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Simple and thin, multi-mode connection, Rapoo Blade keyboard review

With the development of the information age, computers are now available in almost every household, and there are many smart devices used in daily homes and offices. It is often encountered in switching between different devices such as computers, tablets, mobile phones, and even different systems. Now, it becomes even more important to match these devices with a thin, light and lightweight keyboard that supports multi-device wireless connections. Rapoo has launched the new E9550G multi-mode wireless blade keyboard, and then follow Huihui to see how this keyboard performs.

The packaging style of the keyboard is the blue tone of the Rapoo family. The front is a top view rendering of the keyboard, allowing users to have a general understanding of the appearance of the product. The upper left corner is the Rapoo brand LOGO, and the upper right corner has a striking model logo , and the yellow part in the lower right corner prominently identifies the main functions of the product.

The specific product features and related information are printed on the back of the package, and the four major selling points of the keyboard are expressed in four languages ​​including Chinese. The characteristics of the Rapoo E9550G keyboard are as follows: 1. Multi-device adaptation intelligent switching; 2. Bluetooth 3.0/Bluetooth 5.0/Wireless 2.4G three modes; 3. Built-in rechargeable lithium battery; 4. Floating chocolate buttons, feel comfortable.

There is also a layer of white carton packaging inside the keyboard. The white carton on the left is the main body of the keyboard, which is wrapped with pearl cotton film to prevent scratches. In the white paper box on the right is the charging cable of the keyboard and the 2.4G receiver.

After the keyboard is unpacked, there are accessories: keyboard body, manual, warranty card, charging cable and nano receiver.

The multi-mode wireless blade keyboard E9550G is available in black gray and white colors. Huihui received the black and gray version, which is low-key and restrained, suitable for business office. Compared with E9350G and E9050G, it is more suitable for office. The body adopts a full-size solution, and the size is about: 420mm*115mm*13mm. As a blade series, it is amazing that the thinnest part is only 5mm, and the metal shell controls the weight at 394g, which is obviously thin and light. Viewed from the side, the keyboard is wedge-shaped, similar to the blade, which is probably the origin of the blade keyboard.

The multi-mode wireless blade keyboard E9550G frame and back panel are made of aluminum alloy, which is frosted, anti-corrosion and anti-falling, and presents a delicate metal texture; there are five rectangular non-slip feet on the back panel, which can be placed flat on the desktop and can be Eliminate the trouble of sliding; the edges and corners are handled in place, round and not sticky.

Floating chocolate keys, similar to the feel of notebook keys, the stroke of the keyboard keys is 1.5mm longer than that of the notebook, and the process of pressing is tight, with a slight damping feeling, the noise is very small when tapping, the keyboard integrity is good, not There will be a loose feeling, and the arc concave surface of each button can better fit the curvature of the user's fingertips, and the touch feels comfortable and free.

The power switch, USB Type-C charging port and Bluetooth module are provided on the top side of the fuselage. The position of the Bluetooth module is covered with plastic material, which can prevent the metal package from interfering with the signal. The plastic material can make the wireless connection more stable and not easy to disconnect.

The keyboard is a three-mode connection, respectively, Bluetooth 3.0, Bluetooth 5.0, and wireless 2.4G. The data cable with the keyboard is a charging cable and cannot function as a wired connection. Plug and play is supported in 2.4G mode, making this keyboard easier and more convenient to use. Bluetooth mode can be connected to three different devices, you only need to press and hold Fn+1, Fn+2. or Fn+3 each time you switch to connect to the corresponding Bluetooth device.

The keyboard uses a built-in lithium battery solution. The 300mAh battery capacity cooperates with Rapoo's low-power chip and energy-saving technology. It can provide about 60-96 hours of battery life after being fully charged, which is enough for daily use. Through the USB Type-C charging interface, it can charge about 20% in 10 minutes, and it takes about 2 hours to fully charge.

To sum up, Rapoo E9550G is equipped with Bluetooth 3.0, Bluetooth 5.0, wireless 2.4G multi-mode connection, and can connect and match multiple devices, which is in line with the usage scenarios of modern people. Moreover, the keyboard is very thin, stylish and beautiful. The most important thing is that the keyboard keys have the characteristics of mute, so that they will not disturb others during daily typing.

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