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Simple and elegant office gifts - Razer high-efficiency office suits

Recently, the LP unit has started to change jobs. All positions are vacant. After waiting for a round of interviews, a new position will be arranged. Her attitude towards the new position is also more Buddhist. Can be happy to continue to be at ease for a few years, in short, no matter whether the "competition" is successful or not, her mood should not be affected too much.

On the contrary, I think this 618 is patronizing shopping, buying things on the table round after round (after the festival, I will compile a complete article to post), but did not add any equipment to the other half, especially she said with a smile The family lacks an office environment, so I remembered that the last time I went to her office, I didn’t find that she had any useful office equipment on hand, and it was difficult for her to type various PPT reports on weekdays, so I decided to give her a set.” office suit " thought.

In the end, I chose to start with the new Razer high-efficiency office suit that I want to share with you today, including the PRO TYPE ULTRA silent yellow-axis mechanical keyboard, PRO CLICK MINI mouse and PRO GLIDE mouse pad. From the point of view of the name, the meaning is from " PRO "A little bit, it can be regarded as a small vision.

Let’s talk about the keyboard first. I originally wanted to send a separate keyboard to LP for typing, because I gave her Amway mechanical keyboards several times, and let her try a few. Her feedback is that typing is really easy. But the sound was too loud, and I was afraid of affecting others, so I found this yellow-axis keyboard. The characteristic of this axis body is " quiet ", and has a lifespan of up to 80 million times, whether it is at home or at work, it is very suitable for office use.

At present, the keyboards on the market are all popular with three-mode connection. In addition to Bluetooth, there must be wired connection and wireless connection, so this must be considered when choosing this one. Besides, the three-mode connection is indeed convenient.

Let’s talk about why I added a mouse and a mouse pad after adding the keyboard, because when I looked at the keyboard details interface, I found a picture effect similar to the one above. The sincerity almost means that the mouse and mouse pad are originally a set with the keyboard. If you buy both, the effect as a gift is much better in terms of the total price and the overall quality.

Of course, as the C position in the office suit, the most expensive PRO TYPE ULTRA keyboard is the main role. Considering office habits, the keyboard must of course choose the traditional 104-key layout. The packaging of the entire keyboard is the same as the appearance, which is relatively simple and elegant. When I opened the paper box, I found a quick start guide similar to a small card inserted on the top. The main body of the keyboard is stuck in the anti-shock foam, which is very stable.

Although the Quick Start Guide is in English, you can understand the general connection and application methods by looking at the illustrations.

The 2-meter braided USB-C cable can be used for wired connection and can also be used to charge the keyboard, and another reason why this keyboard was chosen for LP is that the keyboard is equipped with a comfortable leatherette Wrist support. Long-term office work has made her wrists feel uncomfortable all the time. This keyboard is equipped with this wrist rest, which makes this gift look a little more " intimate "mean.

On the left side of the C port is a small switch for switching between 2.4G and Bluetooth, which is located above the small keyboard area.

The 2.4G wireless receiver is at the bottom of the keyboard, with a dedicated card slot.

The four corners of the bottom of the keyboard have small square-shaped anti-shock foam, which can make the keyboard more stable and quiet when placed.

The two-stage tilt adjustment support feet are convenient for users to adjust the keyboard to different tilt angles.

If you look closely, you will find that no matter which segment it is, the bottom of the supporting feet is the same as the four corners of the keyboard, and it is equipped with thicker shockproof foam cushions, and the details are in place.

Lift the keycap and take a look at the yellow switch body. The percussion feel is similar to the green switch in a mechanical keyboard, but the sound is much quieter. It is very suitable for users who want to get a smooth typing experience but are afraid of disturbing the people around them.

The backlight is also very characteristic. It looks white, but it looks more like blue when photographed. With the yellow switch and the silver metal on the keyboard, the color is crystal clear and not dazzling. It fits this keyboard very well.” elegant " temperament.

The way to adjust the backlight is to use the combination keys, which can be directly adjusted to the darkest or brightest by pressing them all the time, or can be tapped one by one for staged dimming.

The dimming marks on F11 and F12 are quite obvious. In addition, the keyboard can also be customized through software to make a unique keyboard that belongs to you. Programming keys and intelligent control can significantly improve office efficiency and speed up workflow.

Let’s take a look at the mouse again. When looking at the keyboard, I found that this PRO CLICK MINI can share the same 2.4G wireless receiver with the keyboard. This is why I bought the mouse and upgraded the gift to " set "One of the main reasons.

In addition to matching the keyboard to form a suit, the selection of the mouse is also an important reason for the small body and elegant color matching. LP doesn’t like things that are too flashy. Even if the RGB effect is only a single type of backlight is good, and her She has small hands, so choosing this light and compact mouse is more suitable for her.

In addition to the two dry batteries, the accessories even include a non-woven bag for protection. It seems that the manufacturer should have the same concern as me, that is, the color is too beautiful and plain, and it is inevitable that they will be worried about being caught in the future. Scratches and smudges, protection and cleanup seem to be the order of the day.

However, there is no need to worry about this at all, because LP is a person with a slight obsession with cleanliness. She is busy cleaning all kinds of floors and windows every day. Seeing such a beautiful and clean mouse makes her feel very good, and although the mouse is light, But from the anti-slip particles on the side and the metallic luster of the buttons, you can see a strong texture.

This mouse is the same as the keyboard just now. Its main feature is noise reduction and quietness. When you press the left and right keys, you will not hear any mechanical ticking sound. The service life is as long as 15 million times.

The scroll wheel can be switched between free scrolling mode and tactile mode. When switching to free scrolling mode, the scroll wheel with close to 0 damping allows users to browse the web more conveniently and quickly. After switching to tactile mode, the sense of paragraphs becomes clearer and clearer.

Below the top cover that can be opened quickly is the dry battery slot. Two AA batteries can guarantee 725 hours of battery life, and it is worth mentioning that the battery slot can also be used if there is only one battery.

The last thing to introduce is this PRO GLIDE mouse pad.

That's right, it was planted mainly because I saw the renderings of the mechanical keyboard. At that time, the mouse pad was placed under the picture, and the size was the XXL extra large that I bought later.

The gray main body is matched with white, and the visual effect is clean and atmospheric, which is very in line with the aesthetics of people who like cleanliness.

When you unpack and take it out, it is a thick roll. This mouse pad is made of high-density rubber foam, and you can feel full of elasticity when you hold it in your hand.

The materials of the two surfaces are completely different. The surface is a mesh-textured fabric surface, which is extremely smooth, ensuring a more consistent sense of operation when the mouse is used on it, and also has better comfort and durability. The bottom is made of hexagonal texture, which ensures excellent anti-slip force and makes the mouse pad more stable and difficult to move.

The thickness of the mouse pad is also very impressive. After all, the positioning of this office suit is still very high-grade, so the workmanship and details can stand the attention.

I tried to put the mouse on the mat and moved it a few times, and it really felt like DOVE's advertising words" silky smooth ”。

At this point, the simple unpacking ends, " Trinity "The renderings are beginning to take shape.

After putting it on the table, I found that the overall effect is still very good, especially when the brightness of the keyboard backlight is adjusted to a moderate level. The color integration of the mouse, keyboard, wrist rest, and mouse pad is very high. Visually, it can be described in two words: Comfortable.

From the side, it turns out that the slope curvature of the wrist rest perfectly matches the keyboard. This is an excellent ergonomic design, and the support is in place to ensure that it is not easy to get tired when typing on the keyboard for a long time.

Before explaining to LP how to use it, she has already started to move her fingers like flying. That's right, after all, once the 2.4G wireless receiver is plugged in, the keyboard and mouse are connected, which is very convenient.

Both the Bluetooth of this mechanical keyboard and the mouse support the connection of 3 different devices, plus the 2.4G wireless connection, that is, a total of 4 devices are supported, and you can quickly connect to various devices (tablets, mobile phones, computers) etc.), (the keyboard is switched by FN+1/2/3, and the mouse is switched through the bottom " pairing/switching " key to toggle.) This is also " high efficiency "One of the origins of the three words.

In the words of LP, the typing feel of this keyboard is to keep the neatness and accuracy of the mechanical keyboard, greatly reducing the sound, and the wrist rest brings a very comfortable feeling.

but me" friendly reminder "Here, the comfortable keyboard feel not only comes from the 10-key no-shock design of the shaft body, but also is inseparable from the ergonomically designed keycaps. The fingerprint-resistant soft touch layer allows users to tap the keyboard. Get a softer and more comfortable typing feeling, combined with the accurate position of the shaft body, make the whole typing process feel as smooth as flowing clouds and flowing water.

This set" Razer Productivity Office Suite "The posting list is almost here. As a gift, LP and I are very satisfied with this set. The main reasons are as follows:

1 The keyboard feels excellent, with various connection methods and easy switching. The backlight and color matching are relatively clean and elegant. The wrist rest is soft to the touch and full of elasticity. The ergonomic slope design is highly integrated with the keyboard.

2 The mouse and keyboard can use the same 2.4G wireless receiver, which frees up more desktop space, and the same noise reduction design as the keyboard, which is quiet and smooth to use. Regardless of the small size of the mouse, it is very suitable for carrying around At the same time, there are really a lot of multi-function buttons, and more personalized settings can be made with Leiyun software, which is more than enough for LP.

3 Good-looking, good-looking, still good-looking! For Yan Dang, such a clean and elegant office suit with a very uniform and refreshing style makes people feel good when they sit at the computer desk every day. I even want to add another one in the picture above to LP. The design of the notebook, the overall uniform appearance is really outstanding.

After talking about a lot of advantages, the disadvantages are certainly not without. For example, the battery life of the keyboard feels a little less than 200 hours. After all, " office "Well, the time is sometimes quite long, but fortunately, with the cable, it can be used while charging at any time.

The flaws are not concealed. No matter in terms of practicality, appearance, or price positioning, this office cover is very in line with my standard for giving LP as an "office gift for new positions". The only thing that may still need to worry about is whether the gray and white series is not enough. Dirty resistant.

Editor's Note: The author of this article @糖节说话 is what is worth buying a living home. His personal self-media information is: Sina Weibo: @糖果说话

Finally, thank you for watching. Welcome to leave a message in the comment area to chat with me. Thank you for your likes, collections and comments. I am Putao. See you next time~~

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