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Shuangfeiyan bloody hand ghost, there are three adjustment trigger methods, bringing you a brand new experience. The spike price is 549 yuan

Shuangfeiyan launched the bloody ghost optical axis T98 mechanical keyboard that can switch between three types of trigger keys with one button. It is realized through the latest research and development technology of LT and the principle of light conduction, and has a key life of 100 million times. 1.0mm trigger is suitable for fast-response games, 1.5mm trigger is a compromise choice, and 2.0mm trigger is suitable for working code words that are not easy to be accidentally touched. You can switch with one key at any time on the unique LT key position, and you can press one key according to different application requirements. switch.

The T98 adopts the currently popular 98 series. There are two colors, pixel black and pixel green. The color is not as jumpy as some mechanical keyboards. The keycap is made of ABS material, which is different from conventional ABS, and the keycap coating has a little frosted feel. Personally, I think this is due to Shuangfeiyan's optimization of anti-oil skid. 25 sublimation-themed PBT keycaps are provided as standard, 98 yuan Mr. Baishui keycaps are presented for a limited time in pixel black, and 99 yuan avenue of stars keycaps are presented in pixel green for a limited time.

The interior of the T98 keyboard uses a sound-absorbing structure sponge to reduce the cavity sound of the keyboard, making the keyboard feel more comfortable and the keys loose. And it adopts dustproof and waterproof nano-coating to prevent water from directly spilling into the PCB circuit board. Although it is waterproof, don't try it casually, if you try it, you will die. Full key without punching, FN shortcut multimedia. Drive the macro and bind the operations in the game with one click.

In general, if you like the sense of technology and have requirements for multi-keyboard functionality, and you are an e-sports game player, this Shuangfeiyan T98 keyboard has a unique one-key switching key travel, multimedia shortcut keys, comfortable The feel is a mechanical keyboard with black technology and strong comprehensiveness.

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