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Starting from the appearance and being loyal to the feel, the Dujia K330 Plus experience: small, comfortable and lovable


In the peripheral circle, customized keyboards have long been a hot topic. Many masters have customized keyboards designed and processed by themselves, and of course they are expensive. For more ordinary users like me, they still have to rely on brands if they want to customize keyboards. There are some domestic brands that launch customized keyboards. I was also fortunate to recently buy a customized mechanical hard drive that supports hot-swapping - Dujia K330W Plus.


The outer packaging of Durga K330W Plus is relatively simple, and the product model is printed on the black packaging. The difference is "HOT SWAPPABLE" on the lower left corner, which stands for hot swap.

开箱过程就不为大家展示了。直接来看杜伽K330W Plus的配件,除了常规的键盘本体、说明书之外还配备了拔键器、拔轴器、USB-C&USB-A转接头、数据线和魔术扎带,配件是挺齐全的。


Durga K330W Plus is a 61-key keyboard, which is only 60% of the size of a conventional keyboard, and the frame is also well controlled, making it very compact.

In terms of color matching, I chose ice cream color matching, mainly in blue and gray, supplemented by gradients of pink and blue. The overall color matching effect gives people a very refreshing feeling, which I personally like very much.

There are 4 light displays on the upper left of the keyboard, which correspond to different keyboard states, namely, caps lock, WIN key lock, onboard key configuration status, and battery status. You can intuitively understand the current keyboard work.

In terms of keycaps, Dujia K330W Plus uses PBT two-color keycaps. I believe everyone is familiar with this PBT keycap. It has good wear resistance and oil resistance, and it is not easy to wear after long-term use. and oil. The disadvantage is also obvious, it will not transmit light, so the keyboards that basically use PBT keycaps do not support backlighting, so it is worthwhile.

On the side of the keycap, you can also see a large part of the characters engraved on the side. This is the original combination button of Dujia K330W Plus. You can make the required key input in the form of FN+ button.

Through the FN+Q/W/E/R combination keys, you can also switch between different modes, which is convenient for friends with different devices. At present, Dujia K330W Plus supports recording 2 Bluetooth pairings, 1 group of 2.GHz connections and wired connections.

There is a Typc-C interface on the top of Duga K330W Plus, which can be connected to the included data cable for charging, and can also be used for wired mode connection.

There is a hidden storage compartment hidden on the back of Duga K330W Plus. You can see the 2.4GHz wireless receiver inside by pushing the small sliding cover. You can take it out when you need it and put it in the storage compartment when you don’t need it to avoid lost.

Duga K330W Plus also has a one-stage foot support. Retracting the foot support can bring two keyboard positions of different heights. At the same time, there are rubber pads on the foot support and the back of the keyboard to avoid displacement. In this regard, I personally think that the one-piece foot support is not very easy to use, because I like a higher keyboard, but it does not hurt, after all, it is a personal habit.

detail exploration

Remove the keycap of Durga K330W Plus to expose the shaft below. The one I bought is a mute red switch. It is reported that this is a mute red switch customized by Dujia and Jiadalong. It will be quieter in terms of sound performance, and the buttons will be lighter at the same time.

Continue to use the shaft puller to remove the shaft body. The Jiadalong custom shaft body used by Dujia K330W Plus is a triangular shaft body design, and the PCB board used below is a pentagonal design. In other words, you can replace the shaft body by yourself, and don't care about the triangular and pentagonal shafts, both of which can be used. As far as this convenience is concerned, the scalability and freedom of Dujia K330W Plus are very high.

Looking down through the hole of the shaft body, you can also see that there are silicone pads and noise-absorbing cotton inside the keyboard. This is quite commendable. The addition of these two items can reduce noise and shock absorption.

software experience

For most people, the 61-key design of Duga K330W Plus is difficult to use, so the missing keys need to be realized through key combinations. Durga K330W Plus supports Duga Zeus software to change keys. In the software, key positions can be modified, combined, macro commands, etc., which can be quickly input during use. Moreover, its custom configuration can be stored in the onboard memory, and it can also read the onboard memory to use custom key combinations, macro commands, etc. after leaving the software.


As a wireless mechanical hard drive with a ratio of 60%, Dujia K330W Plus can use custom key combinations and macro commands to improve its own shortcomings, and achieve an input experience beyond its own key design. The feel and texture of the PBT keycaps and Jialongda's custom muted red switches are quite good. The hot-swappable shaft body is very convenient for individual users to carry out micro-customization. The three-mode connection and switching are very friendly to people with multiple devices. In terms of battery life, the Durga K330W Plus can support up to 340 days of use, and it only needs to be charged once every six months for regular use, which is very trouble-free.

To sum up, Dujia K330W Plus is a wireless mechanical hard drive that can be purchased. It is recommended for text workers and friends who want a beautiful table; for gamers, MOBA and FPS categories can be considered, and MMORPG needs to be considered again.

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