TFT color screen + TTC high-speed rail shaft + double-layer silica gel noise reduction, Tiger Batu F75 three-mode mechanical keyboard that does not take the usual way

As a digital blogger, I have played a lot of mechanical keyboards. Except for the different shafts and keycaps, many mechanical keyboards have similar appearances, and there is nothing new about them! I recently saw the FOPATO F75 wireless mechanical keyboard. The design is very interesting and unconventional, so I bought it to experience it!

In terms of color, there are four different color schemes: Zhizuijinmi, Yuexia Chanjuan, Furong Rouge, and Hanjiangxue. They are very thoughtful, and there are different colors suitable for men and women! And the name of each color is also very poetic!

Personally, I like the color of paper and gold. The gray-blue body and off-white keycap match, full of retro style, like the taste of old Shanghai Beach! The entire keyboard looks very textured! The keycaps are mainly beige, and some function keys are decorated with blue and yellow!

Hubatu has always focused on being different and unique in design! The detailed design and quality are "one in a hundred"!

In terms of overall appearance, the four corners are rounded without edges and corners, which looks round and cute. There is a metal nameplate and brand LOGO on the lower left corner, which is very recognizable!

The top is beveled and printed with the keyboard color model number on one side: RICH OVERNIGHT and the unique tagline "RICH OVERNIGHT" on the other! This slogan is really interesting! Does this mean that consumers who want to buy can get rich overnight and live a comfortable life like heaven! Hahaha~

The keyboard supports three connection methods: wired connection, Bluetooth, and 2.4G wireless. There is a Type-C wired charging interface on the left side of the keyboard, and an independent wired switch design, which is not common among many three-mode keyboards.

On the right side of the keyboard, from top to bottom are side-mounted volume adjustment knobs, win/mac system switching keys, and three-mode switching keys. Compared with the lever switch and front adjustment rotation used in many keyboards on the market, the silver adjustment knob on the side of this keyboard is very unique! Added some sparkle to the keyboard!

Nowadays, more and more keyboards are equipped with smart interactive color screens. This Hubatu F75 is also following the trend. It is equipped with a 1.14-inch TFT-LCD color screen, which can display time, remaining power, system switching, connection mode, etc., and You can customize the GIF color screen pattern, etc. according to the driver, and the playability is very rich. At the same time, interacting with the side-mounted knob can bring more ways to play! Added a lot of fun!

The design on the back of the keyboard is even more interesting! There is a magnetic metal nameplate in the middle, which is printed with the cartoon image of the Tiger and Batu brand. When the nameplate is opened, there are keyboard-related information and a wireless receiver below it! It can be said that the hidden receiver is quite hidden, and the design is very interesting!

On both sides of the top of the back of the keyboard are magnetic pads, which can be adjusted to different tilt heights according to your own needs.

The keyboard layout adopts the current mainstream 75% layout. Compared with the full keyboard, the appearance is relatively small and does not take up too much space on the desktop. It is very friendly to some office workers with compact desktops or limited space! The numeric keypad is canceled, and the direction keys, F keys, and other function keys are retained, which are enough to meet the daily codeword needs.

In terms of structure, this keyboard adopts the popular and popular "Gasket structure" in recent years. It has built-in multi-layer silicone pads, transparent PC positioning boards, and bottom noise-absorbing pads. body voice.

As for the keycaps, the more wear-resistant and durable PBT material is used, combined with the two-color injection molding process, the keycaps feel silky, delicate and comfortable!

In terms of the shaft body, it is equipped with the latest high-speed rail-type Neptune shaft created by TTC this year. Compared with the traditional MX shaft body, the shaft center, shaft cover, shaft seat, etc. have been upgraded to further improve the smoothness of the handle and the shaft body. Comprehensive aspects such as light transmittance and pressing stability have been optimized and upgraded! The TTC high-speed rail-type Neptune switch is a linear switch, and it also has a factory-run lubrication treatment. The rebound speed responds quickly, and the pressing feel is also very smooth. With the Gasket structure, the keyboard knocking sound is also handled very well!

In terms of lighting effects, there are 22 built-in RGB lighting effects, which can be switched arbitrarily according to your preferences. Of course, you can also use the driver for DIY settings. Echoing the theme of this keyboard: luxury and gold, like the night Shanghai life of singing and singing every night, dazzling and dazzling!

Finally, let’s talk about the meticulousness of the Hubatu brand. In addition to the main body of the keyboard, there are also shaft pullers, foot pads, aviation plugs and multi-functional cleaning boxes. The accessories are very rich! This is the first time I have seen such complete and exquisite accessories among many peripheral brands.

The final summary is as follows:

This Hubatu F75 three-mode mechanical keyboard gave me a big surprise! Unusual appearance design, rich accessory gifts, hidden receiver settings, TTC high-speed rail Neptune axis, rich intelligent interactive color screen, stable Gasket structure, colorful RGB lighting effects, etc., gave me a lot of surprises Congratulations, full configuration + super high appearance value, I am deeply planted!

Finally, let’s talk about the price. The current listed price is 749 yuan. If you are interested, you can get a better price at 618~

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