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Small and portable, quiet and glare, Keychron K3 Pro mechanical keyboard experience

As an in-depth computer user, the computer and its peripherals are the tools you use. Whether a tool is good or bad directly affects the mood and efficiency of the user. Therefore, if you want to do a good job, you must first sharpen your tools and prepare for yourself. Only those who can fight can fight better.

Before I came into contact with this K3 Pro mechanical keyboard from Keychron, I used an ordinary mute membrane keyboard from a certain technology. The other keys on that keyboard are okay, but the Ctrl key in the lower left corner is too difficult to use. Every time I use my little finger, I press it. I can't go on, thinking about it for a year, it should be better, but it is still the same, so I recently replaced a small portable mechanical keyboard K3 Pro launched by Keychron.

The K3 Pro mechanical keyboard I bought is a thin and portable dual-mode customized mechanical keyboard, which supports wired/Bluetooth two modes, QMK/VIA key change, hot swap, compatible with MAC/Win/iOS/Android, It can connect 3 Bluetooth devices at the same time, and 75% of the keyboard layout makes this keyboard more compact and smaller. In addition, it also provides users with a keyboard cable (about 120cm long, with a signal shielding ring), cap puller, shaft puller, keycap set, manual, quick start guide, etc.

The K3 Pro mechanical keyboard launched by Keychron is relatively small, with a size of only 306*116*22mm, a weight of about 525g, and a keyboard layout of 84 keys. It is small and light, and is especially suitable for carrying out.

The body of the keyboard is designed with an anodized aluminum frame, and the black pockmarked shell is slightly low-key and unassuming. At the same time, its sturdy shell ensures the stability of the keys and improves the user's use effect.

There are two physical switches on the left front side of the keyboard: Bluetooth/Off/Wired, Win/Android/Mac/iOS, it can be seen that this keyboard is very good in terms of compatibility, and there are many connected devices. The author's mobile phone system is Android, and it is easily connected successfully through Bluetooth mode. In this way, although the mobile phone screen is small, you can also type on the mobile phone through the keyboard, which is much easier to use than the small keyboard on the mobile phone.

There is a Type-C interface in the middle of the keyboard, which can use the wired mode of the keyboard or charge its built-in rechargeable lithium battery. Its battery capacity is 1550mAh, which can provide users with long-lasting battery life. There is a power indicator light next to the Type-C charging socket, and the current charging status of the keyboard can be understood through the status of the indicator light.

There are five long strips of non-slip rubber pads on the bottom of the keyboard, which protrude from the bottom of the keyboard to prevent scratches on the bottom of the keyboard, and at the same time have a certain degree of non-slip properties to ensure that the keyboard is firmly fixed on the desktop. In addition, this keyboard provides a keyboard stand, which is divided into a large stand and a small stand, so that there are three different inclinations of large, medium and small, giving users one more choice.

The back of the keyboard is very simple, only the brand, model, S/N code and various certifications of this keyboard are pasted. The back of the keyboard is designed with a gray hard plastic bottom shell, which effectively reduces the overall weight of the keyboard.

Because the keyboard I bought supports custom replacement of key shafts, it also provides users with a shaft puller, designed with elastic steel material, which is convenient for users to replace key shafts.

In addition, the keycaps of this keyboard also support custom replacement, so a special Keychron cap puller is provided for users, and the classic Keychron logo is engraved on it, so it is very simple to replace the keycaps.

The author received this keyboard. It has several keycap styles that seem to be MAC, so Keychron also provides a set of replacement keycaps for Win. Use a cap puller to pull out the corresponding keycaps for replacement. The keyboard keycaps are all LSA height, and the PBT content is greater than 40%. Each of them is made of two-color injection molding process, gray on the outside/black on the inside, which is wear-resistant and dirt-resistant, not easy to oil, and does not fade.

After all, this mechanical keyboard focuses on thinness, so its body shaft adopts the Gateron (Jia Dalong) short shaft design, with ultra-thin keycaps, so as to achieve the feature of thinness. Because this keyboard adopts a modular design, the keycaps and short shafts can be disassembled and replaced by yourself, which is very suitable for users to DIY keyboards.

The ultra-thin Jiadalong short switch has three types: red switch, brown switch and green switch. The height is only 12.2mm, which is 5.7mm shorter than the ordinary traditional key switch, which perfectly matches the thinness of the keyboard. In addition, its low axis has its own RGB lighting effect. Through the backlight lighting effect switching button in the upper right corner of the keyboard, 22 different lighting effects can be switched in a cycle.

In order to prevent the large keys on the keyboard from swinging arbitrarily during operation, Keychron has optimized the design specifically for the large keys. Satellite shafts are arranged on the left and right of several large keys, so that the corresponding keys and the shaft body are always kept at the same level, reducing swing and improving the use effect.

In addition, this keyboard supports QMK/VIA open source key change custom keyboard. Through software, you can easily program each function combination key on the keyboard. At the same time, Keychron independently developed the easy-to-learn QMK/VIA open source key change solution, which has completely started. The mechanical keyboard has entered the revolutionary road of the new era, redefining a highly customized mechanical keyboard of its own, getting rid of the shackles of a fixed keyboard layout, and improving work efficiency.

This mechanical keyboard adopts two connection methods, Bluetooth and wired. The wired connection is generally used for competitive games, which improves the response speed of keyboard commands, reduces game delays, and improves game effects. In addition, it also supports Bluetooth connection, Bluetooth 5.1 transmission standard, and is backward compatible. It can connect 3 different Bluetooth devices at the same time, and switch between different Bluetooth devices through fn+1/2/3, so that work, leisure and entertainment Three correct, improve efficiency.

In addition, the K3 Pro mechanical keyboard launched by Keychron is very compatible and supports Windows system, Mac system, Android system, and iOS system. After actual experience, it can be connected not only to a computer, but also to a tablet or mobile phone. If you go out and the computer is inconvenient to carry, you can also use Keychron’s K3 Pro mechanical keyboard, which is very convenient to write articles on your mobile phone.

Although this mechanical keyboard is only 75% of an ordinary keyboard, the distance between the keys is still standard, which is suitable for all users. The author is used to using a large keyboard at ordinary times. After using this keyboard for the first time, it feels a bit rusty, but as the number of times of use increases, it quickly adapts to its size.

I like the color of this keyboard. There are black, gray, and red. The keyboard is divided into zones in advance. Basically, they are keys of the same color, and their functions are basically similar, such as F10, F11, and F12. Once the function keys are combined, the mute key, volume down key, and volume up key are formed, which are intuitive and easy to operate.

Keychron has deeply customized the K3 Pro mechanical keyboard. Every component is easy to assemble. Assembling a mechanical keyboard is just like we assemble a computer. The idea is very good. The advantage of this is that whichever part is broken, you can replace that part, which is more cost-effective than the integrated keyboard. After all, no matter which part of the integrated keyboard is broken, it cannot be used again.

Although I am not a deep game fan, I am willing to play two games when I have nothing to do. Of course, if you play games where every second counts, you must use a better mechanical keyboard, and it must be wired. The K3 Pro mechanical keyboard launched by Keychron supports both Bluetooth and wired modes. I tried a game through a wired connection to the computer. The keyboard’s arrow keys are very sensitive, and I don’t feel any delay in operations such as maneuvering, jumping, and leaning over. Compared with the original ordinary membrane keyboard, this keyboard is very cool to play games.

After a period of experience, the K3 Pro mechanical keyboard launched by Keychron is small and light, suitable for carrying out. 22 different cool light effects make this keyboard more dynamic at night. The customized keyboard that can be assembled in depth makes it have more obvious advantages in the same industry. The user has the final say on what kind of short axis they want, and the advantage of DIY is obvious. At the same time, it also supports QMK/VIA open source key change. Users with special needs can design their own special keyboard through the keyboard mapping function. All in all, this keyboard launched by Keychron is powerful and worth owning. Friends who like it may wish to pay attention!

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