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Solid materials + ingenious details = one step in place丨Yufu Y98 mechanical keyboard review

Royal Ax Y98

Known from the R series, the Royal Axe brand, when the Y68 was released, the blogger commented on the website and said that if it comes out with the 98 series, I would consider buying one, but it didn’t take long for the Y98 to come out, so I pre-ordered and bought the Quicksilver version of the wanderer. No, the moment I opened the package, it entered my "not willing to sell" series~

Royal Ax Y98

In terms of packaging, Royal Ax placed the accessory box on both sides of the keyboard, which makes the packaging much longer than other 98 keyboards.

keyboard packaging

There are quite a lot of accessories, such as split shaft puller and key puller, dust cover, replaceable magnetic feet, and an additional set of pure transparent satellite shafts, 4 spare shafts (keyboard The same model) and a rubber spiral aviation plug-in cable (the cable has already been installed on the machine, I am too lazy to dismantle it, it is a spiral aviation plug-in cable of the same color made of rubber material, and the workmanship is not bad).


There are two first-hand experiences. First, it is indeed much better than the R series in terms of workmanship and details. The accessories are exquisite and solid. Two, this product is so heavy! PS: The matching hand rest is a gift after the first purchase and confirmation of receipt. It feels good in the hand. It seems to be 39 or so much for a single sale. It is quite worth it~

Use with hand rest

Family Mode Switch

Y98 compacts the F area (I use less F area, and the OG80 in my hand is also a compact F area, so I don’t think there is any inconvenient place), freeing up space while maintaining 4 function keys. The mode switching lever is integrated into the keyboard. To be honest, it is just a decorative function for me. It looks good, and the metal texture is also slow, but after all, I don’t have a mac system device. If it is changed to a volume knob, it may be possible for me. More practical.

Compact F area

Most of the reason why the keyboard body is heavy is the metal decorative strips on both sides of the keyboard, which are very thick and have a sense of design. It will be more handsome if the long-term manufacturer provides separate decorative strips for players to match by themselves.

metal trim

The keycaps are black + gray OEM height keycaps. The workmanship of the keycaps is OK, the hand feels slightly frosted, the characters and patterns are clear, and there is no crooked or smudged printing, but a small number of keycaps have a small amount of burrs, which does not affect the use. Overall it's okay.

original keycap

The RGB lighting effect can be said to be the brightest among the popular keyboards I have come into contact with. It is much brighter than the Dareu A98, A100, Heijue AK816Pro, Kezhi K75, Fuling FL980, and Dharma Shark K1 Pro. It is basically on the same level as the Fuling CMK98, and its brightness can even catch up with the transparent iqunix OG80, which has a proper light pollution. At the same time, it provides a lot of lighting effects, and you can also customize the lighting by driving, which is very playable.

RGB lighting effect

RGB lighting effect

First of all, this is a keyboard with a solid feel. This keyboard is fixed by more traditional screws, but the overall feel is consistent. The satellite axis has high precision and fits closely with the positioning board. The large keys feel and sound The performance is very good. With the configuration of sandwich cotton + bottom cotton, the noise control is also very good. Thanks to the good materials and the metal accessories on both sides, the keyboard feels really solid.

keyboard structure

High precision satellite axis

quilted + bottom cotton

In terms of the shaft body, the Royal Axe Y98 adopts the V2 series shaft body newly released by TTC. The Kuaiyin V2 is smoother than the V1, the trigger is fast, and the rebound is strong. It is very fast and accurate when playing games. The pressure is slightly greater than the gold powder, so the false touches in the game are reduced. Whether typing or gaming, I personally prefer the feel of Kuaiyin. But this switch is not the so-called "HiFi switch" of the key ring. The sound performance is not the first echelon. The feel of the switch is greater than the sound.

TTC Quicksilver V2 Shaft

The keyboard switch is set on the top of the keyboard instead of the bottom, which greatly improves the operating experience. At the same time, a 2.4G storage slot is designed for easy storage. It is commendable that the receiver has its own style and LOGO, which is easy to distinguish from other devices. (I once complained about the identical receivers of Heijue and Fuling...)

Keyboard switch + receiver storage compartment

2.4G receiver

Another point is that although it is very simple, it is very very very very very very very easy to use. The shaft of the Enter and plus sign in the keypad area is rotated by 90°. This small change greatly facilitates the disassembly and assembly of the shaft. I absolutely love this design! Give the designer 10,000 likes!

90° rotating shaft body

The operation of the magnetic suction foot support is very novel, with three heights, but I personally operate it on the mouse pad, especially when moving it, it is easy to rub off. I personally feel that the gimmick is more meaningful than the actual use. I feel that it is not as convenient to use as the traditional two-stage opening and closing foot support. .

Magnetic foot support

Top feel + unique design + solid materials + ingenious details = one step in place! If you are not a customized player, Royal Axe’s Y series can definitely be done in one step. If you encounter a good price of 500+, don’t hesitate, go for it!

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