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The aluminum factory is at it again, and they've put graffiti on their keyboards! Graffiti Diary Keyboard Get Started

The aluminum factory recently released a new F97 keyboard with a new coating. I found that the aluminum factory has not made drastic changes in hardware research and development recently, but has gone further and further in the design and creation of keyboard coatings. It is a big brain hole.

The reason why it is said that the aluminum factory has gone further and further in the concept of artistic creation is because, from the earliest pure color matching of two or three colors, the unknown number of patterns on a few buttons, Star Trek and other styles to the later styles with obvious themes are getting more and more Most of the large keys have roaming guides and ski styles with comic patterns. Now there are four colors on a keyboard, and each large key has a graffiti diary with different patterns. It is enough to see that the aluminum factory The determination in design must unswervingly follow the design route of differentiated color pattern matching.

This time the graffiti diary model, the main color is black and white, with a large area of ​​red and a few yellow. It makes the keyboard look very young and energetic as a whole, and the same contrasting color design also shows the unruly personality of young people.

The multi-element illustrations on the buttons also give each big button its own individual expression.

The border of the keyboard provides three colors of black, white and red, which can be selected according to your own preferences. I personally think that the red border is the most beautiful and has a distinctive personality. The white border is clean and fresh. Black is low-key and restrained with a sense of sullenness.

In terms of hardware configuration, there is no obvious difference from the previous skis. The keyboard has a built-in 4000mAh battery, which has a good battery life. It also supports the USB Type-C interface and the design of charging and using at the same time, which is very user-friendly and convenient. But be careful not to use the fast charger to charge the keyboard, it is recommended to use a 5V 1A charger.

This keyboard in hand uses a hot-swappable base, which can use mainstream three- and five-pin switches. We can easily replace the switches we like, which can realize the possibility of multiple switches on one keyboard and greatly increase Keyboard playability. The feel of the gold powder switch is undoubtedly the smoothest, delicate and lightest among all the switches, with no obvious sense of paragraph, and the rebound speed is moderate. Belongs to a more versatile shaft. But if you are used to the axis with a sense of paragraph, it may take a while to get used to it for the first time, and sometimes you may forget what to type in the next word for a moment because of the lack of sense of paragraph.

The packaging accessories are still so complete, including key pullers, data cables, receivers, adapters, spare keycaps, and MAC keycaps.

write at the end

IQUNIX F97 Graffiti Diary frees itself and fully demonstrates its personality. This appearance is unique and unique. In terms of hardware, PBT keycaps, three connection modes, hot-swappable shafts, RGB backlight, almost all the functions you want on a mechanical keyboard can satisfy you, and the excellent percussion feel and long battery life are also impressive. satisfy. In today's society, good looks are the norm, and everyone is at the same level in terms of hardware. What they strive for is the sense of design. This doodle diary is a good example of this. I look forward to the aluminum factory continuing to let itself go and design keyboards with more creative appearance and coating.

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