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Sure enough, RK rolls up and won’t let your own people go —— RKH81 basic version unboxing evaluation

Hello everyone, this is Pai Xiaoxing. Didn’t I recommend rk’s new product RKh81 to everyone before? How long has it been since then? About a month later, his family came to roll again, and this time it was not a friend's business, but his own! The pre-sale price of the previous version of H81 is 369 and the daily price is 399. In fact, I feel that it is already enough, but his family is going to release a new version for the National Day, and it only costs 279. Look at this, even the people in my family will not let it go. live! ! ! !

The outer packaging of the keyboard is actually the same as the previous packaging. There is no difference. They are all newly designed packaging. Should I say that this year rk really got the hang of it, constantly releasing new products and optimizing the previous packaging. This It's a good place in my opinion.

The packaging is actually very simple, which includes:

Instructions (I forgot to take a picture)

data line

Two-in-one key puller

dust cover

The contents of the package are actually not much, but there are quite a few things in it.

In fact, what I like the most is this data cable. This data cable is really considered for Apple users, and it has not been canceled because of the price reduction. This is something I like very much and I want to focus on introducing it.

First of all, let's take a look at the knob of this keyboard. The knob of h81 is different from others. It is not a volume adjustment, but a mode switching switch. This idea is interesting, but! This gave me the first impression that this is not the knob on the washing machine. I asked his product manager first. The product manager told me that the source of inspiration for this knob is an old-fashioned TV. , But how do I think this looks like a washing machine knob? Even if the king of heaven is here today, he is also a washing machine knob (just kidding).

Take a look at the keycaps of the keyboard. Because of cost control, the keycaps have been replaced with original height ABS light-transmitting keycaps. The keycaps will become greasy if used for a long time. Please pay attention here.

There is no seesaw phenomenon in the space keycap, and the balance is very good.

In terms of shafts, the H81 at this price has two types of shafts to choose from, one is k powder shaft, and the other is celadon shaft. These two shafts are RK’s own shafts. This is k powder shaft. Everyone Think of it as an unlubricated version of TTC gold powder.

The keyboard is filled with cotton at the big space key. This operation can reduce the cavity sound of the space.

At the same time, we can also see that this keyboard uses the new satellite switch released by rk this year. This satellite switch can be used directly without adjustment. There is no wire sound, and the quality is very good. But it is a pity that this satellite shaft is not sold separately.

The charging interface of the keyboard is located on the upper left of the keyboard, and there is an extra HUB expansion port next to it. This is to allow you to connect to another device through the keyboard when you are connected to the wired mode, so that it does not take up your power. Wire (hub expansion function can only be used in the case of wired)

The chamfers around the corners of the keyboard are designed so that it doesn’t feel hand-holding. This is a boon for handy players like me. It feels smooth and refreshing, like ***** (I coded it by hand)

The back of the keyboard is very simple, it can be said that there are no industrial design elements, four non-slip stickers, two-stage feet, and receiver storage compartment. Simple as that is the best, I think.

Here I really want to interject. Now there are many keyboards with fancy designs on the back, but I want to ask if I use the keyboard against the back? You can design it very fancy, but please ensure that your internal filling and tuning are compared before designing the bottom shell. Here I just want to talk about some manufacturers who like various joint names.

Disassemble the keyboard and we can see all the components inside the keyboard:


Two-in-one sandwich cotton shaft pad


Bottom cotton

Bottom case

pc fixed

You can take a look, the pc side is designed with a single-sided slot. This design will actually have a little impact on the overall softness of the pc positioning board, and it will become softer. I guess someone will So why not make a full slot design? Compared with the direct fully slotted pc set, the single-sided pc set will make it more convenient for you to replace the shaft body.

The front of the pcb can be seen here. He also designed the slot and marked the corresponding characters on the positioning board.

The shaft seat adopts Kaihua shaft seat, which is one of the best among the domestic shaft seat rankings, and supports most of the triangular and pentagonal shafts on the market (except for some optical axes and static capacitance axes) )

The sandwich cotton is made of silicone material, including the design of the pad under the shaft. This design can make the overall cavity of the keyboard smaller, but personally I don’t like this material (but rk is also for cost Consider, so have to apply this material)

The bottom uses an open-molded silicone pad. The advantage is that the noise at the bottom is well controlled, but the disadvantage is that it is hard and there is no room for deformation.

, and I don’t like this silica gel column very much, so I cut it off. Here is a reminder to friends, I cut it off because I have other filling solutions. If you don’t have other solutions, then don’t cut it off.

There is a structural limit post on the bottom case. Friends who don’t like it here can cut it off directly. Like me, if you are not sure, don’t cut it off. The battery is a 3750mAh lithium battery. There is no doubt about it. , enough.

After the keyboard arrived, I used it for a while, and then I kept using it while writing manuscripts. Let me briefly talk about my feelings.

Key aspects : There is nothing to say about rk's own satellite axis, and there are no disadvantages when you get started, but it's a pity that he doesn't sell it separately

Shaft : This version of this keyboard has two types of switches to choose from. I chose the k-pink version, which is really good.

In terms of filling: The padding of the keyboard is sufficient, and there is no lack of keyboard padding as the cost drops, although there are individual material replacements.

Keycaps : The keycaps are replaced with ABS keycaps. Although there is no wear resistance of PBT, it has good light transmission.

Keyboard aesthetics: This is my personal opinion. This knob is really similar to the knob of a washing machine, but there is no open source file to print other things. Use this one.

You all say that H81 is the youth version of Kezhi k75, and the new version of H81 is the youth version of the previous H81, so what is the name of Kezhi k75 after this version of H81? #mechanical keyboard#

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