Tell me about my office input device

Let’s talk about my office input devices. My overall requirement for input devices is wireless, so that I can get rid of the shackles of wires and complete my work freely and comfortably.

three input devices

1. Wireless keyboard

This wireless keyboard is the first mechanical keyboard assembled by myself. The main body of the keyboard is the Langpai ciy68 test axis device. The standard 68-key compact arrangement has two connection methods: wireless 2.4G and Bluetooth 5.0. The positioning board is white oil-injected metal positioning The board and the interlayer are made of sound-proof silicone. At the same time, I added masking paper. The shaft seat is a hot-swappable shaft seat. The power supply system is 2 AAA batteries. The size is 310×101×31mm. The minimum price of the white version is 65 yuan. The penetrating green color is 95 yuan. This shaft tester is the hottest custom starter kit in 2022. Many DIYers remove the shell and customize the ZUOER acrylic kit to form a personalized mechanical keyboard with a transparent shell. My keycap is a retro plastic keycap, it should be an imitation model, the price is 72 yuan, and the workmanship and feel are quite satisfactory. The Jiadalong G yellow pro is selected for the keyboard switch body, 1 yuan per piece. The pressing sound of the switch body is small but the pressure is high, and it is tiring to type for a long time.

keyboard front

keyboard back

2. Wireless numeric keypad

Due to the selection of a 68-key keyboard, a wireless numeric keypad is specially equipped with a 2.4G wireless connection. This digital keyboard has no brand, but it has been used for 5 years, and it has been used frequently without any problems. The quality is quite nice.

wireless numeric keypad

3. Wireless mouse

This mouse model: Logitech m580, has been with me for 5 years, the surface of the mouse has been oiled, but I have been reluctant to change it, mainly because the various shortcut keys are really an office machine. Wireless Union and Bluetooth dual-mode connection can realize cross-machine operation. The two thumb buttons and multi-function scroll wheel are remarkable. Download the Logitech Options software to customize the actual scroll wheel and thumb button. I often copy and paste. Press the scroll wheel to the left to copy, and press the right to paste, which saves a lot of redundant operations in frequent table operations. The mouse can be strongly supported for 24 months on a single AA battery. The main reason is that the mouse supports automatic sleep mode, and there is a battery indicator to save you from the trouble of sudden power failure.

Logitech m585 mouse

Logitech Options software interface

The above is my office input device. If you have any good things in the office, you can also talk about them in the comments and share them with everyone. Thank you for watching!

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