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That touch of red semi-transparent shell style, cheap donkey RS6 soldier three-mode mechanical keyboard to share

After a few years of silence, the cheap donkey suddenly released new products faster. The RS6 soldier three-mode mechanical keyboard released not long ago, among which the deep red translucent shell of the Guiqi version and the red theme keycap is really eye-catching. This keyboard is modified from 98. It abandons the Gasket structure design and adopts the traditional heaven and earth cover structure. The price in the early 400 yuan also makes this keyboard have a good cost performance. Today I will briefly share it with you.

The outer packaging is the opening and closing method of the cover, the pure black outsole, and the hot-stamped patterns and characters will reflect different colors from different angles, which is very classy.

The back of the package is mainly marked with the switch and knob functions of the keyboard, the corresponding functions of some keys in the Mac system, and the six characteristics of the keyboard.

The accessories are quite simple, dust cover, dual-purpose key/shaft puller, same-color spring data cable, and manual.

The RS6 soldier three-mode mechanical keyboard actually has 96 keys, and the two keys in the upper right corner of the 98 arrangement are changed to knobs. The size is about: 396x141.6x44.5mm, and weighs about 1.2 kg.

It should be due to the characteristics of the material, this keyboard does not use a narrow frame design. The Kiki color scheme is a deep red translucent shell, and the theme keycap is composed of reddish pink yellow with red and dark red.

Two toggle physical switches are designed on the left side of the keyboard. The front three-stage switch is used to switch between 2.4G wireless/wired/Bluetooth connection modes, and the two-stage switch is used to switch between Mac/WIN systems.

A small window is intimately opened on the front of the three-stage switch, and you can see the current connection mode of the keyboard.

In the upper right corner is a dark red knob with a very clear sense of scale. Rotate the knob to adjust the volume, but the function of pressing the knob is not to mute, but to pause/play.

The four indicator lights are distributed in the separation area of ​​the left and right keypads. Because of the semi-transparent shell, the lights appear very bright.

The keyboard is a traditional sky-cover structure, and the internal screws can be vaguely seen from the side of the translucent case.

The keycap is the height of the original factory, combined with the tilt angle of the keyboard itself, it is ergonomically designed.

The keyboard has a built-in 5000mAh large-capacity lithium battery. The official claims that the battery life is about 4 to 6 weeks when the lights are turned off. When the keyboard is in the wireless state, press and hold FN+Backspace, some of the key position lights in the number keys 1~0 of the main keypad will light up, and one light represents about 10% of the power, so you can quickly check the remaining power of the keyboard.

The TYPE-C interface is located in the middle of the back side of the keyboard.

The equipped keycaps are a set of original height PBT two-color keycaps, with closed character design, and the surface is very delicate. I once suspected that it was an ABS keycap with a slightly frosted surface.

The spout on the back of the keycap is very clean, and the large key has no obvious deformation. The overall quality is quite good.

The large key uses the mainstream satellite shaft structure. The steel wire sound of the space bar, the "+" and "Enter" keys on the right side of the number area is slightly obvious. Fortunately, it is a hot-swappable structure. It can be effective after removing it and filling it with a little grease. improve. In addition, the consistency of the feel is quite good.

The crimson shell of Guiqi color is already very eye-catching. I never thought that the positioning boards are all red, and it really implements the personality to the bone.

The switch I have installed is the Jiadalong G Pro brown switch with a weak sense of movement. There is no noise during the pressing process, and the stability of the switch is OK. Because the keyboard is not equipped with bottom cotton, there will be a little cavity sound.

The PCB is compatible with the five-pin shaft and adopts the design of the lower light position. The upper light position and the lower light position, I can’t say which one is better. Although most of the light-transmitting keycaps on the market currently rely on the upper half of the characters, but now the word-transparent keycaps are not mainstream, and the lighting effect is often used as an atmosphere. The light exists, just like the keycap that comes with the keyboard by default is not transparent.

There is a piece of EVA sandwich cotton between the positioning board and the PCB board.

There are quite a lot of elements on the bottom shell of the keyboard. There is a rose-red metal trim in the middle part, and some patterns and texts are printed on the upper part.

The feet are large in size, and the two feet are independent and can be opened separately. When the two feet are opened, the keyboard will form an inclination of 8° and 11° respectively.

The 2.4G wireless receiver is hidden in the storage compartment under the feet. The storage compartment is specially made with a sunken groove, and a reminder mark is made with a triangle symbol on the side.

Because of the semi-transparent shell, the lighting effect has a certain bonus overall, especially when the keyboard lights up in red, the shell in that area will be brighter, and the lined keyboard looks better, which is more in line with the theme color of Guiqi. Another thing to note is that because the positioning board and keycaps are reddish, if you set a monochromatic light, it will inevitably bring some red bonuses.

The RS6 soldier three-mode mechanical keyboard supports connecting up to 3 Bluetooth devices, 1 2.4G wireless device and 1 wired device. Switching between different modes is very convenient and the response speed is also fast. Because there are many wireless devices and metal objects on my personal desktop, I am more used to plugging the 2.4G wireless receiver into a USB extension cable or HUB for use, so that it can be closer to the keyboard and obtain more stable wireless transmission performance.

In fact, I don't quite understand why the Chinese name of this keyboard is "Soldier". It seems that I haven't found any attributes that are too strongly related to "Soldier". In addition, there are keyboards and mice in the RS series of cheap donkeys. It is difficult for players who are not particularly familiar with it to quickly judge the product category simply by the model name. This problem should become more obvious after the product line is enriched in the future.

In the end, I would like to make a brief summary. The cheap donkey RS6 soldier three-mode mechanical keyboard is highly recognizable in a strange color scheme, and it belongs to the existence that caught my eye at the first sight; The multimedia knob; 5000mAh lithium battery gives the keyboard a longer battery life. If the steel wire sound of the large keys can be optimized before leaving the factory, this keyboard will be more perfect.

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