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The annual mechanical keyboard king was born! The appearance of 3K, the price of less than 1K, Luofei's new product is deeply tested

365 days a year, there are new keyboard products almost every day. Because the threshold of the keyboard is low, you can sell the product simply by changing a logo and shape. The price can be high or low, and the difference in hand feel cannot be felt through the online map, so the "moisture" in the mechanical keyboard is indeed quite deep.

When I was thinking about how to upgrade the mechanical keyboard, Luo Fei, who had pioneered the transparent keyboard in the industry, came with a new product.

After looking at the main upgrade point of the 1% transparency of the Vitality Orange, and after evaluating the details in detail, I understand what "preemptive strike" is.

Although Luofei has released a transparent keyboard before, but the color is relatively consistent and purely transparent, so some consumers will feel that it is relatively light. The Vitality Orange transparent 1% just makes up for this problem. Some keyboards have been customized with "orange" to make the appearance of the entire keyboard more refreshing.

Other functions of mechanical keyboards, such as dual-mode connection, multi-system switching, Bluetooth 5.1...

It also has what other mechanical keyboards do not have, such as pure transparent keycap design, transparent jellyfish shaft, 7 lighting effect modes, keycaps with themed characters, high-gloss plating bottom shell...

Almost all the details have been designed with a high degree of recognition. In short, they have fully grasped the needs of "beauty lovers". I bought 2 at once, and I will share them with you.

The point is that it has a 3k+ appearance and is priced at 999. It is the best exquisite keyboard of the year in the true sense. It is a little expensive but definitely worth the fare.

1. Quick comment on Luofei Vitality Orange Transparent 1%

Typing well is the core ability of the keyboard. Luo Fei chose a transparent jellyfish switch in the switch body, which makes typing quieter, and the mechanical feedback is also good. The design of full keys without punching makes typing smoother.

This time, the Vitality Orange transparent 1% keyboard continues to use the pure transparent keycap that does not stick to fingerprints, and there is not much residue when typing with sweaty hands, especially for writers, it will be more comfortable.

Secondly, this keyboard is really "transparent". how to say. When taking pictures, it is difficult for me to use the camera to capture its flowing light, that is, when the light effect is emitted every time, there will be a rhythmic feeling on the keycaps. With the pure transparent design, it looks like sunlight shining on the keycaps. It can be seen with the eyes, but it is difficult to reproduce this beauty with a camera.

Another design I like very much is the high-gloss plating bottom case, which is not afraid of flowers! In the future, I won’t worry about scratches on the bottom case when using it, and the transparent keyboard and switch body are really good with this bottom case, and the texture is very beautiful.

Look carefully at the keycaps. Each keycap has themed characters. There are many lime designs, as well as watermelon, clover, ice cream and other characters. It looks very refreshing. Moreover, the space bar is also printed, and the characters are printed inside the keycap, which is really innovative.

For other details, such as the use of cyan for the color of the shell, this is just matched with the light transition of orange. Those who need it don’t need to wait and see, just rush and finish.

Second, what are the benefits of using this type of keyboard?

In recent years, keyboards have been highly homogenized, and their looks are all e-sports and so-called cute. To be honest, I think the 1% transparency of Vitality Orange is longer in my aesthetic habits. The keycap is a German pure transparent solution, which has better permeability and is not easy to change color. It is a savior for sweaty hands.

On the previous keyboards, the typing effects would be very fancy, which really hindered the typing vision. And Luo Fei's solution is white light transition. When typing, the rhythm is all embellished with white light. Coupled with the transparent design itself, the entire keyboard becomes quite delicate. In addition, it has 2000mAh itself, and it can work for 7 hours a day, and it can be charged once every 5 days.

3. The packaging is simply a stroke of genius

I like this packaging very much, it fits its design very well, and it is also a pure silver packaging style, which also highlights the uniqueness of this keyboard. In addition, there is a parallel sentence "Vitality is..." mentioned in the package. With these words, I probably know that I like it when I buy it, but I can't tell the reason.

The main selling point of other brands is the standard configuration here at Luofei. After all, multiple system switching, win, Android, and Apple (iOS/Mac) can be switched, after all, it is suitable for office use. Moreover, the keycaps that do not stick to fingerprints and the good feedback of the shaft body are all worth buying.

Of course, the appearance is its main advantage, the collaborative design of transparency + orange + theme, this wave of new product design is quite careful. Of course, the most important thing is such a good-looking design, the most worth buying mechanical keyboard of the year is it!

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