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Straight men who can’t tell the color number are equally romantic, recommend a good-looking keyboard and mouse to female friends

It is said that there is a former colleague in the unit who is not only handsome but also a powerful master of membrane techniques. He can fight against others with his own hands, and use his rich and professional skin care and beauty knowledge to complete technical knockdowns. However, I believe that most straight men do not have this kind of talent. Straight men are even under pressure to distinguish between lipstick numbers. At most, they can only say "swipe my card" silently.

There are many peripherals in contact with work, but products such as mechanical keyboards and game equipment are basically straight. Although mechanical keyboards have a unique feel and charm, they may not be suitable for everyone. For female friends who do light work and are sensitive to noise, instead of teaching them to change the shaft, it is more practical to directly choose a high-value keyboard and mouse set.

One-stop solutions such as keyboard and mouse sets are really good, especially for usage scenarios with severe interface anxiety such as thin and light notebooks, a receiver can solve the problem, which is really considerate.

I have to say that the current peripherals are more and more free. Peripherals are originally an indispensable product in an application. Why not change to a better-looking color scheme to make the mood happier?

The Dimo ​​MK8900 series has four colors, which are mixed color, pastel, green color, and gold powder, and I have a mixed color version with more beauty.

Regardless of the color matching, the MK8900 itself is of good quality. The four borders are all designed with ultra-narrow borders, and the keycaps are available in various colors and standard sizes, which is more in line with the usage habits of most people.

The ultra-narrow frame can maximize the release of desktop space, and it is more compact and exquisite.

Compact design, but keep the number keys, MK8900 is a standard full keyboard, not only complete keys but also the main keys are full size.

Color-blocking fashion matching keycaps, ultra-narrow bezel, frosted cover, the appearance is full.

The MK8900 is not a mechanical keyboard, and the mute effect is better. The appearance is very similar to the chocolate keyboard used on the notebook, but in fact it has a certain height, and the key travel and feedback are optimized for input, so it is very friendly to business people or financial personnel who frequently use number keys.

For office work, there are many highly practical shortcut functions that can be realized through the keyboard, such as cutting, email and other commonly used business functions.

Both the keyboard and the mouse are dual-mode wireless, which can be connected via 2.4G wireless or Bluetooth wireless. Moreover, the Bluetooth wireless connection can connect three devices, which is more versatile. But in terms of delay, 2.4G wireless is definitely more advantageous.

Equipped with a mouse and keyboard that not only match in color, but also in temperament. Both use a receiver that also supports dual-mode wireless.

The mouse is a typical symmetrical design mouse, and its volume is medium-sized and small, which is more in line with the hands of most female friends.

The cobblestone shape design weighs only 56g, which can greatly reduce the burden on the wrist and reduce the risk of mouse hands.

The mouse is a typical symmetrical design mouse, and its volume is medium-sized and small, which is more in line with the hands of most female friends.

The cobblestone shape design weighs only 56g, which can greatly reduce the burden on the wrist and reduce the risk of mouse hands.

The tail also has a certain curvature, which is more in line with the curve of the human body.

There is a large area of ​​Teflon non-slip foot pad at the bottom, which makes the mouse run more smoothly.

It also has a switch key, which can be turned off after work to further save energy.

On the whole, MK8900 is aimed at urban white-collar workers, especially business women. There are specific optimizations for typing, and the key travel and feedback are just right. And dual-mode wireless, it can connect up to three devices with different platforms. Whether you use a traditional PC, Apple MAC or tablet to work, you can improve your work efficiency.

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