase individually packaged glowable white and black rockets separately from the official store.

These two luminous rockets and the keyboard can be combined together with magnetic attraction directly. There are magnetic card slots on both sides, which can be combined with one touch. The lighting effect is also inductive, and it will light up when we touch it. If there is no action for a long time, it will automatically turn off to save power. Usually, if you are tired of typing or simply bored, you can turn the fidget spinners on both sides. This rocket shape will take a long time to turn and stop, which is quite smooth.

In addition, the official gift of the Ghost Ship gaming matte cloth mouse pad, the bottom is reinforced grip honeycomb rubber, the touch is very good, but if you are just starting to use it, it is recommended to dry it to remove the smell of the mouse pad. There is also a TKL-sized hand rest, made of Lycra cloth, filled with foam memory foam, and the bottom is PU, which can fit the desktop or mouse pad well, and will not run around when used.

The typing feel of this ghost ship mechanical keyboard is quite good, the paragraphs are ranked, the sound is durable, and the code words are not tired after typing for a long time. Of course, the most important thing is that its plague style really wins my heart, especially my favorite As a thriller and suspense sci-fi fan, the Resident Evil series was my favorite when I was young. With this KEYSME ghost ship mechanical keyboard, even my other two main mechanical keyboards that I love most on weekdays, I am afraid I have to make way for it. , but I just need a small keyboard for daily office work, which can be used with MelGeek’s Pad digital keyboard. I look forward to KEYSME’s follow-up 104 full-key series of ghost ship mechanical keyboards. Finally, I will say a word, this plague style is really love it. , The friends who like it quickly stud up, really, it’s enough to have no brains, I regret that you came to me.

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