Several iPad Pro accessories that have been used for a long time, are recommended by conscience, absolutely easy to use!

In recent years, the frequency of using iPad Pro is relatively high. In order to improve the user experience, some accessories have been purchased one after another. Today I will share with you those iPad Pro accessories that I think are easy to use.

If you want to improve the use scene of iPad Pro, the keyboard is a must-choice item. I chose the Magic Keyboard from the very beginning when I bought the iPad Pro. Although the price is a bit expensive, the keyboard brings comfort and combined with touchpad gestures. Can bring efficient working experience. Multi-angle opening and closing adjustment and extremely high stability can meet the needs of various usage scenarios.

There is also a magnetic installation method, which is convenient and quick, and an additional charging port is provided at the hinge to make up for the shortcomings of the iPad Pro Type-C that cannot be charged while transmitting data.

Of course, this product also has its imperfections. For example, its weight is too heavy, which greatly increases the burden of carrying it out, and the material used is relatively easy to get dirty and difficult to clean.

As for whether you should buy an Apple Pencile, it is closely related to your own usage scenarios and habits. If you are used to using an iPad to take notes or draw, then it is necessary to start with an Apple Pencile, and you must not buy a third-party stylus for cheap. Sensitivity and smooth sliding are not at the same level as Apple Pencile.

When at home, the most frequently used scene of iPad Pro is to watch videos. Because of the size and weight, you will feel tired when you hold it in your hand for a long time. Got the stand. When you get used to the magnetic installation method of Magic Keyboard, you will feel that other installation methods are very troublesome, so when choosing a stand, you will take a fancy to the PITAKA MagEZ Stand magnetic stand.

It is installed magnetically and can be firmly attached to the tray. However, it should be noted that when the iPad is bare-bones, a magnetic attraction sheet needs to be attached to the back to absorb it. The embarrassing thing is that it cannot be installed on the Magic Keyboard after the magnetic attraction sheet is attached. Therefore, in order to solve this problem of smooth switching, I started with PITAKA Ultra-thin magnetic suction tablet case made of Kevlar.

This protective case is made of 1500D Kevlar material, which is smooth to the touch and very comfortable to the touch. The most important thing is that it is very thin and has a built-in magnet, which can be directly and firmly absorbed on the tray of the stand, and is compatible with the magic keyboard, so that Since then, the problem of seamlessly switching between the stand and the Magic Keyboard has been solved.

Let me talk about what I am satisfied with this bracket. The tray can be rotated and adjusted 360 degrees and the upper and lower angles can be transferred, which means that no matter what the usage scenario is, you can always find a comfortable angle that suits you.

The most surprising thing is that the base is also a wireless charging area, which can charge wireless devices such as mobile phones or earphones. 15W is basically enough, and it can be charged at ordinary times, and it can also reduce a lot of data cables on the desktop.

The next accessory is the PITAKA MagEZ Folio2 magnetic double-sided clip protective case that I just bought. What also impresses me is the material, magnetic installation method, and multi-angle folding support design.

The surface layer of this protective case is made of fine-grained organic leather, which feels soft and delicate to the touch, and has a strong skin-friendly feeling. The key is that it is not easy to stick fingerprints and will not appear dirty. The inner side is imitation microfiber material, which can better protect the screen.

1:1 accurate mold opening, magnetic installation method, it can be firmly adsorbed on the iPad Pro with a light release, which is convenient and firm, and will not affect the position of the camera.

The hidden leather buckle on the edge is used to fix the Apple Pencil. When you open the protective case, you can also attach the leather buckle to the leather case to ensure cleanliness. 

The most useful thing is that it has 4 angles of support, which can be freely switched horizontally and vertically to meet different usage scenarios, breaking the limitations of traditional protective cases. For each support method, its fulcrum is in the shape of a triangle, which is very stable horizontally and vertically.

Those who often take the iPad Pro out will worry about the weight of the protective case. The 11-inch one I use weighs only about 245g, which is still very light and will not bring too much burden to your travel.

The above are all the accessories of the iPad Pro I am currently using. If you have other good accessories, you can also recommend them in the comment area!

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