Technology and Digital Show Chapter 416: Who Says Girls Don't Like Digital? This MelGeek Mojo84 transparent mechanical keyboard won my heart

Many people think that only boys play digital games. In fact, this is not the case. It may be that the platforms for playing digital games are different. Most boys play digital games and like to share their digital goodies on WBlog and Dyin, but girls are more likely to play digital games on Xiaohongshu. Online, if you don’t believe me, open Xiaohongshu and search for mechanical keyboards, and you will find that there are more female bloggers playing keyboards than male bloggers, and many sisters are also sharing various digital goodies.

In digital products such as mechanical keyboards, there are quite a lot of brands, from the old brands Cherry, ikbc, Shuangfeiyan, to various new manufacturers CoolKiller, IQUNIX, Daryu, Amilo, Heijue, Kezhi, Dujia, Fuling , Luo Fei, etc., plus various customizations, the models in the mechanical keyboard can be as high as thousands, but the weak water is three thousand, but I only take a scoop to drink. My favorite brand is from MelGeek Mechanical Keyboard from Shenzhen Zero Point Zero One Technology Co., Ltd.

Speaking of the MelGeek brand, many netizens called it "the first choice for young people". Haha, on the surface they thought it was a gangster, but they clicked on it to see. Although the price of MelGeek is relatively expensive, MelGeek's transparent PC shell is fresh and unique. The shape, various good-looking colors, Gasket structure, Poron sandwich, hot-swappable, feel, and sound, without exception, will deeply attract users. After buying Mojo68, many people will be "the first choice for young people" in the end. When swinging back and forth between "or value for money, I can only say that expensive is right, can you see such a wonderful MelGeek mojo series in cheap keyboards?

Like everyone, "Young people's first choice" - Mojo68 has already been bought. Speaking of it, I am now "Young people's second choice", haha, this time I started with MelGeek's mojo84, compared to Mojo68 I don’t need to say more about the extra buttons. The reason is very simple, because although I have a lot of typing in my daily life, I spend more time processing some forms, and doing design in PS at home, etc. I just need the F function area. Yes, although Mojo68 can also realize function keys through settings or key combinations, but the latter is more suitable for me than the separate F function area of ​​mojo84.

Exactly the same as Mojo68, the same color matching light green and orange design charging cable, very nice, 2.4G receiver, manual, and key puller, supplementary keycaps.

Large key structure satellite shaft, two-color injection molding character technology, ABS keycaps, this color matching of white and light green, orange and black keycaps is really beautiful and won my heart. It can be both male and female. Zhannv, whether you are a lady or a young lady, I believe that the moment you get the Mojo84 keyboard, your senses will be extremely enjoyable.

No matter where the MelGeek mechanical keyboard is placed, it will make people feel that this keyboard is very suitable for people with various personalities. Whether you are lively and cheerful, or introverted and silent, the keyboard seems to have a spirituality. If you are lively, it will also be lively and you are reserved. It is also introverted, looking at the transparent body around it, it is really hard to put it down.

A group photo of Mojo68 and Mojo84. The Mojo84 mechanical keyboard supports customization. Users can choose Kaihua BOX custom plastic switches, or Kaihua BOX tea switches. The knocking sounds of the two switches are slightly different. If you are particularly interested in mechanical keyboards Your friends should be able to appreciate the different feel.

When using, just according to your computer configuration, slide left to select Bluetooth mode, or wired in the middle, or slide right to 2.4G wireless mode, Win, Mac, Android, IOS, Linux can be matched, if there is Unaccustomed keys can also be customized through the official KBTOOLS software, including RGB light effects and 16 million colors, which can be adjusted and customized at will. For gamers, MelGeek Mojo84 can also be programmed and shortcut keys.

Compared with Mojo68, I think my "second job for young people" is more suitable for me. The F multi-function area makes my work more efficient, and the shortcut keys can effectively save the time of making tables and designing. Moreover, the Gasket structure in mojo84 The built-in Poron sound-absorbing cotton can greatly eliminate the cavity sound and noise generated by knocking. There is also a silicone cushion at the bottom to reduce typing resonance, including a relatively soft white PC positioning board. The overall sound-absorbing and shock-absorbing effect is very good. Codewords, tables, PS, design, mojo84 gives you a better tapping feel, and the crisp and thick typing sound becomes pleasant to the ear, which can be quickly realized by Fn+Z, Fn+X, and Fn+C. Backlight on and off, RGB backlight mode and backlight color adjustment, this MelGeek Mojo84 is really worth the money, love it.

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