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Small Things Evaluation Article 148: Create a Simple Desktop Tool, 84-Key Rapoo V700-8A Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard Review

Mechanical keyboards have always been a topic of keen discussion in the peripheral circle, such as color matching, shaft body, feel, lighting, detail craftsmanship and peripheral accessories, etc. Whether it is a senior game player or an office worker who has been working at a desk for a long time, the choice of keyboard will vary from person to person. Recently, I got started with Rapoo's 84-key V700-8A multi-mode wireless Bluetooth mechanical keyboard. If you want to try a simpler desktop, thick texture, need to switch between multiple devices to type, and the price is not too expensive, then this keyboard is still very good. It's worth your try.

talk about appearance

This is a mechanical keyboard with an 84-key layout. The length of the keyboard is about 31cm, and the thickness is about 3.5cm. Compared with the 87-key or 104-key layout, it can be described as short and compact, saving more space on the desktop.

The front of the keyboard is a dark color scheme. However, the ESC button is an independent red color, and the rivers and mountains are a little red, which is why this keyboard is named "Lonely Brave".

The keyboard structure is designed with an aluminum alloy frame and a floating keycap, which has a strong three-dimensional effect and is very suitable for the tastes of young users. The frame adopts sandblasting and oxidation process, and CNC trimming enhances the user experience. With a calm color system, the overall sense of industrial technology is very strong, and there is a sense of tough steel.

The weight of the keyboard is about 800g, which is a catty and a half. In fact, it can be regarded as "pretty heavy", so it is not recommended to carry it with the bag, it is better to use it as a fixed office or game peripheral. However, I think the mechanical keyboard is still a bit heavier and has a hand feel. The light hand feel is like buying a membrane keyboard, which seems to deviate from the original intention.

Comes with packaged accessories.

chat details

The keycaps are treated with a matte process, and the feel is still very good.

Two-color injection molded keycaps, uniform light transmission, and overall good font engraving.

keyboard layout. It can be noticed that the multimedia function keys are not clearly engraved on the keyboard, but in fact this Rapoo V700-8A also supports multimedia key shortcut operations. For example, Fn+F10 or F11 can quickly adjust the volume and so on.

The top of the keyboard is a Type-C interface, which is very convenient for charging, and can be shared with Android mobile phone and tablet cables. Rapoo V700-8A adopts the design of separating the keys and wires. The wired connection can realize full-key without punching, and the battery life of the wireless connection is also quite good (4000mAh large-capacity lithium battery, the official battery life is 25~225 hours when fully charged), which is convenient for fixed positions. It can be plugged in and used with a wireless mouse to clean the desktop without cables.

The bottom of the keyboard is designed with a non-slip tripod, and the keyboard itself is not light, so it can "stand" firmly on the desktop.

The bottom of the keyboard - 2.4g signal power switch.

Logo design on the left side of the front panel. In fact, this is not only a logo, but also an LED light indicating the charging status, which is very intuitive.

Chat about experience

Keyboards not only need to look good but also need to be functional. The most intuitive part of the mechanical keyboard is the shaft. The Rapoo V700-8A I bought is a self-developed tea shaft from Rapoo. The service life of a single shaft can reach 60 million times, so there is no need to worry about the life of the shaft.

The trigger stroke of the Rapoo tea switch is 2.0±0.6mm, and the trigger pressure is 45±15cN. If compared with Faith cherry tea shaft (2.0±0.6mm, 45±20cN), there is almost no difference. Of course, the data is just data. From a personal point of view, the Rapoo tea switch feels softer and almost silent. Unless you are a believer who fixes a certain brand of a certain axis, I think that the domestic axis can be used with confidence, after all, it is really not expensive.

The Rapoo V700-8A mechanical keyboard is a white backlit keyboard, which can be set to 7 groups of backlights and supports 4 levels of backlight brightness adjustment. In the case of not installing the driver, Fn can be combined with four direction buttons to quickly rotate the lighting effect and brightness, and the lighting mode can be adjusted in rotation by using the Fn button and Ctrl.

In fact, pure white light is also quite beautiful (this price is also here, what kind of bicycle do you need).

As a keyboard that combines gaming and office work, the Rapoo V700-8A is also very friendly to users with multiple devices. I type mainly on my computer, but if I want to quickly reply to messages on my phone, edit memos on my tablet, etc., I can use this keyboard to do it all on my desk.

Rapoo V700-8A supports three-mode connection, that is, Bluetooth 5.0, Bluetooth 3.0, wireless 2.4G and wired connection. It can connect 5 devices at the same time. The device you need can be quickly accessed through the Fn shortcut button and the number buttons 1~5. switch. A keyboard can be shared with multiple devices, which is very convenient.

The Rapoo V700-8A is equipped with a dedicated driver, and the driver interface is simple and easy to operate.

The driver interface can customize the lighting mode and brightness of the keyboard, which is intuitive and convenient.

If you are an old user of Rapoo, you can create a customized matching archive after logging in, so that you can directly call the configuration next time, and realize your original configuration settings with one click, which is very fast.

In addition, the Rapoo V700-8A can realize custom buttons and macro recording under the support of the driver, and realize fixed operations in the game with one button. Whether it is a large-scale online game or an RTS game, it can be used to improve the operation speed and feel of competitive games.

talk about price

In fact, the current mechanical keyboard prices are available in various gears, but the product quality is indeed uneven. For entry-level players, the price of thousands of yuan is really not easy to accept quickly. Rapoo V700-8A is currently a first-line domestic brand. The price is less than 300 yuan, and it may be lower to catch up with the activities. Except for various miscellaneous brands, there are not many 84-key mechanical keyboards with the same price and quality. Very suitable.

Chat about buying advice

What needs to be reminded is that the backlights are all pure white, not colorful RGB lighting effects. If you like colorful marquee models, it seems that the first- and second-tier brands with good quality should add at least one or two hundred.

In terms of color, this is a very low-key business model, and there are also mecha purple and off-white models. It is really a pity that there is no pink for normal machos.

The other is the choice of the shaft body. As a panacea style, the tea shaft is my personal recommendation. The green axis is just a matter of personal preference, it will be slightly noisy. The red axis feels softer and is recommended for girls. Black switches are generally used for playing games, especially for FPS games, the black switches have better power feedback, feel stronger and more durable.

Ending words

The Rapoo V700-8A Lonely Brave three-mode mechanical keyboard I got started has fine details, stable color matching, heavy keyboard weight, and a comfortable tea switch, which is very suitable for office workers to code and move bricks. In addition, I have to say that for friends who need to switch between multiple devices, the three-mode connection can support 5 devices to switch at will, making text entry faster and more efficient. The 84-key mechanical keyboard is smaller and more compact than the 87-key keyboard, and much shorter than our common traditional 104-key keyboard. It is a good choice for young people with messy desks.

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