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Small but comprehensive, Pennefather V700-8A wireless mechanical keyboard: OK for both office and entertainment

I believe that most people are like me. After getting used to the mechanical keyboard, it is difficult to accept the keyboard that comes with the notebook, so I recently considered to equip my notebook with a smaller and more portable mechanical keyboard. So, I focused on this Rapoo V700-8A, which is a compact mechanical keyboard with 75% configuration, and also supports three-mode wireless connection. The key is that the price is less than 300, let’s start!

In fact, I have been in contact with the Rapoo brand many years ago. It is indeed a major peripheral manufacturer. Now, Rapoo is also targeting the needs of us desk lovers. Like this V700-8A, it is small, beautiful, and cost-effective. Also high. How was the experience? I will give you a try first.


It is a compact keyboard itself, so its entire packaging box is also relatively small. This time I chose the color of "No Man's Land". There are many highlights and functions about this keyboard on the box. It is worth noting that such a one-hundred-yuan multi-mode wireless keyboard actually has a backlight.

After opening, you can see that there are not many accessories, but there are all that should be there, except for the main body of the keyboard. It also includes a C-port cable with a length of about 1.5 meters, a 2.4G receiver and a key puller. That's right, its receiver is not hidden inside the keyboard, maybe the design is too compact and there is no place to put it? Therefore, if you use it normally, you should pay attention to put away the receiver to avoid the embarrassment of not finding it.

" Exterior "

There are quite a lot of color schemes officially launched by this keyboard. I personally chose a relatively low-key no-man’s land. In fact, it is mainly gray and white, which belongs to the middle color scheme and can match with most desktops. The surrounding keycaps are dark-colored, while the middle area is light-colored, so the overall look and feel will not look dull. And it matches the color of my laptop too.

Although the overall size of the keyboard does not look large, it still feels quite heavy in the hand, with a weight of 787 grams. The most important reason is that the shell is made of aluminum alloy, so the texture is very prominent. The corners also use CNC grinding process, combined with sandblasting oxidation process, no matter it looks or feels, you can feel the texture.

The back panel of the keyboard is made of plastic material, and there are large non-slip pads at the four corners, which can basically be "stable like an old dog" on any desktop. The power switch is also hidden on the back, and two feet are added at the same time. Although it is not made into a multi-stage type, its height is moderate, so it can still provide a comfortable keyboard posture after opening.

"Connection use"

As a multi-mode wireless keyboard, the more connection methods, the better. In addition to wired connection and 2.4GHz connection, this keyboard can also be connected via Bluetooth, and Bluetooth is divided into Bluetooth 5.0 and 3.0, so in total There are four connection modes. Five devices can be connected at the same time, including three Bluetooth devices. If you switch, you only need to use Fn+ shortcut keys to switch.

When connecting to my laptop, I have been using Bluetooth connection for a long time, and the stability is still very good. At least I have not encountered disconnection so far, and the response speed is fast enough, with almost no perceivable delay. If you want to use this keyboard to play games, it is recommended to choose 2.4GHz or wired connection (it is worth mentioning that under wired connection, all 84 keys can be achieved without conflict, and under wireless connection mode, 6 key conflict).

As mentioned earlier, I chose the green axis this time. Personally, I have always preferred the switch with a sense of paragraph. I used to use the brown switch before, but recently I wanted to improve the feel, so I chose the crisp green switch. This time, Rapoo adopted Rapoo's own mechanical shaft, and the single shaft has a service life of more than 60 million times. In terms of feel, this green switch is really crisp and refreshing, and the trigger pressure is slightly higher than that of the brown switch. I think typing or playing games is very exciting.

Like most of the current mechanical keyboards, it also has a lot of shortcut functions, such as multimedia playback volume adjustment, etc., are all readily available. Of course, the most interesting thing is that all 84 keys are programmable. You only need to download the supporting driver software on the computer, you can achieve rich custom operations, and the driver can also set lighting effects, edit macros, and so on. Therefore, even for friends who have hard requirements for custom functions, this keyboard can meet the needs.

In terms of light effects, although this keyboard only has a single-color backlight, it can be regarded as a flower. There are a variety of lighting effect modes built in. You can take a look at the animation. I have captured two effects. The brightness of the light can also be adjusted manually, which is quite interesting with the customization of the driver.

As for the battery life, I am actually more concerned about it. After all, no one wants to use it for a few days and have to charge it, so the meaning of wireless is greatly reduced. The keyboard has a built-in 4,000mAh battery, which feels bigger than many full-size keyboard batteries. It can bring 225 hours of battery life. If it is used for five hours a day, it will only need to be charged once in about two months. Of course, if the brightness of the light is adjusted to the highest level, and the light effect is always on, it can also achieve 25 hours of battery life, basically charging once a week. I think this result is very satisfactory. If you care about battery life, just turn off the backlight or lower the brightness of the backlight.

" Summarize "

Among the current compact and small-sized three-mode wireless mechanical keyboards, the Rapoo V700-8A is definitely very competitive, the price/performance ratio is really high, and there are almost no shortcomings. The backlight and rich custom functions are also a big plus. Pennefather's own mechanical switches are also reliable. The green switch in your hand feels really crisp and neat. I think it is worth recommending.

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