Silence, appearance, and feel are all indispensable——Kaihua Light Sound Switch Evaluation Experience

Hello everyone, I am Taotie

For mechanical keyboards, mute seems to have always been a false proposition. After all, the keycap and the shaft, inside the shaft, and between the shaft and the PCB will generate a lot of vibration when knocked, and the vibration will inevitably produce sound, so I want to It is really difficult to make the entire mechanical keyboard quiet.

But after all, players' pursuit of silence has never stopped. Starting from the cherry silent red switch, various switch manufacturers are developing their own silent switches, hoping to bring a new category of switches.

Among them, I think Kaihua's silent shaft should be the best. I'm not embarrassed, because Kaihua's deep-sea silent shaft is based on the BOX shaft, which has inherent noise reduction advantages and the smoothness of BOX. The structure makes it balanced between quietness and feel. And this time Kaihua's latest launch Light tone shaft Unlike the previous Kaihua deep-sea silent shaft, it returns to the MX structure.

Therefore, in the traditional situation, let’s experience the specific performance of this shaft body below.

In terms of appearance, the transparent upper cover and the canvas white shaft core and bottom case are fresh and translucent.

The shaft core still uses a dust-proof wall structure, which will be more stable in terms of stability.

The bottom is a five-pin shaft, which is compatible with steelless PCB.

After disassembling, it can be found that there are two metal shrapnel on the shaft cover and the base of this silent shaft. Compared with the situation where the traditional rubber buffer makes the hand feel fleshy, the metal deformation not only offsets the impact of the shaft core movement, but also slows down the operation. Noise during the process, while ensuring the proper feel of the shaft body, killing two birds with one stone.

The inside of the shaft body comes with factory lubrication, which is excellent in smoothness.

The specific parameters of this Kaihua light tone shaft are as follows:

Operating force: 45±5gf

Total stroke: 3.7±0.3mm

Conduction stroke: 1.9±0.4mm

Type: Linear Axis

Mechanical life: more than 70 million

From the data point of view, this switch is a linear switch similar to the red switch. It feels neither light nor heavy.

In the actual experience, this light-tone switch does not have the sensuality of other silent switches. The slight tightness and short stroke make it more direct to hit, and the bottoming rebound is quite fast, without that sticky feeling. hysteresis.

In addition, the shaft body benefits from factory lubrication, which makes it equally excellent in smoothness.

In terms of muting, the suppression of sound when tapping has been strengthened. If more noise-cancelling measures (such as noise-absorbing cotton, silicone pads, inter-axial paper, etc.) can be added to the matching keyboard, the muting effect can be further improved.

Then come down and experience the actual sound performance of this shaft.

I think this Kaihua light sound switch is quite good. Whether it is the feel, appearance or mute effect, it is in line with its positioning. It is said that this switch will be used in the small cube sugar keyboard of Dareu in the future. The product is also a strong selling point.

Of course, if you are a customized player, you can also try it out. After all, there are not many easy-to-use silent switches, so it’s good to try something new.

Well, the above is the whole content of this article, thank you for reading!

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