Support 104-key hot-swappable, Rapoo V700DIYRGB mechanical keyboard defines cost-effective customization

Although traditional mechanical keyboards can also meet daily office work and have a certain appearance, they lack the fun of DIY customization. If you want to reflect your personality, a customized keyboard is the best choice. There are rich shortcut key settings, easy to use, and you can freely replace the shaft body to create your own little personality, which is becoming more and more popular among players.

Rapoo's newly launched V700DIYRGB mechanical keyboard has a 104-key full-size key layout, and the switch body supports hot-swappable, equipped with RGB backlight effects, allowing players to easily create personalized exclusive keyboards, redefining "playability", the key There is also super cost-effective, the price is only less than 300, let's take a look at the experience effect!

Appearance out of the box

The outer packaging of the Rapoo V700DIYRGB mechanical keyboard is a blue and black box with brand characteristics. There is a product picture on the front, the Rapoo brand logo is marked in the upper left corner, and the product model is in the upper right corner. Matched with Rapoo self-developed KA-12 linear fast silver shaft, 12 pieces in a box.

Open the outer package, there is a Rapoo V700DIYRGB mechanical keyboard inside, and a tool for pulling keys and shafts, a Type-C cable, and an instruction manual are also provided.

Among them, the connecting cable and keyboard are detachable and separated, which is very convenient to store and carry. The connecting cable and gold-plated interface strengthen the anti-oxidation and corrosion resistance effect, improve the service life, maintain long-lasting and stable transmission performance, and the texture has been reflected.

The main product, the Rapoo V700DIYRGB mechanical keyboard, has a keyboard specification of 435*149*48mm, a layout of 104 full-size keys, a number key area, and an independent distribution of function key areas in the upper right corner. There is no conflict in all key operations, and the functions are obviously complete and practical.

The panel of the keyboard is made of silver aluminum alloy, which is stronger and more wear-resistant than the common plastic materials. Coupled with the simple narrow frame design, it also looks very high-quality. At the same time, on the right side of the keyboard, it adds a tough dorsal fin shape, and cleverly adds 5 shortcut keys such as mode switching, lighting switching, wheel mode switching, and mute. There is also a light brightness/volume adjustment wheel in the upper right corner for easy adjustment. .

The keycaps of the Rapoo V700DIYRGB mechanical keyboard are pure white, made of PBT material, suspended design, and using a two-color injection molding process. There are no burrs around each keycap, and the quality details are worthy of recognition. When you touch these keycaps with your hands, the feel is more delicate and comfortable, with a certain graininess, so don't worry about it shining after a long time. The back of the keyboard is designed with a silicone non-slip tripod and anti-slip stickers, as well as two hidden feet, which can flexibly adjust the use angle and ensure that the keyboard body is stable when used on a smooth desktop.

DIY shaft body and feel effect

The Rapoo V700DIYRGB mechanical keyboard supports 104-key hot-swappable, and the standard five-pin switch seat is suitable for most five-pin hot-swappable switch keyboards on the market. Using the provided key puller, keycaps or switches can be easily removed for custom replacements. The hot-swappable metal shaft seat is anti-oxidation and aging-resistant. It can withstand 10,000 times of plugging and unplugging.

The Rapoo V700DIY keyboard originally uses the hot-swappable linear fast silver switch developed by Rapoo. The specific parameters of this linear shaft body are the total stroke 4mm, the trigger stroke 1.3±0.5mm, and the trigger pressure 45±10gf. Therefore, the key stroke is slightly shorter when pressed, the rebound is faster, quiet and noise-free, the hand feels relatively brisk, and there is no sense of paragraphs. The single-axis life is 50 million times, and it is suitable for office games.

Next, take out the 12 Rapoo self-developed KA-12 linear fast silver switches we got, and start to DIY the switch body.

Take off the keycap and pull out the original shaft body, then press the shaft body to be replaced lightly on the corresponding pinhole on the keyboard motherboard according to the corresponding pins, and when you hear a crisp sound, the shaft replacement is successful, and finally install the keycap, and you are done. Complete independent DIY replacement.

In addition to the KA-12 linear fast silver switch developed by Rapoo, it also has a KA-12 linear elastic white switch for option. The white switch body and the keycap are in the same color. It is a light pressure switch body, which is more suitable for frequent coding. User. In comparison, the KA-12 linear fast silver switch feels more resilient, so players still recommend the KA-12 linear fast silver switch.

Moreover, the Rapoo self-developed KA-12 linear fast silver switch uses the calibration factory run satellite switch, and the actual feel is not loose at all, which is very stable on the mechanical keyboard. The transparent top cover on the shaft body will not affect the lighting effect.

In addition to these two switches developed by Rapoo, other mainstream five-pin switches such as Goto, Jiadalong, Kaihua, and TTC genuine brands can also be replaced on the Rapoo V700DIYRGB mechanical keyboard at will. Buying such a keyboard, we can easily feel the impact of different touches, enjoy the freshness it brings when pressing the keys, and feel better.

RGB lighting experience

For gamers, the atmosphere of RGB lighting effects is of course indispensable. This Pennefather V700DIYRGB mechanical keyboard is connected to the computer, and the cool RGB backlight design is presented.

From the actual experience point of view, it supports a total of 18 lighting modes, about 16.8 million color RGB illusion backlight, switch the light button in the upper right corner of the keyboard, the keyboard will display different colors of light colors, and the scroll wheel can also adjust the brightness of the light. Or instantly fill up the game atmosphere in different environments at night.

Since the Pennefather V700DIYRGB mechanical keyboard supports 104-key hot-swappable, we are in the state of using it, and immediately want to DIY replace the keycap or shaft body on a whim, without unplugging the connecting cable, and can directly operate and play with personalized machinery at any time The keyboard is as simple as that.

More custom gameplay

In addition, through the supporting driver software, the Rapoo V700DIYRGB mechanical keyboard has more custom ways to play. In the configuration setting, we can add multiple keyboard setting parameter configuration files to meet the different settings of various types of games, making it easier and more fun to play.

In the button settings, users can set combination keys, basic functions, disable button functions, customize macro button functions, and set 104 button functions. This gameplay is much richer, and it is no longer limited to the conventional use of traditional mechanical keyboards, bringing a novel experience.

In addition, in the lighting settings, users can not only easily adjust different lighting modes such as blooming flowers, falling rain, left and right, and united will, but also set five levels of lighting brightness and independently set the single-button lighting effect.

Open the game, the Rapoo V700DIYRGB mechanical keyboard not only has a fast feedback and feel when you press it, but also the cool lighting effect complements the game screen, as if you are in a real game scene, with an excellent sense of immersion.


Although this Pennefather V700DIYRGB mechanical keyboard still has the appearance of a keyboard, you can change the keycap or shaft body according to your personal preference and feel, and supports 104-key hot swapping, and has rich illusion RGB backlight effects. On the one hand, the online appearance improves the atmosphere of e-sports games. On the other hand, it creates the DIY playability that players like most, which is full of fun and personality. At the same time, the operation is simple and convenient during the playing experience, and the feedback is comfortable. Such a customized mechanical keyboard obviously breaks through the experience of traditional mechanical keyboards, and is more attractive to players, and its price is not expensive. You can enjoy DIY and RGB fun for less than 300 yuan, which is worth recommending.

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