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Summer coolness on your fingertips, a brief review of Kaihua Box Ice Cream Shaft Pro

As one of the improvement schemes of MX shaft, the BOX shaft brings users a more stable feel, crisper sound and longer service life through the innovative three-zone structure, and has also won the attention and attention of many players. favorite. Kaihua has recently re-engraved its own Cream ice cream switch, and still provides two solutions: MX and BOX. The MX structural switch is first mounted on the Heijue AK966 mechanical keyboard, while the BOX solution is a combination of materials and solutions. It has been further optimized, and the Pro version has been launched, and it will be launched on the Black Canyon Y series keyboards for the first time. Next, follow the author to see how the upgraded Box Ice Cream Shaft Pro performs.

Kaihua Box Ice Cream Shaft Pro continues the cream-colored exterior color matching, the color is lighter than the first generation product, and it still has a circular shaft structure, which still has a good appearance recognition. The whole body of the shaft adopts a unified color matching, solid color opaque shell scheme and semi-matte surface treatment, the visual perception is soft and delicate, and it also has a high visual consistency. The clean and pure cream shell can also easily control the black and white solid color positioning board, and it is also very attractive when matched with the translucent PC positioning board. The five-pin shaft seat solution can also be easily compatible with most of the hot-swappable mechanical keyboards currently on the market. The shaft cover of the bridging solution can also take into account the mainstream types of SMD lamps, plug-in lamps and other lamp beads, which meet the different needs of users Also achieved a good balance. The large buckle fixing structure is firm and strong, which can further reduce the intrusion of impurities and dust into the shaft body, affecting the feel and service life.

Kaihua Box Ice Cream Shaft Pro adopts the special POM material newly developed by Kaihua, which can further improve the wear resistance of the POM material and reduce the friction coefficient, while retaining the unique clear sound of the POM shaft body. The self-lubricating feature also allows the shaft to maintain its feel for a long time, and the more it is used, the smoother it is. It is also a shaft material scheme that is favored by many users. BOX's unique three-zone structure is used inside, and the good dust-proof sealing further reduces the failure rate of the shaft body, making it more stable and reliable to use. In terms of shaft parameter settings, this shaft has a trigger force of 45gf, a total stroke of 4.0mm, a trigger stroke of 1.7mm, and a lifespan of about 50 million clicks. It is still a linear feel solution. The internal structure of the BOX scheme also makes this shaft have a more stable feel when pressed. With internal lubrication, it reduces noise and further improves the smoothness of the feel. With the current popular single-segment long spring, It also brings better tactile feedback.

In terms of the pressing feel, the trigger pressure of 45gf is similar to the common red axis trigger force, which is relatively easy to be accepted by the public. Thanks to the new lubrication treatment, this shaft has a smoother feel, just like a spoon sliding into ice cream, and the straight up and down linear feel and stable pressing performance can also bring excellent tactile experience. The single-segment long spring also brings better tactile feedback. The pressing pressure is uniform and stable, and the rebound is strong with the hand, which can further enhance the silky feel when pressing. In the continuous tapping state, the clear and dry feedback tactility also brings There is a better sense of rhythm, and the feel performance is still very good.

The bridging cover scheme does not have much impact on the overall performance of the lighting, and can also be easily compatible with mainstream RGB patch lamp beads, round head lamp beads, square head lamp beads and other plug-in lights. The performance of pulling out the RGB keyboard is still very friendly. The five-pin axle seat solution is also better in terms of fixing stability. Users who like linear axles with steel-free kits don’t need to worry about the problem of crooked axles. Proper internal lubrication can not only improve the smoothness of the handle, but also eliminate the "rustling" sound that users complained about before, so that users can use it immediately without tossing.


Kaihua Box Ice Cream Shaft Pro has upgraded the shaft material, which has better durability and lower friction performance, and can maintain longer while improving smoothness. It has upgraded single-segment long spring internally, and optimized factory lubrication. The pressing feel is silky smooth, soft and linear, and the overall shaking control and rebound performance are also excellent. This switch will be installed on the Black Canyon Y series keyboard for the first time, and users who like it may wish to pay more attention.

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