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Technology Dongfeng 丨 Netcom RTX 40 ship version graphics card will adopt three-fan design, Apple will provide same-machine maintenance service for Studio Display

Standing on the tuyere, pigs can fly! "Technology Dongfeng" is SMZDM's technology digital information column, which aims to introduce the latest developments of companies in the technology circle. We simply summarize the recent new products and technologies in the field of technology and digital consumption into "Technology Dongfeng", and bring you a digital consumption daily every night. Welcome to continue to pay attention. Welcome to give us suggestions and comments~

Today is June 9th, value friends, hello everyone, welcome to ride "Science and Technology Dongfeng" Number. What interesting big and small things happened in the technology circle today? Hurry up and take a look, please sit down, we are leaving~

It is rumored that the Nvidia RTX 40 flagship graphics card will use a three-fan design

Today, foreign media VideoCardz reported the news of the public design of Nvidia RTX 40 flagship graphics card, saying that it has been upgraded from a dual fan to a triple fan based on the existing design. If the power consumption of RTX 4090/Ti is really 450W or above as rumored, then such news is still credible. Foreign media believe that the AD102 GPU model will use a three-fan design, but the RTX 4090 does not necessarily use it. The probability of three fans on the RTX 4090 Ti is higher.

At present, except GeForce RTX 3090 Ti Founders Edition, almost all graphics card manufacturers' GeForce RTX 3090 Ti are equipped with three-fan radiators or hybrid cooling systems. And now Nvidia is not too eager to release GeForce RTX 40 series graphics cards at present, because its partners need to continue to consume the inventory of GeForce RTX 30 series graphics cards, so the specific release time of the new generation of products is still uncertain.

It is rumored that Apple will now provide same-machine repair service for Studio Display

Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers are now able to complete repairs on the same unit for Studio Displays without having to replace the entire display, according to an internal memo obtained by MacRumors. The change went into effect this week, and Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers can now order parts to complete Studio Display repairs in-store.

The China Institute of Information and Communications Technology said that the one-click unbinding function of mobile phone numbers is still in internal testing and cannot be used temporarily

Yesterday, many media reported that the "One-key Unbinding" function of the mobile phone number launched by the WeChat official account of "Yihaotongcha" under the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology can cancel the registration of the number before the number held by the person (that is, before the number is canceled and restarted). The association relationship of the bound Internet account (the Internet account bound during the period when I hold the number will not be affected). But now when entering the official account of "One Number Check", there are indeed function keys for "Number Marking", "Number Binding" and "One-Key Unbinding", but the page cannot be opened.

In response to this, the staff of China Academy of Information and Communications Technology responded: This work is under the responsibility of the Academy's "Technology and Standards Research Institute", but this function is still in the internal testing stage, and it has not been launched or released to the outside world. As for why some media reported and there was a screenshot of "one-click unbinding", the staff member did not respond directly, but emphasized again that this function is still in the internal testing stage, "Maybe others can see it, but you can't."

This one-click unbinding function is really good. I hope it will be officially launched as soon as possible. Everyone should be the same. There are too many bindings.

Simply NUC released a new mini console

According to TechPowerUp, mini-host manufacturer Simply NUC has released the new Topaz 2 NUC mini-host, claiming to be the first 4x4 NUC powered by Intel’s latest 12th-generation Core processor. This mini host is equipped with HDMI, DP and two full-featured USB-C ports, supports 4 monitor outputs, and also has two 2.5G high-speed wired network ports.

Optional i7-1260P, i5-1240P and i3-1215U, equipped with DDR4 memory and PCIe SSD, start at £499 (about 4186.61 yuan), and start shipping in late June.

Dareu Releases A87 Pro Wired Version Gasket Structure Mechanical Keyboard

Less than a month after Dareu released the A87 Pro three-mode wireless mechanical keyboard, the A87 Pro wired version arrived as scheduled. The appearance design is almost the same as the A87 Pro three-mode model. The internal structure is still a fence-type Gasket structure, and the upper and lower covers are snapped Fixed, high-toughness silicone is used between the inside of the keyboard and the bottom case, which can effectively reduce the noise caused by the vibration caused by tapping the switch of the shaft during the use of the keyboard, and ensure the consistency of the hand feeling. The A87 Pro wired version is equipped with Zijin Switch Pro and Sky Switch V3. Specially tuned satellite switches and brand new grease further improve the feel of the keyboard. Full-key hot-swapping and RGB backlighting have also not shrunk.

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The UK will not follow the EU directive mandating the use of USB-C ports: After more than a decade of debating a universal charger for all devices, the European Union has formally agreed on the issue. From the end of 2024, new rules requiring USB-C as a universal charger will come into effect across Europe - but not in the UK. According to the BBC, a UK government spokesman said, "We are not currently considering replicating this requirement." However, both UK and EU officials have said that the universal charger requirement will apply to devices sold in Northern Ireland.

Britain left the EU through the "Brexit" plan, losing the protection of EU agreements. However, Northern Ireland remains in the EU, leading the UK government to strike a special deal for Northern Ireland. The UK then proposed breaking the agreement it had negotiated, but for now, Northern Ireland will be bound by EU product standards. The UK has separately insisted that it has established a strict standards body to protect users from Big Tech, but has given the body no powers.

The overall packaging of the Mi 12 Ultra mobile phone is exposed on the Internet: From the picture, there is a red Leica logo next to the camera module. It is expected to have a deeper cooperation with Leica. After all, Huawei and Leica did not print the Coke logo on the mobile phone when they jointly signed the name. Will the image performance go further? , let us look forward to a wave.

In addition, according to @数码问话站, Mi 12 Ultra only supports 67W wired fast charging, but in fact, I have tried 120W engineering machines before.

Source: Weibo @digital chat station

Realme GT series sales have exceeded 5 million units: It's really good that realme can sell its flagship to this level. The GT series has become my star product, and the product definition has gradually become clear. The Neo3, which focuses on e-sports, has sold well recently at 618. Next, we can look forward to the upgraded GT2 Master Exploration Edition.

Charging head manufacturers ridicule Apple's 399 yuan 35W charging port: At the WWDC Global Developers Conference a few days ago, Apple released a 35W dual USB-C port small power adapter with foldable pins, priced at 399 yuan. Later, some new product posters of charging head manufacturers also began to reorganize:

AOHi: 399 is too expensive? The price is cut in half, the volume is smaller, and the power is 5W more

Shanji: Both are 35W, choose a good-looking one

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Pittsburgh Supercomputer Center opens

The Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (PSC), a high-performance computing and networking center in the United States, was established in 1986 and today is one of the original five NSF supercomputing centers in the world. The Pittsburgh Supercomputer Center was opened to support the precursor to the modern Internet, the National Science Foundation's NSFNET, which connects networks at Princeton University, Pittsburgh, the University of California, San Diego, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Cornell University. Five supercomputer centers. After the Center was established, several regional networks were developed.

The NSF first allowed commercial use of the Internet in 1991 and decommissioned the backbone network in 1995, making the Internet a self-sufficient industry. The government reassigned a portion of ARPANET to NSFNET. In addition to offering a range of big data-optimized supercomputers with a unique shared-memory architecture, PSC hosts the National Biomedical Supercomputing Resource sponsored by the National Institutes of Health and has established an Advanced Networking Group to conduct research on network performance and analysis. In 2012, PSC established a new Public Health Applications Group to apply supercomputing resources to problems of prevention, surveillance and response to epidemics and other public health needs.

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The journey is always short and beautiful, and today is the first to come here, tomorrow See you~

More attention can be paid to the "Technology Dongfeng" column, focusing on every day hotspot ~

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