Solid material, comfortable feel, MXRSKEY UTA95 keycap

The Heijue 816PRO in my hand is a customized keyboard with high playability. Recently, I feel that the original RGB keycaps are getting a little aesthetically tired, so I am going to simply install a set of opaque keycaps to try the effect.

Finally, considering the feel and appearance, I chose this set of MXRSKEY's Mars Key UTA95 keycap. PBT material, dye-sublimation technology, a total of 141 keys, the most special is that it uses Russian letters as the theme, with retro style as the main feature, the appearance is very exquisite, it feels very low-key at first glance, and you can find many unique features if you look closely. Elements (cough cough, you know, that's what... the taste of stuffy X), the appearance is completely in line with my personal aesthetics.

This set of keycaps is packaged in a purple gift box. The bronzing flying crane and auspicious cloud elements on the front design are very elegant, and the words KEYCAPS can be seen on the side.

There are a total of 141 keycaps, which are divided into upper and lower panels, and are organized according to different areas of the keyboard.

The main key area is independent, with a classic and retro two-color combination.

The second board is the function keys and number pad, as well as a large number of supplementary keycaps.

The keycap is made of PBT material, which is very solid. The wall thickness of the keycap has reached 1.7mm, which is the first one in the market. Compared with ordinary keycaps, there is a clear gap between the two.

The sun pattern on the surface of the keycap is very delicate, and adopts the CHERRY height standard.

What I use here is GPro V2 silver switch, which is slightly different from the common Cherry cross switch. It is a dustproof switch with a [+] shape, but don’t worry, it is also suitable for this set of retro Russian keycaps.

Because the dust-proof axis has a surrounding wall, the installation stability is better.

It can be seen that this set of Russian keycaps has a large number of side-engraved characters, and the 26 letter keycaps use bold side-engraved fonts.

After installation, the feel of the keycaps is also quite comfortable, and the flatness of the large keys is excellent. From the official parameters, the wall thickness tolerance of this set of keycaps is within 3um, and the precision is very high.

The workmanship of the large key is also very solid, and the interior is also very flat and delicate.

The keycap adopts an ergonomic stepped style, and the height and angle of each row of keycaps will be designed to be inclined to ergonomic input

In terms of supplementary keys, many different height options are also provided to adapt to more keyboard layouts.

For example, my keyboard with 75% layout, the ALT, WIN, FN keys on the right side 1U and the ShiftR key on 1.75U, can find matching keycaps in the supplementary kit.

Don’t worry if you are 60% or 104 full-size, 141 keys can be fully covered, and keycaps of various heights and sizes are very complete.

If the keycap is messed up, don't worry, there is a logo inside the keycap, which can easily identify the direction of installation.

After installation, because the keycaps are very thick, the input feel is very good, and the sound of tapping is fuller, and the experience is great.

Overall, I am very satisfied with this set of MXRSKEY UTA95 retro keycaps. Not only does it have a retro look, but the PBT keycap is also very durable. It will not be oiled, worn or deformed after long-term use. It feels comfortable and the sound is dull and solid. Personally, it is highly recommended.

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