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Shape-oriented: Dujia GK90 wireless keyboard and GM90 mouse experience

Dujia’s products have been written several times this year. I feel that their products are not only affordable, but also better and better. Especially the stacking and design of mechanical keyboards have also improved rapidly, and many products have been launched. Very good product. Personally, I still like Dujia products very much. In fact, I have recommended them to many people before.

Recently, Dujia released the GK90 three-mode mechanical keyboard, which happened to be combined with their GM90 mouse, and brought back as a peripheral for the newly installed desktop. By the way, do an unboxing and experience evaluation.

The packaging style of GK90 is obviously different from Dujia’s previous blue, and more gaming elements are incorporated in the outer packaging, which is also Dujia’s innovation in products and outer packaging.

GK90 adopts a 104-key layout, closed two-color PBT keycaps, is equipped with Duga Nebula RGB lighting effect management system, and also has a multimedia control area. The overall interface has e-sports elements, and an RGB light strip area is designed on the left.

A knob is set above the number keys, and the independent aluminum alloy knob can quickly control the volume of the computer system. Still a very good idea, the indicator light area is set on the side.

The switch body adopts a linear optical switch. As an optical switch user, I still like the fast triggering of the optical switch. It will be lighter in terms of the touch of the tap, and ultimately get a faster response speed. Of course, hot swapping is also supported.

The two-color PBT plastic keycap adopts OEM height, and it is still very delicate in terms of workmanship. It will have a good performance in terms of hand feel and oil resistance.

The keyboard in the functional area can also realize quick adjustment of more functions. Of course, users can also perform macro editing on the official software provided by Dujia to realize more personalized function definitions.

Duga's official software is still very powerful. In addition to customizing the functions of the buttons, you can also adjust more rich lighting and sound effects, so as to achieve a more personalized gameplay.

You can understand the GM90 mouse as the supporting equipment of GK90. GM90 has the same design elements and RGB lighting effects. The overall parameters are very good, and the design also has gaming elements.

The 9-button left-handed and symmetrical design is adopted, no matter whether it is left-handed or right-handed, there is no need to worry about the difference in feel, ensuring a good grip.

The 70g lightweight design has a very good parameter guarantee for fast clicking. Moreover, this mouse uses a PMW3327 optical sensor, with a DPI of 6200 and an acceleration of 30g.

In terms of service life, there is a fretting life of 60 million times, so you don't have to worry about problems even if you use it heavily. The departure speed is fast, and there is no need to worry about false touches.

The light effect provided is still very good, in fact, the appearance is still good.

It comes with a split wrist rest, which can meet the long-term use to prevent wrist soreness. Of course, I think the overall appearance is also very coordinated.

The pure black keyboard color scheme is actually very versatile. Of course, if you add RGB lighting effects, the effect will be better.

In addition, Dujia’s lighting effects are still very rich, especially the RGB light strips on the side, which are actually very beautiful at night. Of course, you can also go to the official software of Durga to set it up.

Anyway, there are many lighting modes, and you can experience all the common ones on the market, especially the effect that follows the rhythm of the system sound is really amazing.

Dujia's products are still very good. This set of keyboard and mouse is actually very good with the newly configured computer, especially the simple color matching is in line with my pursuit of a simple desktop. The comprehensive feel of the shaft body and the keycap is also very good, whether it is a game or text input, with the assistance of the wrist rest, you will not be tired even if you work in front of the computer for a day.

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