Start the new height of game experience: Rapoo V700DIY full-size RGB backlight hot-swappable factory run satellite axis

As a must-have equipment for e-sports players and those who work with computers for a long time, the mechanical keyboard has a super comfortable feel and a long service life. It is hard not to love it. Different users have different needs, and the types, sizes, shafts, and other products of mechanical keyboards also vary greatly.

The emergence of Rapoo V700DIY has brought you a new experience of DIY personalized custom mechanical keyboard with full-size, detachable keycap shaft body, modular design, and factory run satellite shaft. The key is that the price is still very close to the people. The price of 300 yuan allows everyone to try the thoughtful customization of the keyboard and the super user experience.

Rapoo's consistent product packaging adopts blue and black tones, which is simple and elegant. The Rapoo V700DIY keyboard adopts a full-size 104-key design, with an overall size of 435*149*48mm, which is moderate in size and conforms to the design style of literary and artistic styles.

In terms of body color and keycap color matching, this mechanical keyboard chooses a silver aluminum alloy shell with a white PBT two-color keycap. From the overall shape, the simple and elegant design style is different from other mechanical keyboards. Compared with it, it looks more beautiful and more classy.

Rapoo V700DIY also presented us with a box of spring white shafts (there are 12 inside), which is convenient for us to choose and replace personalizedly.

Let me introduce another "playability" of this mechanical keyboard. The keycaps are designed for cross-axis mechanical keyboards, which means that your keyboard can be replaced with any style of keycaps. Whole or partial replacement and adjustment, let your keyboard change with the new one. Rapoo also sent a professional shaft pulling tool, which is quite complete, and you can change it if you want, which is convenient and free.

I found a few keycaps at random, and the pictures look more lively. You can also find patterns and colors according to your personal preferences:

In terms of the function key design of the keyboard, the Pennefather V700DIY mechanical keyboard is also well done. In the dorsal fin shape area on the upper right corner of the keyboard, there are five special function multimedia keys, namely: M key, V1 key, V2 key, V3 keys and scroll wheel. These buttons can quickly realize common functions such as mode switching, lighting switching, volume control, and mute, which will be faster and more convenient to use, and also improve the recognition of the product.

In the bottom design, this mechanical keyboard uses five silicone non-slip stickers and two foldable footrests. The overall stability is very good and it will not slide. Generally speaking, the appearance design of this mechanical keyboard is quite excellent, from the details to the overall design, it shows the high level of the product.

This Rapoo V700DIY mechanical keyboard adopts a full keyboard without punching design, which can avoid the error of multi-key blind typing and ensure the accuracy and stability of key response. In addition, this mechanical keyboard also uses PBT two-color injection molding process, which has a longer service life and a very comfortable hand feel.

The keyboard is designed with detachable keycaps and shafts, allowing users to change their favorite keycaps or shafts at will, thereby realizing DIY personalized customization. This is obviously very practical for some users who like personalized customization.

In terms of the shaft body, the Bo V700DIY mechanical keyboard uses a hot-swappable linear fast silver shaft. Its total stroke is 4mm, the trigger stroke is 1.3±0.5mm, and the trigger pressure is 45±10gf. The shaft body is the most important part of the mechanical keyboard! This keyboard uses Rapoo's independent hot-swappable linear fast silver switch factory run satellite switch as the original switch body.

This kind of axis body can adapt to faster input requirements, which is very suitable for e-sports players or programmers. At the same time, this mechanical keyboard also has a keyboard response rate of 97% and a polling rate of 1000Hz. The response speed when playing games is quite amazing.

The user experience is the most important aspect besides the product quality, otherwise, no matter how expensive the product is, it will be dusty if it is uncomfortable to use. The V700 feels very comfortable to use, and the keys have a good touch. You can get good feedback with a light press, and the input feels very smooth. In terms of overall feel and keyboard noise, this mechanical keyboard is also very stable and can maintain a good feel and a low-noise environment during use.

Furthermore, this mechanical keyboard also supports a variety of lighting mode settings, which makes the entire keyboard look very cool in a dark environment. The design of other details, such as the rebound strength of the keys, the slip resistance and stability of the keyboard, etc., are quite good, so that I just used it for a few days, and my husband secretly replaced it for me while I was going to work. When I got home, I saw him playing games in full swing. I was about to get angry when I saw the dishes on the table and the rice that was ready in 8 minutes. Think about it, forget it, give it to him~

In the past, many people said that they like mechanical keyboards and want to use them, but they stopped because of the price. So I want to say that you can go directly to the entire Rapoo V700DIY mechanical keyboard and use it. The price is less than 300, but it can make you We realize the excess experience value, and lose the freshness after using it for a long time. You can also buy a set of keycaps that you like to replace, and a brand new keyboard that is based on our aesthetics is born again.

In addition, its durability and resistance make it super cost-effective. Friends who like crackling typing, and players who like to play games, who want high cost performance and a good user experience, and friends who want to satisfy their own DIY preferences, can definitely buy this keyboard.

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