Shuangfeiyan Optical Axis Three-speed Shift Bloody Ghost T98 Player 3

I used to go to the computer city, basically Shuangfeiyan, Internet cafes too, I always thought it was a representative of Internet cafes, but the number of Internet cafes became less and less, Shuangfeiyan still ran into your house steadily,

But I didn't expect to have a personal side.

Let’s talk about Shuangfeiyan’s T98 3 player version variable-speed mechanical keyboard, the joint model of Eternal Tribulation

The front PBT keycap is micro-frosted, printed with theme fonts and patterns, and the space is still full of game colors. It calls this the theme of Tianhai Yunyou, and the lower right corner is the bloody hand logo

There are two sets of kickstands on the back, there is no gap in the F area, and the LT is next to the F12

There is a protruding square on the side, I don’t know if it is reserved for the male model made by the three models

Three-way winding groove, but the wire it carries is very thick, very thick, much thicker than the hdmi I use, like the power cord of a household appliance, but very soft, softer than hdmi, and its plug can just be stuck in the c In the mouth, it will be more stable, but if you want to use other threads, you have to pay attention, it may become loose if the other threads are not stuck, so keep this thread well.

I’ve seen someone’s idea of ​​changing electromagnetic speed and pressure before, and I feel that it would be very practical if there is a real thing, because everyone’s favorite pressure is different, the code words and game scenes are also different, and changing the axis to adjust the freshness is not the same. less, so as to achieve the desired process,

As a result, I was a little surprised to see Shuangfeiyan. It said it was a blood ghost LT with optical axis and optical axis keyboard.

It is a shaft with three gears written on it. There is an LT key on the keyboard. After pressing it, the red light is the trigger stroke 1. Yellow light 1.5, blue light 2,

Relatively speaking, the triggering of this kind of axis is faster, and it should be more suitable for playing games

Press initially at 30, trigger 39-45, a straight up and down linear axis

But when you first touch this keyboard, the difference in travel may not be too obvious, and it will gradually become more obvious after you use it for a while.

The sound and feel of this one makes me miss the feeling of Shuangfeiyan before. Its sound is really small. When you press it down, the sound is like wood. The feel is quite soft. The mute effect is indeed the keyboard I have used recently one of the best

But in order to strongly express the axis color, the backlight cannot be lit or flashed. I think there is room for improvement. You can just turn on the LT key. There is no need to pull everyone’s keys to sleep. Of course, I don’t care what I use. Keyboard, backlight is never off

This should be quite attractive to some cuties, the concept of hand speed 3 consecutive jumps

Therefore, this keyboard does not encourage you to pull out the shaft, and only brings a tool that can pull the keycap

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