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Super personalized office mechanical keyboard! Get started with Cherry KC200 MX brown switch

Speaking of mechanical keyboards, everyone will first think of game products, which is also impossible. After all, the membrane keyboard almost completely replaced the position of the mechanical keyboard in the market through the cost advantage, until it was found that the mechanical keyboard can achieve more precise operation in the game and became popular again. However, the initial positioning of mechanical keyboards is office. As the industry pioneer, Cherry did not begin to introduce the office series products popular in foreign markets into China until the end of 2021. This year, Cherry launched many new products to meet the needs of Chinese users. Among them, KC200 MX is the first entry-level office mechanical keyboard.

Although KC200 MX is the first mechanical keyboard product launched by Cherry in the office series, it offers a variety of colors to choose from. From the packaging, you can see that there are three colors: delicate red strawberry, blue and white mint and rock gray sweet orange. There is a solid black caramel cocoa to choose from.

I chose the relatively low-key rock gray sweet orange among the four colors that suits male users—orange-gray keycaps with black key bodies, and the shaft body is a tea shaft with a slight sense of paragraph that office users prefer.

Cherry, as the big brother in the mechanical keyboard industry, the MX series switches are a generation of legendary products. I believe that 99% of users will flock to them as long as they see the original MX switches. Although Cherry has no absolute dominance due to the expired patent, it is still sought after by consumers for its high quality and reputation. In particular, the tea shaft is hard to match other domestic shafts in terms of feel.

Because the Cherry KC200 MX mechanical keyboard is aimed at the office crowd, the packaging is relatively simple, with a single-layer structure, and the contents are only the keyboard body and multilingual instructions.

The Cherry KC200 MX mechanical keyboard with rock gray and sweet orange color scheme has a high value. The black body is matched with gray and white keycaps. The suspended structure not only saves the cost of the upper cover, but also makes the keyboard look more concise and modern. The full-scale structure maintains high input efficiency in office scenes. Ball-shaped keycaps similar to the height of XDA are very important for users who rely on long-term text entry, which improves the comfort of the hand and adds a lot of personality.

Cherry's LOGO is embedded in the aluminum alloy positioning plate treated with anodized sandblasting process in the form of sequins, and the inadvertent reflection enhances the texture of the KC200 MX keyboard again.

The font of the orange keycaps is black, and the font of the gray keycaps is white. Under the strong impact of the four colors, the KC200 MX keyboard makes the desktop look more personalized.

In the upper right corner of the KC200 MX keyboard, Cherry has set 4 commonly used function keys, 3 of which are used to adjust the system volume and one-key mute. The one printed with CAL is a very useful calculator for office users. Just press this key The calculator program will automatically open on the desktop.

Cherry MX brown switch is the best micro-step switch on the market, bar none. The performance of the MX brown switch on the KC200 MX is remarkable, with a smooth feel and a clear sense of transition, and the feel of the switch is not stiff when the axis touches the bottom, and there is no spring sound.

The ball-shaped keycaps with a height similar to XDA are made of PBT material, which feels delicate and smooth. The closed characters do not feel protrusions or depressions at all, and the edges of the characters do not have any burrs or defects that affect the feel.

The large key position of the KC200 MX mechanical keyboard is a satellite shaft structure and is lubricated before leaving the factory. When in use, the feedback of the large keys is very good, the rebound is fast and powerful, and the paragraph feeling of the brown switch is also well preserved.

There is not much decoration on the simple back, only nameplate stickers and 3 silicone non-slip mats as companions. There are also 2 feet for height adjustment hidden at the bottom. The sense of confirmation at the beginning is very strong, and the click sound is refreshing.

Side view of the KC200 MX keyboard at two heights. Users can choose whether to open the legs according to their own habits.

Efficient and comfortable text entry capabilities are the most important for office users, and Cherry KC200 MX has already done this. In order to further improve office efficiency, Cherry also equips KC200 MX with the support of Cherry Keys software. Through this software, users can customize the functions of the F area, and the common one-key opening of mailboxes and multimedia control can be easily realized.

As Cherry's first mechanical keyboard for office users, KC200 MX has far exceeded everyone's expectations. The original MX shaft body and careful tuning bring extraordinary and excellent feel and stability. At the same time, Cherry also caters to the needs of current users for high-value products through different colors. KC200 MX has as many as four colors for users with different aesthetics to choose from. This is very worthy of the other two traditional keyboard manufacturers Filco and Leopod learning. This keyboard is enough to see that Cherry is catching up with the market trend and catering to the needs of young users for personalized high-value products. If you are an office user who pursues the original MX axis body and has high requirements for appearance, then the KC200 MX mechanical keyboard will be a good choice.

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