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So the fever went away? Ningzhi x108 T series wired keyboard out of the box

It is said that the plan for a year lies in spring, when spring is thriving and everything grows, I also changed a keyboard for myself. Although I have been working in the IT industry for more than ten years, the keyboards used in daily office work are ordinary membrane keyboards. I saw mechanical keyboards on what is worth buying a few years ago, and started to buy a few entry-level keyboards. After a few sets of keycaps, I looked at the electrostatic capacitive keyboards planted by the great gods on the site, and started in the name of improving productivity.

Electrostatic capacitance keyboard is a very special keyboard, its working principle is based on electrostatic capacitance technology. Different from traditional mechanical keyboards and membrane keyboards, each key of the electrostatic capacitive keyboard is an independent capacitive sensing chip, which can independently detect the pressing and releasing of the key. This makes the electrostatic capacitive keyboard have a natural full-key non-conflict feature, and there will be no conflict between keys, and users can input text more smoothly. Since each key of the electrostatic capacitive keyboard is an independent capacitive sensing chip, the service life of the key is longer and can be used more durablely.

The reason why I chose the full-key keyboard is because of the problem of the small keyboard. I usually need to input a lot of Arabic numerals in my work. In order to speed up the work efficiency, I had to choose the full-key keyboard. Under the lens and the actual vision, the aesthetics of the full-key keyboard is really very In general, because of the color, I am used to high-value mechanical keyboards, and I feel a little difficult to adapt to when I first put them on the desk. However, the Ningzhi static capacitive keyboard adopts a simple design style, and the shell is made of high-quality cardboard material, which feels very comfortable. At the same time, the appearance of the keyboard is very simple, without extra decorations, which is in line with modern people's pursuit of simple aesthetics.

Compared with the traditional series of keyboards, the keycaps of Ningzhi's T series keyboards have been greatly upgraded, the precision of the mold process is better, the injection point is designed at the bottom, and the T series comes standard with two-color PBT. At the same time, the core PCB of the keyboard has also been upgraded. At the same time presented a test shaft.

The key travel of Ningzhi's keyboard can be adjusted by pressing Fn+F9, heavy and light, high and short, and can be adjusted according to your own input habits and easily switched. Full key programming is also possible if desired. (The function of simulating the mouse can be customized through the keyboard) The two-color keycap made of PBT material is closed two-color injection molding, which is wear-resistant and will not be oiled easily.

Compared with membrane keyboards and mechanical keyboards, the touch feel of electrostatic capacitive keyboards is still very good. The button sound is not loud (not silent), and the feel is silky, soft and Q-bouncing, somewhat similar to the feeling of walking with boost series shoes? Haha, this description is not appropriate, in short, it feels very moist. I think it is difficult for even a language master to describe the feeling of an electrostatic capacitor keyboard with words. The key switching speed of the electrostatic capacitive keyboard is very fast, and the pressing and releasing of the key can be detected in a very short time. This enables the user to input text more quickly, and improves the text input experience.

All the big keys have been carefully tuned. Some users feel that the space bar is a bit fleshy. This varies from person to person. I am still very comfortable to use it. No discomfort at all. I use the 35g+short keystroke mode. If you are not a skilled person, there are indeed cases of misoperation due to accidental touch.

Finally, let me talk about the supporting feet. The two-stage supporting feet are designed very well, but I don’t know why they are so tight. Every time I adjust the supporting feet, I have a feeling of being crushed. The support feet are too tight, which is the biggest flaw of this keyboard.

By the way, in addition to the above-mentioned axis tester, the T series also has Mac supplementary keycaps, springs and other small accessories.

In general, Ningzhi's electrostatic capacitive keyboard is a very good keyboard with simple and elegant appearance, comfortable hand feeling, stable performance and reliable quality. A year's plan lies in spring, and spring is a good time to buy keyboards! If you are looking for a high-performance and comfortable keyboard at the moment, then the Ningzhi static capacitive keyboard must be a good choice. But I still don't think so when it comes to reducing the fever. I'm still looking forward to the upgrade of the keyboard and the diversification of the keycaps.

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