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Skyloong GK75 Wireless Tri-mode LiteGasket Keyboard Review: Higher Configuration, More Functions

As a new brand of domestic peripherals, Skyloong has won the attention and favor of many users with its innovative "LiteGasket" keyboard products, and its products also have more than most of the keyboard products on the market. Its "geek" attributes, whether it is rich gameplay or configuration specifications, have excellent performance. Recently, Skyloong launched a brand new GK75 wireless three-mode mechanical keyboard, which adopts its own "LiteGasket" structure scheme and provides more advanced gameplay. Let's follow the author to take a look.


The outer packaging of the product adopts a very simple gray packaging box. The box body provides information such as the line drawing of the product, brand name, model, etc., and the sticker on the back shows the product specifications in detail. The accessories are very rich, providing plastic dust cover, instruction manual, promotional card, two bags of supplementary keycaps of different colors, key puller, USB Type-C braided cable, gold-plated space replacement panel, knob kit and buttons for adjusting the feel. Screws, silicone cushions, from the accessories, we can see that this keyboard provides a wealth of DIY gameplay, which can further meet the different needs of users for keyboard functions.


Skyloong GK75 wireless three-mode LiteGasket mechanical keyboard adopts the very popular 75% arrangement scheme with knobs, and is equipped with black transparent upper and lower shells and deep space blue powder keycaps. The black transparent shell and dark blue keycaps are very natural and harmonious , with some pink keycap embellishments, it can also bring users an excellent look and feel. The body size of 326mm×144mm×44mm can be easily adapted to the desktop of most users, and the volume compatibility performance is still very good. It not only meets the user's input and use needs, but also does not occupy the desktop space, which is one of the reasons why this arrangement is so popular among users. Its body key layout is basically consistent with the mainstream 75% configuration keyboard, but there is a knob in the upper right corner, and three function keys and an independent direction key area below. The key layout is still very easy. Get used to it.

This keyboard also provides a wealth of combination key functions, such as common multimedia functions, lighting adjustment functions, etc., and it can also realize the functions of some function keys, which is still very good in terms of practicability and convenience. This keyboard provides Mac OS system support, and the keys are adapted to realize functions such as screen brightness, multimedia function adjustment, displaying the desktop and calling Siri with one key, which reduces the difficulty for users to get started, and the performance is still very friendly. At the same time, functions such as charging indicator light, backlight and sleep time setting can also be realized through the combination key function, and the functions are still very complete.

The knob in the upper right corner uses a knob cap made of metal, and the surrounding area is vertical anti-skid lines. The overall texture and touch are still very good. The knob supports the volume increase and decrease functions by default. Pressing it can realize one-key mute, and the user can also drive the function of the custom knob, which can bring a more convenient and quick operating experience. When the knob is rotated, the scale feels clear and fine, the pressing confirmation feeling is clear and clear, and the handle processing is also very good, making it more convenient for users to precisely control the volume, and the detail processing is still very good.

The body shell made of black transparent material adopts a wider frame scheme, and the interior provides a rich rib structure, which further improves the overall strength of the keyboard. There is no slight deformation when twisted on both sides, and the body strength is still very strong. Guaranteed. The side corners of the phone are all treated with small rounded corners, so there is no obvious twitching feeling, and there is no need to worry about bumping into the hands and wrists in daily use and causing discomfort. The surface of the fuselage is treated with a slightly frosted surface layer, which feels dry and mild to the touch, and the performance is still very good.

The bottom case of the fuselage continues the design concept of simple style, and the four corners provide long non-slip foot pads, which can make the keyboard stable and not slippery on the desktop. The right side of the bottom of the keyboard provides a recessed area, which provides a QR code of the brand, a receiver storage slot and a USB Type-C interface. The top is designed with a three-way outlet, which is convenient for users to arrange according to their personal desktop. Arrange the routing direction. Two-stage feet with non-slip stickers are also provided on the left and right sides, which can bring users more angle adjustments for a more comfortable input experience. The middle sticker position also provides a switch between connection mode and system mode, which is convenient for users to quickly adjust according to their personal usage scenarios. The overall layout of the bottom is reasonable and rich in functions, which can meet the needs of most users. However, the use of the receiver and the Type-C port is slightly inconvenient. It would be better if the location can be optimized to make it more convenient to use.


The entire Skyloong GK75 wireless three-mode LiteGasket mechanical keyboard is the Glacier series switch body, which provides two series of switch body types: conventional switch body and silent switch body. The glacier silver shaft that the author got, this shaft body adopts the linear feel scheme, the total stroke is 3.80mm, the trigger stroke is 1.00-1.50mm, the trigger force is 48~52GF, the feel is light and smooth, and the rebound is consistent. The hand is stable at the bottom, and the feel feedback performance is still very good, which can take into account games and daily use scenarios very well. The large key position adopts the satellite axis scheme, the feel adjustment is simple and neat, there is no additional noise and shaking, the feel consistency is very high, and the performance is still very good.

This keyboard also provides a DIY way to play the space bar. Users can replace the long space bar with the three-key mode through the space bar replacement panel provided in the attachment. Through the key change function of the driver software, in addition to the basic input function of the space, two additional available keys are provided, which can realize fast input of combination keys or quick switching of input states, further improve input efficiency, and at the same time ease long-term use The pressure of the keyboard on the little finger makes the input experience more comfortable. At the same time, this design is also conducive to the adjustment of the long space satellite axis, and it also brings more key positions to play.

The switch hot-swappable solution with full keys is naturally also one of the standard configurations. It is compatible with mainstream MX switches such as tripod switches and pentapod switches. With more shaft feel, the playability is good. This keyboard also adopts the LiteGasket structure scheme, which provides an integrated silicone sandwich structure under the gold-plated positioning plate, and integrates the pad under the shaft to provide a softer percussion feel. The shaking of the shaft body when knocking filters out most of the noise, which improves the feel and sound of knocking, and further improves the user experience.

The Skyloong GK series keyboard is also officially called the "Tornado Switch" series. Through the official customized knob module, the knob module and the MX switch body can be replaced with each other, so that the keys can expand more functions. The GK75 keyboard is designed with 7 compatible keys, which are ESC (parallel with "~"), F12, INS, Home, PgUp, Del, so that this keyboard can be equipped with up to 6 knobs, and users can adjust them according to individual needs. Increase the position and function of the knob of the keyboard to further enhance the convenience and playability of the keyboard. The function of the multimedia knob is still very useful for most audio and video creators. After setting the function through the driver software, it can be realized in the editing software to perform quick operations on the media such as zooming in and out, switching windows, and adjusting the timeline. , improve efficiency, reduce fatigue, and the overall performance is still very good.

It is equipped with a set of GK5 ball caps with PBT two-color injection molding process, which does not support light transmission of characters. The overall workmanship of the keycap is fine, and there are basically no problems such as spouts and burrs. The arc of the keycap is smooth and natural, which can bring a better sense of wrapping to the user's fingertips, improve the confirmation and comfort when tapping, and the touch of the keycap is delicate and dry. , The wear resistance and oil resistance of the PTB material also make this set of keycaps perform well in terms of durability, beauty and comfort. At the same time, the attached two bags of supplementary keycaps can also completely form a complete set of keycaps. Users can replace them with other keyboards according to their personal preferences, which further improves the utilization rate of this set of keycaps.

RGB backlight:

The keyboard has a variety of RGB lighting effect modes built in. With the combination of FN keys, functions such as lighting effect on/off, lighting effect switching, brightness adjustment, and dynamic speed adjustment can be realized. The lighting adjustment functions are still very rich. However, due to the opaque keycap and gold-plated positioning plate, it still has a certain impact on light scattering, and the performance in terms of perception is slightly worse. The brightness of the light is soft and natural, the light is evenly scattered, and the gaps of the keycaps are completely filled with light. With the black translucent body scheme, it has a good look and feel and lighting atmosphere, which can meet the requirements of most players for RGB lighting. At the same time It can also meet the recognition and use in dark environments, and the overall performance is still good.

Driver settings:

The design of the driver interface is simple and intuitive. Users can customize the settings of key functions, lighting settings, and macro key functions according to individual needs. In the function setting page, the user can set the button function and independent lighting for the button function and the 5 logic layers. There are also rich setting options preset below. The setting adjustment is convenient and intuitive. Some buttons that support the knob module also provide multiple There are several optional functions, which are convenient for users to set according to their personal preferences. When the MX switch body is physically replaced, the basic functions of the keys can also be retained, and the details are considered very thoughtful. About 163 lighting effect modes are preset in the lighting library, which further enriches the lighting options of the keyboard. Users can change the lighting effect mode according to personal preferences; The game button scheme is convenient for users to set and use. The driver also supports keyword search, which allows users to find the options they want to adjust quickly and conveniently, which is very user-friendly.

Use test:

Skyloong GK75 wireless three-mode LiteGasket mechanical keyboard provides mainstream three-mode connection solutions, supports wired, 2.4G wireless, and Bluetooth three connection solutions, and all support full-key non-retouching solutions, which are more handy for game scenarios and daily office work. The built-in 4000mAh lithium battery can provide a battery life of up to 180 hours when the 2.4G mode is not turned on, which is enough to meet the daily use of users. Coupled with the excellent popularity of the USB Type-C interface, it can basically solve the problem. The user's "battery life anxiety" problem. Rich combination key functions and Win/Mac OS dual-system key adaptation also make this keyboard applicable to more usage scenarios, better meet the different needs of users, and bring a better user experience.

In addition to the information that can be seen directly from the outside, the three-mode solution of this keyboard uses chips from Nordic Semiconductor, which can achieve lower latency and stronger anti-interference wireless transmission performance. The PCB motherboard adopts 8-chip independent solution, and its performance configuration is more outstanding than that of conventional keyboards. The multi-chip stacking solution also makes this keyboard have better performance, larger storage space and faster operation response. With the driver software, it can also realize more functions and gameplays for the keyboard, bringing users better use experience.


Skyloong GK75 wireless three-mode LiteGasket mechanical keyboard has rich innovative gameplay and powerful hardware specifications. It also does a good job in feel adjustment and software adjustment, which can bring users a better experience. The "whirlwind shaft", the split space module and the well-known LiteGasket structure can also bring outstanding convenience to users in daily use. This keyboard has two colors of black and white, and provides entry-level optical axis wired version, three-mode version and aluminum alloy version. The price of the three-mode version is 489 yuan, and the kit version is 399 yuan. Interested users may wish to pay more attention .

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