Started with four and released a limited edition hidden model-ZOMOxB.Duck Little Yellow Duck Keycap Blind Box Simple Sunshine

A while ago, my daughter told me that the ESC keycap in the upper left corner of her cat keyboard from the aluminum factory was missing. It's not a metallic style, but a lively and cute style. Ask her what she wants, and she can't tell. It's like asking what you want to eat when ordering a meal. Usually she will answer " casual "Similarly, I just bought a few when I saw that ZOMO released the blind box version of the little yellow duck keycaps.

This time I bought a total of four. Of course, the outer packaging looks exactly the same. My daughter always likes to open blind boxes when she buys toys and hand-made things. If you are not sure, you will be surprised. The unopened small box has already begun to show a smile on the face.

Simply take a front view of the outer packaging, who doesn’t love the cute little yellow duck? And these are all three-dimensional keycaps, which are fun and easy to use. The key is that the yellow color is pretty enough, and the mood will unknowingly improve when you tap it.

It is no exaggeration to describe the little yellow duck, which is popular all over the world, as a star. ZOMO's joint name this time is very pleasing in terms of casting.

At the bottom of the box is a detachable seal, which is convenient for users to tear open with their fingers.

The cat keyboard is in place, and the four keycaps are lined up, ready to welcome unknown surprises, let’s see what style of little yellow duck will be removed.

Unexpectedly, the first one was so lucky that he won the hidden money" duck rio ", let the girl exclaim happily.

You must know that there are a total of 9 keycaps in this collection, and only 2 are hidden models. This duck Leo belongs to the " tallest ", and also supports rotation.

I started playing immediately, I can't stop and it's very stress-free, right? Oops, here is the spoiler about the appearance of the other two blind box contestants!

It still looks good when placed in the ESC position. Compared with the other two models later, you can see that it really belongs to the height that stands out from the crowd. The key is that this bright yellow color is really beautiful. ZOMO is made of composite materials + 3D printing, and the keycaps are sprayed with multiple layers of protective layers, which can keep the color of the keycaps bright for a long time, and you are not afraid of repeated play. It will cause wear and tear. up.

The second one is that she asked me to try to open a new style. After a look, why is it different from the previous one? It turns out that the applicable keys of this set of little yellow duck series are 1U and 1.5U. I opened this " Cloud Duck "It is suitable for the 1.5U key position, now it works well haha, let's talk about the distance hidden model" Transparent cloud duck "It's just that the clouds are not transparent and can't transmit light. It's very close, and I'm satisfied!

Looking at it from another angle, lying on the clouds looks like paddling, but my daughter said it was not right.

That's because the third one she opened is the real one officially named " paddling duck , just look at the blue wave at the bottom.

The fourth one that was finally opened is called " double yellow duck ", the height follows " paddling duck "It's the same, I arrange them to" Duck Leo "It's next to them, lined up, and the back looks stupid and cute.

Let's take a frontal photo. The common feature of the three ducks is that they are all grinning. Looking at them, I feel in a good mood. I can't help but want to touch these duck heads.

far away "Low Down Alone" Cloud Duck "It's not alone, there is a cat taking a nap with it below.

Each style has an independent package and a corresponding style description card. The quality of the card is also very high. My daughter said that it can be used as a collection.

After installing the four keycaps, this time a hidden model, the 1.5U model, is released, and the other two are also the same height version. For the blind box, the result is very good.

Finally, let’s use the hidden duck Leo as the end of this simple post. ZOMO’s keycaps are cute and cute in appearance, exquisitely crafted, and have a unique way to open the blind box, which is fun and fun. If you are also a little yellow Fans of Duck, might as well get a few to try, and look forward to the limited editions that I didn’t sell.” Transparent cloud duck ”!

Editor's Note: The author of this article @糖节话言是什么意思购买生活家, his personal self-media information is: Sina Weibo: @糖草言言

Finally, thank you for watching here. I am Putao, and I look forward to chatting with you in the comment area. Thank you for your likes and attention. See you next time~

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