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Technology Series Part 4: Evaluation of a set of about 100 game peripherals

My first mechanical keyboard

?Purchase purpose?

Experience the feel of a mechanical keyboard.

It seems that I used a mechanical keyboard when I was in elementary school, but I was too young at that time to feel much. He also broke many keyboards and computers at home, and was often beaten for this.

Later, I used the membrane keyboard that I have been using since the notebook.

Product name: MSI gk50zplus red switch

The amount actually paid:139

?️Unpacking experience?️: Standard 104-key layout, with 4 replaceable shafts and 2 key pullers.

? Appearance design ?: full key and keyboard

?Product Features?: Support full-key sleeve hot-swappable, I haven't tried it yet.

?Using experience?: The hand feels more fleshy, as if it is pressed on something, the trigger pressure is relatively small, and it can be triggered by pressing it a little. At first, it was a little uncomfortable, and it was touched several times by mistake, but then I got used to it.

Straight up and down without a sense of paragraph.

Relatively quiet.

Playing games or typing is less labor-intensive, and it's good after you get used to it.

Recommended index: 4 stars.

According to the comments on the Internet, gk50z is relatively easy to break, but I don’t know how about gk50zplus, so I only give 4 stars 

My first gaming mouse

I used to buy an ordinary office mouse.

This time I bought a g102 to try it out.

?Purchase purpose?: Experience the gaming mouse

Product name: Logitech g102 second generation black

The amount actually paid:98

?️Unpacking experience?️: The weight is 85g, which is relatively light among gaming mice.

?Appearance design?: There are six buttons, one more middle button and two side buttons than ordinary mice.

There are simple lighting effects and streamer effects.

?Product Features?: You can customize DPI and lighting effects, as well as mouse sampling rate through ghub. And set different configuration files for different usage scenarios.

?Using experience?: The bottom of the mouse is relatively smooth, and it was uncomfortable at first. It saved a lot of effort, but it feels a bit floating.

Recommended index: 5 stars

A mouse pad is also provided

The mouse pad was too old and had to be replaced.

?Purchase purpose?: Change the mouse pad

Commodity name: Logitech g large table mat

The amount actually paid:29

?️Unpacking experience?️: The size is 80 by 30 cm, the bottom surface is rubber, there is some smell, I don't know if it will dissipate in the future.

?Appearance design?: with Logitech logo

?Product Features?: Non-slip bottom

?Using experience?: It feels a little slipperier than the original one

Recommended index: 3 stars. The delivery is very ordinary, just use it normally

Another set for the next review!

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