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Technology Evaluation Article 93: Shuangfei Yanfei Era Series Multi-device Scissors Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard is Easy to Use

Recently, due to work reasons, in order to be better compatible with devices and platforms. I replaced the keyboard, mouse and mouse pad of Shuangfeiyan FSTYLER series. Shuangfeiyan multi-device scissors wireless Bluetooth keyboard FBX51C and Shuangfeiyan wireless Bluetooth mouse dual-mode rechargeable FB10C are also equipped with a mouse pad of the same color. Both the keyboard and the mouse can simultaneously support the use of devices such as laptops, mobile phones and tablets. Takes a lot off work. It's also much easier.

Shuangfeiyan's FBX51C keyboard can connect 4 devices at the same time, 3 Bluetooth devices and 1 2.4GHz device. Easy to switch and work easily.

The character compatibility of the entire keyboard is strong. Support Window system, iOS system, Android system, Mac four major platform systems. It can be used in home office.

Its high-value color matching makes me very happy. It comes in four shades: Tunnel Gray Ivory White Cherry Blossom Pink Matcha Green. The one I use is Cherry Blossom Powder.

The thickness of the keyboard is only 17mm, and the key stroke is shorter and thinner, which is easy to carry. With comfortable scissor-foot keys, the pressing rebound is smooth and even, which is convenient for long-term comfortable typing.

The keyboard is equipped with a type-c usb charging interface, a power switch and a 2.4G device key. There is also a built-in 300mAh battery, which can be used for office work for about 5 months each time it is fully charged.

There is a receiver socket on the side of the keyboard, and the front of the keyboard has a capslock lock, charging power indicator and multi-device indicator.

It is the first time to switch the multi-platform keyboard layout position, mainly using fn and three keys. And the switching use of other Fn key combinations. More fn multi-function key combination function. You can switch between locking fn and unlocking fn. More button functions can be reflected in practice.

Regarding the connection method of the keyboard, Bluetooth connection is suitable for mobile phones, tablets, notebooks and desktops. 2.4G devices are also supported. It can be described as full coverage.

In addition to Shuangfeiyan's scissor-leg dual-mode wireless Bluetooth keyboard FBX51C, which is easy to use, the Shuangfeiyan wireless Bluetooth mouse dual-mode rechargeable FB10C mouse of the same color is also very impressive. It also supports four-channel use of mobile phones, tablets and laptops. Trendy color matching makes office easier.

The entire mouse provides two wireless connection modes: Bluetooth and wireless 2.4G. It also comes with automatic frequency modulation anti-jamming technology. The back of the mouse contains the power switch key, device indicator light, Bluetooth pairing key, and 2.4G receiver. The front of the mouse includes left and right button scroll wheel middle button and dpi cycle. It also has a new generation of Type-c port built-in lithium battery for fast charging.

It only takes 2 hours to fully charge, and it is more environmentally friendly. It also has 2400CPI four-stage speed regulation. The mouse is also very smooth when playing games on the computer and mobile phone. You never know what device your opponent uses to play games with you. It's really awesome. It also has a non-slip, sweat-proof and non-stick non-slip two-color skirt that is more comfortable to hold.

The whole set of equipment is fashionable and free, unique, easy to use and considerate, and worth the money.

Shuangfei Yanfei Era Series Multi-device Scissor Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard is Easy to Use

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