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Super cost-effective cool lighting keyboard Shuangfeiyan bloody hand ghost S510N, good-looking and can type

Now there are a lot of mechanical keyboards on the market, emerging in endlessly. If you want a good experience, you must look for well-known brands or major manufacturers, but because most of the prices are not cheap, it is difficult for consumers to buy good products that they like and are full of cost performance. Today, I will bring you the experience of using Shuangfeiyan’s Bloody bloody ghost S510N BLMS mechanical switch iridescent gaming keyboard, which can definitely be called high quality and low price!

The author started with the tea switch. Compared with the ordinary mechanical keyboard, the switch body of this mechanical keyboard is somewhat different. The side is ladder-shaped, which is ergonomic and comfortable to use. Adopting BLMS customized mechanical switch, taking into account both office and game, the paragraph stroke is 1.2mm, the light touch is soft and the sound is soft, and the heavy touch is sonorous and powerful.

The actual experience of the paragraph sense is much smaller than that of the black axis, and it is not like the red axis without a sense of paragraph. The satellite balance shaft is adopted, which is common to all major third-party original keycaps, with better compatibility, stable pressure balance and consistent hand feeling.

The keyboard is matched with black and red contrasting trapezoidal keycaps by default, and the sides of the edge are designed with bevels, which greatly reduces the chance of accidental finger touches. Not only typing is a kind of enjoyment, but also the gaming experience can be extremely fun. The trigger life of 50 million times is the result of repeated adjustments to the key travel and pressure grams professionally. The response speed of 1ms can make you move one step faster.

Adopt dual-color light design, the light transmission is uniform and not dazzling. Once formed, it feels very delicate, anti-fading, and more resistant to abrasion. It supports users' simple DIY, self-plugging and replacing the all-black color scheme, which is more concise and low-key, and a replacement tool is also included in the box.

It has the unique full-key no-repeat function of the mechanical keyboard, and can press any key in all games, which is accurate, efficient, responsive, and preemptively defeats the enemy. In addition, Bloody Ghost also configures the keyboard with the "Control Key Book" software driver, which supports macro customization, such as one-key ultimate move, light-speed QA, one-key R flash, and a series of DIY functions to improve the smoothness of operation, all by yourself Settings, can be said to be the cheats for players to win, helping you easily supernatural all the way! Further enhance the gaming experience.

In the "Control Key Collection" software, you can not only use FN+F12 to quickly set various lighting effects you like, but also cover the 108-key rainbow backlight. You can also choose different combination presets for different games, which is convenient for us to use.

In the actual gaming experience, whether it is appearance design, performance, or detailed functions, the Bloody S510N BLMS Mechanical Switch Iridescent Gaming Keyboard can be regarded as an all-round gaming keyboard. Super cost-effective gaming keyboard, good-looking and playable, high quality and low price. Two words, really fragrant!

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