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Simple and elegant without losing style, not afraid of water and dust intrusion, Rapoo V530 gaming mechanical keyboard experience

The most commonly used peripherals in daily office or games are keyboards and mice. Everyone has different usage habits and scenarios, so the requirements for keyboards are also different. With personalized appearance design. As a well-known peripheral manufacturer, Rapoo has launched mechanical keyboards with different positioning and configurations. The Rapoo V530 mechanical keyboard has a low-key and simple design, a very fresh and elegant color matching style, and a very good hardware configuration. It has an independent infrared silver switch, and ABS material two-color injection molding keycaps. Another feature of it is that it supports IP68 waterproof and dustproof. Next, I will share the actual use experience.

Skip the unpacking process directly. There is only the Pennefather V530 mechanical keyboard body and a keycap puller in the box. This Rapoo V530 mechanical keyboard adopts a standard 104-key layout, and the structure adopts a design without a surrounding frame. The overall shape is quite simple and low-key without being ostentatious. The size of the keyboard is 438*136*40mm, and the weight is 800g.

This Pennefather V530 mechanical keyboard currently has three color versions, namely Blue Lagoon Iced Tea, Coconut Grove Mojito and Fendai Ice Soda. Xiaosu’s hand is the Coconut Grove Mojito version, the alphanumeric part is white, and the function The key is gray, while the Win, space and backspace keys are all green. Although the surface colors of the mechanical keyboard are different, the mechanical switches are all independent infrared silver switches.

The front of the mechanical keyboard is an integrated aluminum alloy panel, which is also processed by metal wire drawing. The overall feeling is low-key and unassuming, and it is not easy to leave scratches and fingerprints after long-term use. The mechanical shaft is directly embedded on the metal panel. On the top of the arrow keys, the LOGO of Rapoo adopts embossed design, which has a special feel.

One of the advantages of the frameless structure is that it effectively reduces the accumulation of dust between the mechanical shafts, and even if liquid is accidentally spilled on the mechanical keyboard, most of the liquid can flow away from the surface, making daily cleaning easier. Use a key puller to remove the keycap, and then clean up the dust by sweeping or vacuuming.

The aluminum alloy panel covers the front and top of the mechanical keyboard, giving it a very strong metal texture. The edges and fit are well handled, such as delicate rounded corners around the edges, and the transition between metal and plastic. Naturally, it doesn't feel scratchy at all, and there are two sets of RGB light bars on the left and right sides of the keyboard.

The front and top of the mechanical keyboard have a slight curvature. The wire is designed to be non-detachable. The length of the connecting wire is about two meters. The length is enough for daily office use. The outer layer is made of ordinary rubber material with average softness. With anti-magnetic shielding ring.

The design of the bottom of the mechanical keyboard is relatively simple. The shell is made of ordinary plastic material. Four anti-slip pads are distributed at the four corners to prevent the keyboard from drifting and sliding on the desktop. Two adjustable support feet are designed on the top to adjust the keyboard to two types. The angle of inclination and two hydrophobic holes are designed at the bottom, which can play a role in rapid drainage.

This Rapoo V530 mechanical keyboard is equipped with an independent infrared silver switch. The traditional mechanical switch triggers the command through the contact conduction of the metal guide, while the optical switch triggers the command through the infrared light blocking conduction method. Button signal command, with fast response and dustproof and waterproof capabilities, even when immersed in water, it can be triggered normally.

Except for the difference in contact conduction structure, other parts are not significantly different from traditional mechanical switches. The life of this infrared silver switch can reach about 50 million times. The axis body, but the pressure of the infrared silver axis is slightly lighter (cherry green axis 60gf, infrared silver axis 55gf).

The space bar and other large keys adopt the satellite axis scheme, and the keycaps are made of ABS two-color injection-molded keycaps. The advantage is that the surface is smooth and delicate, it is not easy to fade, and the light transmission effect is quite good, but it still cannot be escaped after a long time of use. The fate of leaving fingerprints and oil stains, the edge of the keycap workmanship is clear and the details are kept in place.

The mechanical keyboard is plug-and-play without the need to install driver software. When connected to the computer, the keyboard will light up with a cool ice blue backlight. This mechanical keyboard only supports monochrome backlight effects, but it has twelve preset light effects and supports Full-key lighting effect customization, the brightness adjustment and setting of lighting effects can be realized through combination keys.

Since the backlight of the mechanical keyboard is only monochrome, it is not as changeable as RGB lighting effects in terms of color and playability, but the brightness, uniformity, and light transmittance of the keycaps are very good. Under the lighting conditions, you can still clearly see the effect of the backlight. Compared with the dynamic RGB lighting effect, its lighting effect gives people an elegant and fresh feeling.

There are two sets of dynamic RGB light bars on the side. The light color and speed direction are synchronized. From the perspective of use effect, it mainly renders the environment atmosphere on the left and right sides of the keyboard. It looks more attractive, the lighting effects look nice and enhance the desktop ambiance.

In daily life, drink liquids are placed on the desktop. If the liquid is accidentally touched and spilled inside the keyboard, it may cause a malfunction and cannot be used. Supporting IP68 waterproof and dustproof is one of the characteristics of the Rapoo V530 mechanical keyboard. Put it directly into the water It’s okay to use it inside. Of course, if liquid invades the inside of the keyboard, you still need to pay attention to cleaning.

Next, let’s talk about the subjective feel of the autonomous infrared silver switch. When you press the trigger, there will be an obvious sense of paragraph, and at the same time there will be a crisp trigger sound. Every time you hit the button, it will make a rattling sound, especially in the dead of night. It is especially obvious when you are used to the sound of the keys. It is a matter of opinion. The feel is very similar to the original blue switch. Xiaosu happens to have a mechanical keyboard equipped with a cherry blue switch. In terms of actual feel, whether it is the trigger feel, the pressing stroke or the pressure The grams are not much different, but the infrared silver axis that triggers the sound is slightly lower.

The mechanical shaft body is directly installed on the aluminum metal panel. For example, in the game scene, it is often involuntary to make some actions of pressing the keyboard hard. The bottom of the shaft body feels solid and stable without a soft feeling. Performance in terms of security is better, and it also has a certain degree of protection for the keyboard body.

The Rapoo V530 mechanical keyboard has a wealth of FN combination shortcut keys, such as multimedia control and Win key lock, etc., which can realize more quick call functions, and the keyboard backlight mode and adjustment also use the combination keys to quickly switch, but it is not in the key The corresponding icon is engraved on the cap, you need to consult the manual.

As a gaming mechanical keyboard, it supports the full-key no-dash solution, which is one of the necessary functions. In the wired connection mode, use the software test to test the key conflict. Pressing more than 20 keys at the same time does not cause conflict. Most game scenarios can be handled with ease.

General comments:

This Pennefather V530 mechanical keyboard does bring many differences in terms of appearance design. The gray, white and green color matching keycaps with ice blue backlight give people a more fresh and elegant visual experience. The RGB light strip also adds some smart effects to the appearance, and the aluminum alloy panel creates a metallic touch. The mechanical switch body adopts a paragraph-like independent infrared silver switch, and it is matched with ABS material two-color injection molding keycaps, which are light and comfortable The hand feel will not be tired after typing for a long time, and the overall structure is stronger, which can easily make various pressing impacts in the game scene. In terms of waterproof and dustproof function, it can be said to be the only one. The infrared silver switch equipped with it has the advantage of waterproof, and can input normally even in water. In fact, the waterproof function is more to deal with accidentally spilled water. , greatly reducing the risk of mechanical keyboard failure and damage due to water intrusion, and no longer has any usage scenario restrictions.

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