Share after purchase Part 2: After the free replacement, I like this keyboard even more

In the past two years, the mechanical keyboard has gradually rolled up. Because I work and type a lot every day, it is always uncomfortable to use a Macbook keyboard. I bought a Cherry switch keyboard in the early stage, and I took it home to use when I happened to lack a keyboard at home. This Royal Axe R100 equipped with TTC gold powder switch, three-mode switching and a knob switch is very exciting. I have heard that the gold powder switch is good. Fortunately, I have to try it to find out. I like the knob because I saw it. A customized keyboard with damped knobs always feels like a little boy likes an excavator. No, no, no, I can’t stand it, I want to buy it!

As for why this keyboard will be replaced for free, I accidentally spilled water on it and it was scrapped. Because of the impact of 502 giving me unlimited refills, I thought about giving it a try. A dead horse is a living horse doctor, and the result! ! !

Replaced with a new one! ! ! I love Dong Ge

outer packaging

I bought the 98-key version of this keyboard, model R100. The keyboard comes with a transparent plastic dust cover, a cap puller, a shaft puller, and a Type-C data cable made of braided rope. And 4 replaceable TTC gold powder shafts, because I forgot to send back the shafts when I replaced them, so I now have 8 replaceable shafts, but the possibility of using them is still very small. After all, the theoretical life of the TTC gold powder shafts is long. Up to 100 million times;

inner packaging

A total of 8 spare

Let’s talk about the knob switch that I like. In fact, I like everything with this switch type. It always feels like a sense of ritual is at work. It’s like driving with a manual transmission. That feeling makes you inexplicably happy. This switch has four adjustable levels, from top to bottom are Bluetooth connection, 2.4G connection, wired connection and power off; Bluetooth connection can support up to 3 devices to connect, using the Fn key + Q/W/E key To switch, the position of the knob needs to be turned to the BT position; there are switches for Mac and Win next to the left part;

knob design

In terms of color matching, there are Lava Castle, Whale Falling into the Deep Sea, and Walking in the Galaxy, because I placed an absolute value order. At that time, only this color was left. Fortunately, I can replace a set of keycaps by myself later. It’s not a big problem. Let’s talk about this keycap , belongs to the AEK height ball cap, the arc is very soft, the edge is round, and a single key has a soft feeling;

The arc is very comfortable

The shaft body was a factor that prompted me to place an order at that time. In the past, I used tea shafts. This model uses TTC gold powder shafts, with a trigger pressure of 37g. It can be activated with a light press. The response speed is very fast, and the sound is very small at the same time. It is very small, and it does not have a great impact on others when working in the company. You can see the main body of the switch when you pull out the keycap of the switch. The pink one is also very cute. It supports hot swapping.

Gold powder shaft V2

Five-hole shaft

In overall use, this keyboard claims to turn on the light for ten hours. There is no detailed record of the specific time, but there is often a very embarrassing place that the battery is insufficient for work, and the typing starts to fail, the response speed is slow, and it is necessary to Find a cable and recharge. Fortunately, I don’t mind having a cable on the table, and I will directly connect it to the cable for use. The overall use is relatively compact. At the beginning, there will be a little touch by mistake. After a few days of use, I like it. This kind of high rebound, Typing with light pressure is much easier to use overall. I thought that this new brand might not be able to keep up with after-sales service, but this time the replacement service really reassures me. Of course, this may be due to JD’s self-operated after-sales bonus. In short, after getting a new keyboard again, I think I like to use it more~

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