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Take a look at the digital accessories on my desk at home

1. Purchasing channel: JD.com's self-operated flagship store.

2. Logistics and packaging: Jingdong Express, the delivery will be delivered the next day after the order is placed, the original factory packaging, the packaging is good, it is hard to see, and the unpacking experience is generally not bad.

3. Price: about 1,000 yuan.

4. Use experience: The mechanical keyboard feels good, with a very textured feel. The sound of the keyboard is not very loud. It is within the acceptable range. The quality of the keyboard is good. I like it very much. It is very comfortable to use and can be used for office and entertainment.

1. Purchase method: Same as above, JD.com’s self-operated flagship store.

2. Logistics and packaging: same as above, Jingdong Express, delivery to your door the next day after placing the order, original packaging, good packaging, it is hard work at first glance, the overall experience of unpacking is not bad.

3. Price: about one hundred yuan.

4. Use experience: I am used to using a normal mouse, and it takes a while to get used to it at the beginning, and it will be fine once you get used to it. Prevent mouse hands with this ergonomic mouse. The mouse operation is very convenient, the response speed is fast, it is very comfortable to use, and it feels good.

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