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Simplicity + Love = Jane Eyre

I don’t know if you are like me, have a special feeling for red. This kind of feeling has been planted in the heart by the red scarf worn around the neck since childhood. Slowly infiltrating, taking root and sprouting, becoming the background color of the nation in the heart, it is festive, solemn and sacred.

Compared with the classic all-match black and white, this red keyboard undoubtedly exudes a more unique charm, warm and rich. When your desktop is no longer willing to be mediocre, when your fingers become picky, this red keyboard will be a good choice. At least in terms of appearance and feel, this feel will never disappoint. Let’s take a look at this keyboard Ruijiang R87 Jane Eyre.

It is unexpected that the keyboard with such an engineering temperament and brick version with a square shape is actually based on the theme of "love", which is a little bit surprising.

It is said to be a theme, but it is much more subtle and euphemistic than traditional themed mechanical keyboards. There is no fanfare or blatant flaunting of elements. Even the most conventional theme names cannot be found on the fuselage. There are only a few personalized keycaps. There is no gimmick-like theme, only this red color.

In fact, there is no need to introduce too much about this keyboard, because what the eyes see is not the focus of this keyboard.

The classic American-style 87-key layout and tough appearance are indeed not enough in the current mechanical keyboard market dominated by customization. In my opinion, "practical" is the core label of this keyboard.

The classic and simple color contrast of red and white is more suitable for launching at the end of the year, and it is suitable for Christmas theme or New Year theme.

The golden nameplate is slightly embellished

In recent years, gold and red appear more frequently

The bottom of the keyboard is silver, and it seems that it is not easy to achieve pure white on the metal surface.

The combination of red and silver is more harmonious than pure red

keyboard side

The slope-type tilting body, the height of the front section is lifted to make it easier for fingers to reach the top buttons, but this keyboard does not have a foot to adjust the pitch height.

top and bottom lines

clean and comfortable

A few keycaps with a theme, some classic elements about love, Cupid, roses, hearts, for the display of this piece, it can be seen that the designer is not good at expressing this theme, if I were to design it, it would definitely be much more fancy than this .

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