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The 69 arrangement with a small number plate is comfortable-Heijue AK692 three-mode mechanical keyboard

So far, the choice of keyboards for us is really dazzling, so how to choose a keyboard that suits you is difficult, from key positions, shafts, keycaps, chassis, RGB lighting effects, wired and wireless, interfaces The direction, etc., are all optional. The points I mentioned have different designs on the market, and even the outer skin of the wire can be customized.

Then my demand for the keyboard is relatively simple, the size is smaller than the traditional 104, RGB, the shaft body is hot-swappable, the keycap is comfortable to the touch, wired and wireless can be used, it is best to have a small keyboard with a number area, which is convenient for productivity. . This time, I bought a 200 yuan mechanical keyboard with high cost performance, Heijue AK692.


From the perspective of the outer packaging, there is an intuitive keyboard on the front, and then there is the label of the AK692 model of the Heijue brand, and the League of Legends youth training cooperation brand; the back is the basic power supply parameters of the keyboard and the basic information of the Heijue manufacturer. gender label.

Battery capacity: 2500mAh, the battery life is up to 260 hours when the light is turned off;

Product weight: 625g

Material: ABS

Backlight: RGB

Interface type: TYPE-C

Link mode: wired, Bluetooth 5.0, 2.4G

System: windows/mac

In terms of accessories, it includes the Black Jue AK692 mechanical keyboard body, type-c cable, key puller, shaft puller, manual, and certificate of conformity. Although the configuration is simple, it is quite comprehensive.

In terms of appearance, it adopts a 69-key arrangement, available in black or white. The overall shell is made of ABS material, wired, Bluetooth, and 2.4G three-mode connection. , This is cool, and it is very fragrant for the office field that often needs to input numbers, which is one of the reasons why I bought it.

The back is the four corners with large-size rubber non-slip feet, physical switch button and 2.4G receiver card slot, no folding support.

The wired connection and charging port of the fuselage are designed on the left side of the top of the keyboard. If the case is placed on the right hand side, you need to pay attention to whether the length of the wire is enough. The keyboard has a built-in 2500mAh lithium battery, which can last up to 25 hours when the light is on and 260 hours when the light is off. The battery life is quite satisfactory. After all, it can be used for five or six hours a day.

In terms of size, since there is no F1-F12 top row of keys, it is very easy to carry in a portable computer bag and can be grasped with one hand. Choose the most accurate purchase available.

The design of this numeric keypad area is very good. It satisfies my need to type numbers frequently, but it would be even better if an enter key can be integrated. In the same sentence, there is a trade-off, which itself is 69 keys. Concentrated models, one is not bad.

In terms of the switch body, Heijue’s own red switch is used, the linear feel has no paragraphs, the 2mm trigger key stroke is conventional, the full key is hot-swappable, compatible with 3-pin and 5-pin switch bodies, and it is convenient for customized DIY. You want to experience it later Any shaft body can be replaced autonomously. As for the red switch, it is more of a universal switch, especially for playing games. Like the tea axis and the green axis, it is more office-oriented, and the percussion feeling is very comfortable. The keycap is made of ABS two-color injection molding, with clear characters and quite bright light transmittance.

The hot-swappable design of the shaft body is very suitable for those who love to toss. For the original ecological things, it will always be uncomfortable to look at after a long time. In fact, in terms of the switch body, it still depends on the personal feel and needs. For me, I prefer the silent switch. Sometimes using the Iraqi-colored green switch keyboard can really make me feel sick. I have an idea to change it to the mute red switch later shaft, will be quieter than this shaft.


Bluetooth pairing, this keyboard adopts the Broadcom Bluetooth 5.0 protocol, the effective distance reaches 10 meters, the 5.0 protocol is considered to be relatively mature Bluetooth at present, with stable transmission and low delay, and it can be connected to mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, and desktops In addition, it is more convenient to check the remaining power of the keyboard at any time.

Every time the keyboard is turned on, it can automatically reconnect to the last paired device.

▲It seems that there is still a set of white pudding keycaps or fully transparent keycaps. The lighting mode of Heijue AK692 machine keys is also integrated with the onboard memory at the factory. There are about 18 modes that can be adjusted. The mode is more common. There is a function of sound and picture synchronization, which can be realized through the driver downloaded from the official website, called "Music Rhythm". This is the first time I have come into contact with this mode of keyboard design.

In addition to the special keycaps, the Heijue standard factory-equipped characters are already very transparent, and the effect is really good when the light is turned on.

Typing and tapping feel, the overall red axis feels linear, the force of reloading is sufficient, the pressing will not be too tiring, the conventional trigger distance is 2mm, and the decibel control is quite good, and there is no case of exceeding 90dB. It has good noise control for offices and home bedrooms and study rooms.

And I personally like this kind of pure square keycap, which can be pressed accurately, and I am not used to round keycaps.

It is necessary to test the full-key anti-shock before playing games. In fact, it is not necessary, but it is still necessary to test for the picture. Using the regular keyboardtestutility software, the overall performance is very good. After five or six presses, none of the red keys appear. As I grow older, the games I want to play are no longer fighting games. They are basically FPS masterpieces, so there is not much demand for full-key no punch.

LOL is a must-use game for testing the keyboard. In terms of operation, it is basically 1234+QWER+space+FG. For the keyboard, it is a relatively keyboard-saving game. As far as these few keys are concerned, the overall key position and keycap are relatively stable, and the shaking feeling is very strong. Less, pressing the tactile keys is also very accurate, every time is an effective touch, no dumb keys are accidentally touched, and the overall control feeling is good.

Another classic game, "Metal Gear Solid The Phantom Pain", although it has been released for a while, but in terms of its playability, picture quality, and plot, it was at the ceiling level at that time, and it is currently one of the best. Guys who like action don't miss it.

The whole process is extremely operable, including ranking, system debugging, task release, etc. In terms of fierce street fighting, the WASD position of the keyboard is very precise, and the switching between running, squatting, and crawling is easy and fast. It is enough for me to use.


The net weight of Heijue AK692 is 626g, and the overall calculation is average. Guys who often go out and carry it don’t hesitate to pay with their eyes closed. I can’t control the digital keypad. According to the overall production, functions, and performance, it is not low cost performance. , and there is also RGB, the most shining boy on the desktop at night, anyone who has used it knows it, and the white and blue monochrome backlight will never have that soul. After the whole process of use, it is quiet, linear, and feels good, and it can be used at home or in the office. Support Bluetooth, wireless, and wired connection methods, even computers, mobile phones, and tablets. If you have to pick something wrong, the position of the type-c interface of the keyboard itself is problematic. My host is indeed placed on the right hand side. In terms of the position of the interface, it is recommended that the center position is safer.

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