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Shuangfei Yanfei Times × "This! It’s Hip-hop” joint keyboard and mouse released, with excellent hand feel and built-in light effects

Recently, the popular variety show "This Is Street Dance" is about to usher in its fifth season, and the domestic and foreign giant Shuangfeiyan's brand Fei Times also launched "This! It is the hip-hop 5" IP co-branded keyboard and mouse, and with the theme colors of 4 groups of mentor teams, four theme colors have been launched.

This joint set consists of three parts: FS98 wired mechanical keyboard + FM30 gaming mouse + customized mouse pad. As for the keyboard, Uncle V chose the sky blue red axis version of "Yibo Wang Fried". , key puller, and spare keycaps, the mouse pad of the same style must also be arranged. The printing is not only cool, but also thicker and smoother than ordinary mouse pads in actual use.

This FS98 wired mechanical keyboard is the focus of this experience. It is equipped with the retuned master F1 red switch. Plug and unplug, PCBA is also compatible with three-pin and five-pin shafts, which greatly enhances the fun of DIY. The sound of the keyboard is not loud but crisp. The trigger stroke of 2.0±0.6MM and the trigger pressure of 45±10GF bring a faster gaming experience, and the rebound is relatively moderate. For gamers, this keyboard is undoubtedly a winning artifact .

The FS98 keyboard adopts the TYP-C interface "key line separation" design, and the printed embellishment on the back is also a good highlight. The lower part of the two-stage foot support is also filled with silicone material, which can adjust the height of the keyboard according to the usage habits of different people. The anti-slip effect provided by the silicone greatly improves the stability of use. In addition, multiple drainage holes are designed at the bottom of the keyboard. Even if liquid is accidentally spilled into the keyboard during use, it can flow out with the drainage holes without fear of liquid invasion.

It is worth noting that this FS98 co-branded keyboard also supports self-developed CAO trendy keycaps, which not only have the function of "one-key color change", but also the material and printing of the keycaps are also very sophisticated. The ABS+PBT two-color injection molding process is more It is wear-resistant, and the overall light transmission is also greatly improved. The ergonomically designed custom-cut corner keycaps make the touch more crisp and neat. The built-in 10 editable RGB lighting effects can create an exclusive atmosphere at will.

The other protagonist in the package is the drive-free version of the FM30 gaming mouse. The first feeling when you get started is that it is very light. Compared with the traditional mouse, the weight of the FM30 mouse is only 78g. It feels very silky with the same mouse pad. The entire mouse button The rebound is sensitive and the response is very fast. The bottom of the mouse can be customized to adjust the CPI and some personalized settings.

In terms of hardware, the FM30 gaming mouse is also equipped with a BC3332-A Max engine, the original game-grade sensor up to 6200CPI and a tracking speed of 250ips. There is almost no delay and jitter in actual use. The FM30 gaming mouse also uses a lighter and more durable Umbrella cord design, the overall texture complements the keyboard.

In the next game test, this set of keyboard and mouse left me with a very good gaming experience. Whether it is an FPS shooting game or an RPG game, it can be easily controlled, and the ultra-low delay and fast feel allow you Experience the thrill of preemptive strikes, 98-key full-key no-stroke design, easy to use various key combinations, the keyboard also has a 1000Hz ultra-high transmission frequency, which is about 8 times faster than ordinary keyboards, no matter how fast the hand is or how complicated the keyboard commands are, There is no lag or stuttering in the game.

Summary: Although there are many co-branded peripheral products on the market today, this set of Shuangfei Yanfei Times × "This! Hip-hop 5" IP co-branded keyboard and mouse cover is unique, not only the appearance is "trendy" and the color matching is more "bold", but also the manufacturer has shown full sincerity in terms of product functions and experience. I believe you have experienced this set After the product is sure to put it down.

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