Something about the Desktop Part 10: Luofei Xiaoqiao Marshmallow Mechanical Keyboard, easy to create a healing desktop, this color is too gentle

Brothers, let’s just say that girls really have no resistance to cute items. Take my wife as an example. The original Luofei milk tea set is used well. I saw that I bought a handful of cement with 100 series. After Hui Xiaoqiao, he coveted it without saying a word, and he wanted to go with it, but he had no choice but to promise to give her a hand. It just happened that Luo Fei's Xiaoqiao series has two new models recently. The theme colors are Galaxy and Cotton Candy respectively. Galaxy has a stronger artistic atmosphere, while Cotton Candy has a touch of gentleness, and the keycap pattern is more cute. After much hesitation, the Cotton Candy theme was finally finalized.

The logistics is very good, it was delivered before Valentine’s Day, the outer packaging is also very girly, the pattern and color are very cute, to my surprise, besides the data cable and battery, this time the accessories also come with a metal tray , really made me envious.

In terms of appearance, since this marshmallow is essentially the Xiaoqiao series keyboard, both the key arrangement and the function layout are consistent with the previous cement gray color matching. Here is a brief introduction.

The front is a compact 100-arrangement design, which has a full-key function experience, but the volume is much smaller, and it saves space on the desktop.

The keycap is made of PBT material, the corners are very rounded, and the height is the LSA height created by Luo Feijia. The pattern on the keycap adopts the sublimation process, which is not easy to fade and oil after long-term use.

The fonts and patterns are a bit hand-painted. The contrast of the color is relatively low, which looks very soft. It matches the overall color matching of the keycaps and will not look too jumpy.

Viewed from the side, this marshmallow keyboard also has a classic 9° slightly warped design. This arc is very in line with the curve of the wrist. When the palm is naturally resting on the keyboard, it will fit very well and is not easy to fatigue.

Other design details have not changed. For example, the three-mode rotary switch that I like is still equipped with lights, the battery compartment at the bottom can still accommodate the 2.4G receiver, and there are also silicone feet at the bottom, English slogan on the right and Embossed logos are also readily available. These details make me often feel that Luo Fei's designers must be a group of stubborn people who pursue perfection.

As a keyboard that supports full-key hot-swappable, Luofei Marshmallow can naturally replace the switch body easily. Remove the keycap, and you can see that the G red Pro switch from Jiadalong is assembled this time. Self-lubricated, soft and waxy to the touch, and good mute effect, it is a very comprehensive shaft body, plus this time a silicone sandwich pad is added between the PCB board and the positioning board, which further eliminates the cavity sound, even if it is It is used in a very quiet environment and is not afraid of disturbing others.

The attached metal tray mentioned before unpacking is actually used to place dolls on the keyboard. Of course, the type of dolls may not necessarily be Luo Fei’s own set of Longli, and you can use whatever you like. Put it, it would be better if it has a magnetic suction function, it can be adsorbed more stably. Here I will use the Longli suit to show you the matching effect.

Here I will use the Longli suit to show you the matching effect.

Let’s add a few actual table effects. The mouse and mouse pad are also from Luo Fei’s family. There is nothing to say about the appearance.

For daily use, the three-mode connection + 100-key compact layout is still very comfortable to use. In terms of advantages, the connection is stable, the switch is convenient, the appearance is high enough, the hand feels comfortable, and the mute is not disturbing. There are also disadvantages. When will you come? A rechargeable version with a built-in lithium battery would be just fine.

The above, in general, is still a very worthwhile keyboard, especially for girls, it is worth starting with the appearance and design alone. If you also want to give your sister a keyboard, this Luo Fei Xiaoqiao Marshmallow limited edition will be a good choice.

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