Small size, number keys, customization, with backlight, Lenovo Savior K7 mechanical keyboard experience

I have always wanted to find a small-sized mechanical keyboard, but the size is right, but the commonly used number keys are gone. I thought I couldn’t have both, but I still let me wait. The rescuer K7 mechanical keyboard I bought is very comfortable. It not only retains the main functions such as the number keys, but also saves 20% of the space compared with the traditional mechanical keyboard, so that my small desktop will not look crowded.

The Lenovo Savior K7 mechanical keyboard supports wired, wireless 2.4G, and Bluetooth connections in three modes, allowing me to switch between desktops, notebooks, tablets or mobile phones at will. The Jiadalong customized shaft body and colorful lighting effects are adopted. As a player who needs both office and games, he can get an excellent and smooth experience when coding or playing games.

In addition, the packaging of the Lenovo Savior K7 mechanical keyboard comes standard with a key puller and 5 personalized supplementary keycaps. The shaft body also adopts a full-key hot-swappable design. It is also very convenient to replace the shaft body or keycaps. You can DIY according to your personal preferences. Come up with more personality combinations.

The keyboard adopts a 100-key arrangement layout, and the appearance size is only 386×151×38.7mm, which can save 20% of the space compared with the conventional keyboard. In terms of color matching, there are three colors of phantom black, ice white and ice berry pink to choose from. The one I bought is phantom black, with green keycaps around it, and metal covers with space gray color on the front and rear sides, so that A tough keyboard will appear more dynamic.

The keycap of the keyboard is made of PBT material, combined with the five-sided sublimation process, which has a delicate and warm touch. Even if I use it under high-intensity use such as coding and playing games every day, it will still look like new without oily or fading. Moreover, the quality of the delivered keycaps is the same as the original one, and I also like the individual patterns. I have replaced all these keycaps.

The switch key and charging interface of the keyboard are located in the middle of the top. The switch key has 3 gears, which can switch between three working modes: wired, wireless 2.4G and Bluetooth. The wireless 2.4G receiver of the keyboard is hidden in the magnetic absorption cover at the bottom, which is very convenient to store and not easy to lose. In addition, the keyboard can be connected to 3 devices in Bluetooth mode, and can be quickly switched through the shortcut key FN+1/2/3. In this way, one keyboard can be connected to 5 devices for easy switching.

In terms of backlighting, this keyboard has as many as 11 colorful lighting effects, which can be cycled through the light keys without software. There is also a flowing light bar design on the left and right sides of the keyboard, which can be switched or turned off by FN + light key. In addition, the keyboard can also control the brightness of the light. If you don’t need it, you can turn off or reduce the brightness of the light to increase the battery life of the keyboard.

Speaking of battery life, I have to praise this keyboard. When I first got it, I used it heavily almost every day, and the light would be turned off occasionally. The actual test has also been used for nearly 10 days. According to official data, it can be used for 3-4 days with all the lights on, 10-12 days with only the side lights on, and 40 days in power-saving mode. Such a long battery life can save frequent use. Charging troubles.

The keyboard switch adopts Jiadalong G Silver Pro2.0 switch body, and its trigger stroke is 1.2mm. The ultra-short stroke will respond quickly when keystrokes are made, and it will be more efficient for frequent codewords or games. If you want to change the feel, you can directly replace other types of shafts, don't miss it if you like DIY.

The actual use effect of this keyboard has not shrunk due to the small size of the keyboard. On the contrary, compared with the full keyboard I used before, it will be more comfortable and relaxed when coding for a long time, and the sound when typing is quieter. In addition, the keyboard layout also retains the number keys. While enjoying the small size of the keyboard, it will not affect work efficiency. While satisfying gamers, it is also very suitable for office use.


The Lenovo Savior K7 mechanical keyboard greatly reduces the size of the keyboard while retaining the numeric keypad, and it can support up to 5 devices to switch quickly. One keyboard can handle all desktop devices. For my desktop space The little ones are very friendly. In addition, the Jiadalong G Silver Pro2.0 switch body it uses can not only have a relaxed and comfortable feel, but also take into account both gaming and office use. I am very satisfied with its overall experience.

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