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Small and exquisite, above the value of the appearance! Rapoo MT510 PRO multi-mode wireless mechanical keyboard experience

In the world of mechanical keyboards, there is a clear stream, unique and loved by some people. This kind of keyboard is the kind of small and exquisite wireless mechanical keyboard. Girls especially like it, and boys are also great for gifting their girlfriends.

Seeing such a keyboard, are you also moved? It is Pennefather's MT510 PRO wireless mechanical keyboard. Its appearance is nothing to say, so how about its actual typing experience? Interested friends will take a look.

From the outer packaging, you can feel its strong kawaii style. On the packaging is a cartoon picture of "Cerebellar Axe" setting off fireworks. The physical picture of the keyboard is printed on the back, and the highlights and technical parameters of the keyboard are on the side. Wait for the information to make people understand at a glance.

The accessories are also more thoughtful. In addition to the keyboard, it also includes charging data cables, key pullers, manuals, wireless receivers, and a very intimate keyboard original symbol table to prevent such "cute" keyboard symbols. , did not know for a while.

As for the equipment of the key puller, the plastic material can also be used, but it is not as good as the metal key puller at hand, and this kind of key puller is not suitable for long-term use and has a short lifespan. The design of the receiver is a white design, this color is quite versatile.

In terms of appearance design, the Rapoo MT510 PRO multi-mode wireless mechanical keyboard is a compact 84-key key layout design that I like very much. It is very small and exquisite, just like a toy, and it is also convenient to carry and use when going out.

The keyboard as a whole adopts a very trendy and fashionable color design, and the multi-color cartoon keycaps are very attractive! In addition to the "Meowing Holiday" experience, there is also a "Voyage Diary" theme color matching option, which can be naturally integrated on your computer desk, which is very beautiful.

In terms of keycap design, this Rapoo keyboard uses the original PBT colorful keycap design, supported by five-sided sublimation technology, and the high-content PBT material also has the advantages of durability and wear resistance. Different key colors and symbols are used to show individuality At the same time, it also brings good effects visually and practically. It is worth mentioning that this set of keycaps can also be purchased separately, good news for those who just want to change the keycaps.

Viewed from the side, the one-piece metal frame of the Rapoo MT510 PRO wireless mechanical keyboard is very textured, with rounded corners and corners around it. There is also the Rapoo brand logo on the left front, CNC edge trimming process, fashion and trendy elements. For thick.

I have to say, - the keycaps of this keyboard are really cute, and many key symbols are designed into cartoon patterns, such as the Shift key is a beautiful scene of "a bright moon growing on the sea", the Tab key is a cartoon sign, very There is wood in the image.

The keyboard is designed with folding feet, which can adjust the height of the keyboard according to the needs. The Type-C interface on the top is also very practical. It can be used as a wired keyboard interface. There is also a physical power switch at the bottom of the keyboard to turn it on and off. If the keyboard is not used for a long time, it can be turned off to save power.

The experience of using a mechanical keyboard mainly depends on the switch body. Different switches bring different feel, so what kind of switch body will be used for such a compact keyboard? Let's pull it out and find out.

In terms of the switch body, the Pennefather MT510 PRO wireless mechanical keyboard uses the Pennefather’s own linear fast silver switch body. When the keycap is removed from the keyboard, you can clearly see the switch body of the keyboard. The texture is excellent. This kind of switch body has no sense of paragraph. Therefore, the sound is very small and quiet, suitable for both office and game.

In terms of tapping experience, the trigger stroke of the fast silver axis of this Pennefather MT510 PRO wireless mechanical keyboard is 1.3±0.5mm, and the pressure trigger is 45±10cN. Although the paragraph feeling is cut off for the mute effect, it is still very mechanical when tapping. It is more suitable for use in an environment that requires a relatively quiet environment such as an office.

In view of the exquisite and compact design of the keyboard, many infrequently used key functions are designed on the Fn combination key, including arrow keys, F1-F12 keys, etc., which can realize multimedia and lighting control, but there is no mark on the keycap, which needs to be used for the first time Players take some time to familiarize themselves.

Supporting multi-mode connection is one of the highlights of Rapoo MT510 PRO wireless mechanical keyboard. There are four connection modes: Bluetooth 5.0, Bluetooth 3.0, 2.4G wireless and wired connection, which can be switched arbitrarily through keyboard combination keys, and there is an intimate indicator light to remind the current device , mobile phones, tablets, desktops, notebooks and other devices are all available, and it is not too convenient to share multiple devices.

Supporting ice blue monochrome backlight is also a highlight of this keyboard. Although it is only a monochrome backlight, it has various backlight effects such as ripple, constant light, and breathing. You can also adjust the brightness and frequency of the backlight. The playability is quite good. High.

Even with the wireless connection and the blessing of lighting, the Pennefather MT510 PRO wireless mechanical keyboard has a built-in 4000mAh rechargeable lithium battery. The official announcement has a battery life of up to 225 hours, and it can also be charged while using it in wired mode. This battery life is still very good. .

If you use this keyboard to play games, it is more than enough, and the tapping experience is rich, whether it is shooting games or fighting games, it is very exciting to tap, but such a cute keyboard is more suitable for girls to use for office work, isn't it!

This Pennefather MT510 PRO wireless mechanical keyboard is indeed attractive enough to meet the aesthetics of young people. It has a compact 84-key design, a small body and a texture, supports ice blue backlight, and is also very high in appearance. In terms of practicality, it supports four-mode multi-device connection, Rapoo's independent silent fast silver switch, which is very suitable for office games. Built-in large-capacity battery, battery life is not a problem, and it supports charging while using. In terms of shortcomings, it has no Fn key combination function identification, which requires players to spend time to adapt and become familiar with, and there is no receiver storage compartment, which is easy to lose when carrying. But these are all innocuous, it is enough to have good looks and high playability, how can such a high-value desktop product not be lovable!

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